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L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Night Cream, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

Wake up every morning to a beautiful new you. Age Perfect Night Cream deeply moisturizes and helps improve skin elasticity for overnight action. Soy seed proteins improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin and Beta Hydroxy Acid complex helps improve the appearance of age spots. Night after night, skin becomes more resilient and radiant while its youthful cushion is restored.

Key features

  • Deeply moisturizes and helps improve skin elasticity, skin becomes more resilient and radiant while its youthful cushion is restored
  • Beta hydroxy acid complex helps improve the appearance of age spots while soy seed proteins improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin
  • Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic
  • Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

Honest reviews


Horrible, don’t waste your money

I purchased this cream, and the box advertised that it would tighten skin and fade brown spots. First off the cream has a horrible, overpowering smell. I figured it would dissipate after a while, but it did not. It actually started to give me a headache to the point where I had to wash the stuff off. The cream did hydrate well but had a very greasy feel and no tightening effect. I hate wasting money so I tried to stick it out for a couple of weeks, but the smell just got to me so I tossed the jar.

Antionette Bartonsville, PA

returned it

I should have read all ingredients – it has parabens in it, so returned it – I’m trying to not use products with parabens

Gina Farmington, WV

Good Results

Great moisturizing anti-aging night cream, firming, absorbs fast, light scent and you feel your skin dewy yet not greasy the next morning. I’m in my 40’s so I use retinol and apply this night cream over it for extra anti aging boost. Good results & great price!!

Elisa Galloway, OH

Great night time skin cream

I purchased this because I bought the day cream and I really like this product. It’s not heavy on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling

Wendi Southbridge, MA


I ordered this as I love Loreal facial products/treatments and this was a good price and much less expensive than the night cream I had been using. While it does provide great hydration, it doesn’t work nearly as well as what I had been using. I won’t order it again.

Carol Rodman, NY

I’m impressed!

I’ve only been using for 3 weeks and it takes bright light to even find my age spots now! I’m being perfectly honest. As for firming…maybe a little, but what I’m really impressed by is my age spots fading so much! Now, for probably the first 10 days, I used it twice a day (am and pm) and I think that sped things up. The only downside of it- if you can even call it that- is that it has a slightly medicinal smell (to me), but it’s not overpowering and dissipates quickly. Also, I don’t believe it moisturizes quite as much as my other daily moisturizer, but it does a respectable job and neither of these things are a deal-breaker for me! This product really works and DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS. Hard to find that quality these days… Amazon has a good price on this, too. Cheaper than drugstores. I will buy again and again.

Phoebe Jeffrey, WV

Not for me

I have used Avon’s Ultima for years, but thought I would give this one a try. I like L’Oreal products, but my skin began to show fine wrinkles after just a week. Have gone back to Avon.

Maria La Crosse, FL

Don’t buy from here!!!!!!!!!!! Old shelf life!!!!!

This is truly a great face cream! Works wonders from me but bought off amazon and it had that old lotion smell and it made my face burn when I put it on :/ I do recommend it, just not off here, too old of shelf life!!!!!

Aimee Redwood, MS

i like

very good cream, I see improvements in my skin looks smoother and firmer, fragrance leaves a rich, non-greasy, easy to spread.

Katheryn James City, PA

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Night Cream

This product is wonderful. I wake up in the morning with very soft, moist skin. It’s not greasy, so I don’t worry about ruining my pillow cases.

Hollie Hopkinton, IA

Can’t Go Wrong!

I purchased this product and I have had no regrets at al! I would recommend this item to anyone!!! Great value.

Hannah Jamaica, IA

Smell is okay, nice thick formula

My favorite thing about L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Night Cream is that the cream itself is a great consistency and nice and thick. I use it at night time and apply thin layer to my entire face and even neck area. The smell is not that great and is kind of too strong for me at times. I wish it was unscented or just lightly scented. Sometimes I opt to not use it at all just because of the smell

Therese Pine, AZ

I don’t love it

It is really to heavy for me. So, If you REALLY want to be moisturized heavy, this is for you. I find it too thick and it make my face feel like grease. Like it can’t breathe. Also….I can’t imagine wearing this in the summer. The thought gives me panic attacks. YEUCK!

Janine Overton, NV


the price and also the product are greaet, Yes it works so get it, We both use it as we are elderly (LOL),. Thank you and I recommend to everyone

Lynne District Heights, MD


This is my first time trying this product and I am so happy with the quick results! I thought the heavy creamy look of it when I first opened the jar was going to be too thick for my face but looks were deceiving!! It goes on more like a serum, it’s silky and not heavy at all! Great product and the best part IT WORKS!Fast delivery and excellent packaging for mailing!! THANK YOU!

Kimberlee Milton, IA

Love it, but that’s not what I received!

For the second consecutive shipment, Amazon sent me the wrong product. My order specifically states "Expertise Night Creme Age Perfect" and I received the day cream with sunblock. Fortunately, it’s not a bad product so I’m using it during the day. The day cream is a lot thicker, but it’s a very good moisturizer.However, I can still write a review about this product, since I’ve used it for years. It’s great for aging skin and since you get 2.5 ounces instead of the average 1.7, one jar lasts for a long time. My only complaint is the strong fragrance, but that fades after a while. If this moisturizer were fragrance free it would definitely be "perfect!"

Marsha Walsh, CO

L’Oreal facial nightcream

I have used l’oreal products for many years and have not been disappointed. This will be a good test as I am more mature and hope to slow down to visual look of my aging skin. So far the night cream has been pleasant and I await the result.

Margaret Bryant, WI

Greater for Older skin

I am in my sixties and African American and my skin had begun to sag in my neck area. That has been corrected with this product.

Lilia Pingree, ID

LOVE this night creme!

I’ve been using this L’Oreal Age Perfect Night Creme for about 6 months. It smells wonderful, absorbs into the skin quickly and has definitely helped to minimize my facial age spots. Highly recommended!

Debra West Augusta, VA

ho, hum

another one of those products that promises much but delivers little. but it was cheap and you have to put SOMETHING on your face at night, don’t you,..

Saundra Bellevue, WA


Oh my gosh I don’t even know this product is for 60+ skins until I saw the review just now!Whatever,my daughter and I used it every night , we both love this night cream.The cream is thick so it saves my dry skins .

Winnie Shawnee Mission, KS