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L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Moisturizer, 1.7-Fluid Ounce

Mature, very dry skin needs extra care and attention. Treat it to deep hydration with Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Anti-Sagging Ultra-Nourishing Day/Night Cream. Skin is nourished with a nutrient complex enriched with calcium that builds resilience, leaving the skin feeling fortified while alleviating uncomfortable dryness. This creamy and silky texture melts away leaving skin feeling soft and nourished. Skin is instantly more hydrated, and in 2 weeks comfort is restored to the skin. After 4 weeks skin is firmer and more supple.

Key features

  • Creamy, silky texture leaves the skin feeling fortified while alleviating uncomfortable dryness
  • Nourishes skin with a nutrient complex enriched with calcium that builds resilience
  • In 2 weeks comfort is restored to the skin and after 4 weeks skin is firmer and more supple
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Net Wt. 1.7 oz.

Honest reviews


L’Oreal Age perfect Intense Nutrition

So far so good. it takes time to see if things are working the way they should. I’ll be happy to change the rating after I’ve used it for a month.

Nola Greenview, CA

My wife loves this cream.

I picked this up on Vine for my wife. She loves it and has now become a regular user. She is a former Mary Kay salesperson and has become pretty selective over the years about her cosmetics. She says it’s definitely a 5-star product. She has also started using the BB cream in the same product line and swears by that as well.

Joyce Tiro, OH

L’Oreal Age Perfect Intense

I have tried just about everything for my skin as the years have passed and basically I have to say that this is some of the very best skin care product that I have ever found. I have been using skin care ever since I was in my early 20’s and am grateful because I truly do not have hardly any wrinkles AT ALL and am over the 50 mark. I have purchased skin care products that run as much as $500.00 a jar of about this size jar, down to $250.00 a jar, one that I used for a long time was Estee Lauder at $500.00 per jar, to Lancome at the $250.00 per jar. I have used for most of my life Lancome products. I just bought this over the past summer and was truly shocked to see a remarkable difference in my skin after just a very short time. I use this every day and love it, I just purchased several other of the L’Oreal products this past week from Amazon because they are always sold out of most of the L’Oreal products at the local Drug Stores. In addition to this I have tried their wrinkle filler in the Tube and L’Oreal’s works much better than Estee Lauder’s product that is supposed to do the same thing for 3 times the price. I love the way this product keeps my skin moist under `concealer’ and under my face powder. It does keep my skin looking hydrated and not only does my skin look soft it feels soft. It is a great product and only goes to prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune as I have in the past to keep your skin looking great.I am sold on L’Oreal and believe me would not take the time to leave any feed back if the stuff was not truly doing wonderful things for my skin! I hope that if you do try it you get the same remarkable results that I have seen in my own skin.I believe that because I have always taken care of my skin I’m seeing the benefit compared to women who do leave lousy feed back when they spent most of their adult years abusing their skin and then expect a remarkable difference from “any product”. It’s not going to happen for those women who have never cared about their face until “it’s too late’ and the wrinkles are just too deep – This product is a really great skin care product –

Gracie Branchville, VA

Forever Fan OF L’Oreal ! Great moisturizer

From my wife:I previously lived in France for over 8 years and still return every year for a summer beach holiday. I became a fan of L’Oreal and for me their products are synonymous with great quality and good value. I especially love their shampoos and skin care products. I am 60 and have dry sensitive skin with very few wrinkles amd I am always glad to try L’Oreal’s new moisturizers. The last ones I used were” L’Oreal Revitalift Complete Day Cream” and ” Nutrissime Night Cream” for dry and sensitive skin. I was very satisfied with them , so I was also glad to try this “Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Day/Night Cream”.I loved it from the beginning. It is smooth, silky, gets quickly absorbed by my skin, and does not leave any greasy residue. I put it on every morning and evening and after 2 weeks I feel my skin is tighter and softer. I also adore its citrus smell. When spending several weeks in the sun on a beach vacation, I feel that this is the best treatment for my face after all the sun and sea water it endures.One more little note- at the time I write this, its Amazon price is the about the same as it cost in a French supermarket (Carrefour) where I was vacationing, very good value.I give this moisturizer 5 stars. And yes, I will buy another jar once I finish with this one.

Pearl Hillsboro, OH

Nice Night Cream

I have enjoyed using my Loreal age perfect night cream. It is a thick cream and even through the product packaging says you can use this during the day, whenever I tried, my makeup would clump on top of it. I have quit using it during the day and have swtiched to nights only. This is a good cream that seems to really moisturize my skin.

Alexandra Wheeler, MI


The moisturizer I’d previously been using, actually made my (already dry skin) feel even more dry when I put it on my face. I have to be really careful what I use on my sensitive skin. This moisturizer is thick and creamy, and makes my skin feel nice and hydrated.**UPDATE**I bought 3 of these because they were a good price, sadly I have to give it away, I’ve just realized this moisturizer is responsible for my skin feeling sore and sensitive. I’ve used L’Oreal products for years, there is something in this, that my skin doesn’t care for. It took a week for my skin to start to feel better.

Guadalupe Almo, ID

I Found a Great Product!!!

I love using this cream by L’Oreal at night before I retire. It makes my skin feel very smooth and doesn’t get oily on me. It’s a great product and I know for sure that I’m going to use it for a very long time–maybe forever!!!

Jody Polo, MO

Didn’t Like This At All

I have very thin and dry skin that gets worse as I age so I was excited to try this cream. However, when I opened the jar for the first time the fragrance stunned me. It is too strong and a little unappetizing. As for the cream it is very thick and a strange yellow color. I used it for several days and had a couple of problems. It did not absorb well even though I followed directions. Every time I perspired, even a little, the cream started sliding off my face! Then I’d have to wash my entire face. I started using it on my neck only but after an hour or I noticed balls of the cream accumulating and dropping off my neck!I’ve used hundreds of products on my face but this was one of the worst and the container is going straight into the trash tonight.

Maritza Perham, MN

Better For Night Than Day — 3.5 Stars

I have normal skin. and although this face cream is supposed to be for day and night use, I found it a bit too heavy and oily for daytime use. In addition, it offers no sun protection, and I definitely want sun protection in a daytime facial lotion. It’s a very thick cream formula that moisturizes well and improves skin softness in pretty short order, but I found that I really had to limit its use to nighttime when I wasn’t going to be active. If I wore it during the day, the slightest activity would leave me feeling like I had a thick layer of oily and sweat on my face. I don’t wear make-up, but if I did, I’d be concerned that any exertion would result in my make-up running. Also, it does have a scent. I didn’t find the scent objectionable, but some customers might.All in all, good for night use, but the lack of SPF, combined with a certain heavy, oily quality, make this a better cream for night than day.

Lourdes South Gate, CA

really nice

This cream is very nice. It has a really nice feel to it. I put it on after my shower at night and it sinks right in, not greasy. It has no scent, which is great for the morning when I’m going to work and using my own perfume.It instantly makes your face feel very, very smooth, like baby’s skin.I believe in using better quality for your face and this is perfect. I will continue using it morning and night and when I run out, I will be getting more.Great product

Sylvia Chandler, OK

Strong-smelling, but seems like it works.

I’m middle-aged and have all the wrinkles that normal middle-aged women encounter, so it was interesting to me to try this face cream. To be more specific, I have never had any “work” done, have never tried Botox or anything like that, I eat a decent, well-balanced diet, I don’t smoke or drink, and I don’t wear any makeup, so I think I’m a good person to try this product as I don’t have much getting in the way of its real effects.A few things up front. A little dab of this cream goes a long way; it doesn’t take much at all to make an application of it to the skin. It is tinted light beige, and I’m pale as milk so I didn’t notice anything, though that might be different for people with much darker skin. It smells strong, like everything L’Oréal makes, so people who are sensitive to scent might want to try a sample of the cream first to ensure they won’t have issues. I really don’t like the somewhat grainy “makeup” feel it gives my skin, either; it has a heavy film feel. I’ve noted that some people are mentioning it pilling up, but despite the heavy feel, I’ve never seen anything like that. It feels a little grainy, but it doesn’t look like it at all once applied.I’ve used it now for almost two weeks. I’m not sure it’s doing anything about my wrinkles, but it is definitely very hydrating, moreso than most other products I’ve used. Unfortunately it’s a little oily-feeling on the skin and the tinting makes me leery of using it at night lest it rub off on my pillows. I’m not sure that people will want to apply makeup after using this stuff as it’s so rich-feeling. Nor does it include sunscreen, so those who wish to have sun protection might have to forgo using this cream in the daytime.Overall, it doesn’t seem like bad face cream. It’s filmy, doesn’t offer sun protection, and smells heavily-scented, which may put some women off. I’m also not convinced it helps with wrinkles or makes my skin look significantly younger, as it claims. But if a person has very dry skin and normal creams tend to not last long enough or hydrate well enough, I think this cream would work wonderfully for such a person. It’s incredibly economical in the sense that a little dab’ll do ya and also that it’s nowhere near as expensive as other products that probably don’t do anything more than it could for the skin. I feel comfortable with recommending this cream for women in my age group.

Frances Crane, OR


This cream is a little heavy for daytime wear, but I really like its smooth glide and the silky texture it gives my skin. A little goes a long way so it’s a good buy all around.

Nelly Dagsboro, DE

Wonderful for Mature Skin

Like my title says: this cream is wonderful for mature skin; I love the phrase mature skin, rather than old skin. Ha! ha! It is a thick cream but not greasy & absorbs very well. For a younger person this cream would probably not be right but the label states that by saying: anti-sagging. I really like L’Oreal products & if you read the labels you can find the right product for your age & skin type.

Jenny Richmond, VA

Nice cream

I haven’t used this product for a full 4 weeks yet, but have about 2 weeks using it. It is a somewhat heavy cream, heavier than I generally use during the day, but I’ve been using it during the day anyway. The fragrance seems off-puttingly strong at first, but must fade as I’m not really sensing it once it has absorbed and my husband hasn’t commented on the smell (he does sometimes with my face creams.) It seems a bit greasy at first, but absorbs nicely to leave a feeling of soft, moist skin. I’m 55 and have spent most of my life in a sunny and VERY dry location. My skin takes a beating and I tend to be dry anyway so I don’t let much time pass from when I get out of the shower to getting my face and body moisturized. I’ve been using this cream mostly just in the morning and my face continues to feel moist all day long. I was worried with the initial heaviness that it would feel “melty” when I sweated when working in the garden or exercising, but that has not been the case. Tough to judge for sure, but I think that the skin on my face and neck seems a bit firmer and some of the smaller lines have smoothed and softened a bit. This is a product that I will be happy to buy and continue to use.

Susie Rushford, MN

Used for three weeks

I have been using this product as a night cream for the past three weeks now. My complexion has thankfully remained clear and I notice a reduction in lines on my face. It may be a coincidence, but I have also had people remark on how young I look for my age several times in the past 2 weeks. This is a good product.

Darla Lexington, MS

I liked it.

It’s good but I wish it blended in my skin a little better. But it’s a high quality product that has made my skin look better.

Rosalie Louvale, GA

How do they come upwith these names?

It’s a good moisturizer, not too heavy. I want something that does the moisturizing job well and yet leaves no trace of stickiness after about half an hour. this meets those criteria, and it doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. It’s smooth and easy to apply; a little goes a long way. I might buy it again when the mood strikes me to attempt to look better, or at least not dried-out. Good stuff.The puffery says it’s going to make you look young and fresh. I haven’t looked young and fresh for twenty-five years, and a jar of moisturizer isn’t going to change that, alas. I remember back in the Paleolithic when I was a young thing, hoping for world peace and decorating my walls with Peter Max posters, somebody or other said that my generation would never get old. He lied (and I hope that there is a special circle in Heck reserved for him). But at least one can observe the damage wrought by time through a layer of mice moisturized skin.Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition. I hope the name is meant to imply that after this product finishes feeding my face water, I will look like a perfect age, and not that I am a good age and mix of vitamins to be fed to that nine-headed monster in Greek mythology.

Bettye Saratoga, AR

Awesome Skin Care Cream!

I was interested to review this product, since I use L’Oreal Revitalift skin regimen. Age Perfect is a wonderful cream that moisturizes your skin, helps reverse the visible process of aging AND protects your face from sun damage. It’s creamy and smooth, not greasy and my skin never turned oily throughout the day. My face never got that "sticky mask" sensation that so many other moisturizers leave. I wore it under makeup and it looked great all day. Age Perfect Day Cream didn’t affect the application of my cosmetics or turn them a different shade.My face felt less tight and the wrinkles and creases were noticeably lessened by the end of the week I used it. A little goes a long way with this cream, so apply sparingly. The jar is quite large, and will probably supply a consumer 2-3 months or more.May switch to Age Perfect products after my Revitalift is gone.

Ola Paulding, OH

Very Good Easily Absorbed Cream

It is my first time for my wife to use L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Day/Night Cream. She is using this product to make her skin softer and smooth. She likes the thickness of the cream. It actually does make her skin feel somewhat smoother or softer. She also likes the perfume aroma. However, I don’t think anyone can expect overnight results from this or any kind of skin cream. But using skin cream is definitely a smart thing to do all your adult life. The best long term advice is to always stay out of direct sunlight, wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and avoid making facial expressions. Wrinkles are definitely avoidable. If you do all these things, you probably won’t ever need skin cream unless you have acne or other skin medical conditions.

Pamela Bear Creek, AL


I gave this a chance since the reviews were great and now i know why! I love this moisturizer! I bought myself a 2nd one and my sister too! Smooth, gentle, and works! A must for all ladies!

Angelita Kenney, TX

nice moisturizer

This is a very nice moisturizer. Goes on smooth and spreads well. Not a heavy scent either, which is really nice. I would recommend this. L’Oreal is a great product.

Brandy Astoria, SD

Priced right with great quality and results!

My wife likes this cream as it is non-greasy and it makes her face feel smooth and soft. It is easier to put her foundation over the top of it as her skin is not so dry. It hydrates her skin and helps reduce wrinkles. She uses it year round as it helps her skin in the summer when it is dry from the sun and in the winter when it is damaged by the wind and dry air.It is reasonably priced and does a good job. She says you can count on the L’Oreal name for good products that are priced right. Many cosmetics are way over priced and they do not work any better than this product does. She recommends it to you.

Charlene Round Lake, IL

Not my favorite

This cream is too thick and too stinky. It smells too much like a perfume which I hate, and it goes on my skin a little to much like a mask. I read somewhere it is part of a four step regime and I only have this product so it could be I am doing the process wrong. I overall do not like the product though I will admit it moisturizes pretty well but feels heavy.

Allyson Ballico, CA

Very fine cream, a little strong on the fragrance

L’Oreal Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Day/Night Cream – 1.7 oz.The first thing I noticed was the box was almost twice the size of the jar. I’m sure it’s a marketing decision but when a product is being sold online as well as in a store, I don’t know how effective the illusion is. It won’t protect it in transit as the bottom of the jar is at the bottom of the box with no further protection. I got this product for my 95 year young mom to try on her skin. I am her caregiver and she likes these types of creams and this one passes muster.It has a nice smooth richness, without being overly greasy. It gets absorbed by her skin well and she likes way it makes her skin feel. She’s very familiar with the L’Oreal name and has used their hair products throughout her earlier years. I notice the fragrance more than she does and to me it’s a bit strong. Overall she’s happy with it and it’s my joy to make mom happy in her later years.

Millicent Brave, PA

feels great

The cream goes on smoothly and feels great. It is great that 1 cream is good for both morning and evening. I thought if it was good for a night cream that it would be too heavy for the morning but it is not. I do feel that my skin is looking much nicer and more hydrated. For such a great cream I would expect to pay much more.

Selma Fort Washakie, WY

Extremely hydrating facial moisturizer

I’ve been using this for almost a week and find this day/night cream to be extremely hydrating. The cream is a sandy color with a very light citrusy fragrance. It is a little thick and after applying, my face felt plump with moisturizer but not tacky.The box this day/night cream comes in is double the size of the actual 1.7 ounce jar but the jar size is typical of the packaging most moisturizers come in. Personally, I feel this is more of a winter cream when heavy moisturizing is needed. I prefer moisturizers that penetrate the skin and this one does not appear to do that. I felt it mostly laid on top of my skin which is why I would prefer this for winter use. However, it also did not wear off. When I woke up each morning, my face still felt hydrated.My favorite moisturizer isOlay Total Effects 7-IN-1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturiser, 1.7-Fluid Ouncebecause of the smooth finish I get. However, Loreal Age Perfect is one of those close seconds for me and it is a moisturizer that I would consider purchasing for the winter months when my skin is the driest. I also like the faint citrus fragrance.

Gena Howell, AR

A rich cream that feels wonderful on my skin

age: 56skin type: sensitive with slight rosaceaWhen I first opened the jar (which by the way, there’s a good bit of product in the jar for the price), I wasn’t sure how it would feel on my skin – it looked awfully thick and I was afraid it’d be greasy — this was one of the things I didn’t like so much about the golden balm, though I did like that product and went through two jars of it! However, this L’Oreal Hydra-Nutrition will be a good substitute for the golden balm, as it’s not as thick and greasy.The fragrance didn’t bother me, but on another review someone noted how nice it’d be if the product(s) came in fragrances like grapefruit, etc. I’d love a citrus scent! Or something exotic and spicy. Rather than the “grandma” scent that most products have — and I’m a grandmother *laugh*Smoothing it on my freshly washed skin, I will usually skip the application of my serum, since this cream is thick and hydrating. I don’t have any irritation from it, and so far, no break-outs: a problem I have with some extra-thick creamy-creams.I love the way my face looks after I apply–nice and “moist.” As for the “anti-aging” claims, that’s a more difficult one to consider: really, staying out of the sun and using a prescription cream may be the only non-surgical choice if you want more “dramatic” results to your skin. However, keeping our face moisturized does make a difference in our skin. The cream itself can “plump out” our skin and make it look, while not necessarily “younger” but more freshened and supple.There’s no stinging or burning or any other irritation with this cream, which is important to me, as I have slightly sensitive skin and slight rosacea.I use this product at night because it’s simply too heavy for day; however, in the icy snowy winter if I were going for a walk in the cold mountain air, I probably would slather this on my face first! A nice barrier between my face and snow, ice, or very cold air!

Tina Santa Maria, TX

Love it!

The fragrance is a little strong and heavy, like a lot of people I would much rather have a fragrance free product but other than that I love it!Cream goes on thick and rich and leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth but not at all greasy.And this is by far my favorite out of all the skin creams that I’ve tried so far.

Aurora Pawnee, IL

Good for very dry skin

This reminds me a bit of Avon’s Vitamoist cream, which a lot of people really liked. It is very smooth going on, and it doesn’t slough off later or pile. It just goes on as a cream and is easy to distribute and it stays on. To me it is a bit greasy, though they say it isn’t – it’s a thick yellowish cream that I can feel some oil in – not a lot – it’s not heavy but it definitely feels oil based to me.Make up went on over it like a CHARM – I tried both liquid and mineral based foundations and got very smooth, much improved coverage than without the cream.I think it would be great for really dry skin, but mine is just a dry in places, and I think the gel moisturizers work better on my particular skin.It does have a fragrance some may not like, and I’ve seen fuller jars. The jar looks like a 2 ounce jar, they could have filled it up but didn’t.

Shawn Luke, MD

perfect, but no SPF

This product is made by L’Oreal. So is my old moisturizer. I love them both. However, this one doubles as a night cream, and it is super moist! My skin feels moisturized until the next morning when I shower and put it on again. For aging skin, this is a wonderful moisturizer. What is special about it is that my dry skin feels very lubricated, yet I don’t break out. My skin feels like it is balanced, as when I was young. I wondered when I ordered this if it would be a greasy layer on my skin. I took a chance, knowing how well I like L’Oreal skin care products in general. Now I am barely wrinkled at 58 years old. I have frown lines, but that is it. People think I am younger than I am. I don’t know if moisturizer makes that so, but I just need a little concealer and moisturizer and bronzer. Maybe mascara, and a little bit of L’Oreal ethereal shadow. The older I get the less makeup I use. I remember seeing an older woman who had stunning skin, and she had a little bit of mascara on her upper eyelashes kind of fanning out towards the outer perimeter. I think of her when I put on makeup.There aren’t any perfumes that I detect in this moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin, and allergies. In two weeks I have had no problems. I know people who spend a lot on skin care. All I use are L’Oreal towelettes, an occasional Olay moisturizing scrub, and L’Oreal moisturizer. I have a dermabrasion kit that I use occasionally, and I will get a cheap facial once a year. The cost is minimal, and one jar or bottle of moisturizer lasts me 1 year.The only other thing we need is sunblock. I am very sun-sensitive, and I only get sun when walking to and from my car. Believe me, that sun is still significant. So, really, I believe that after thinking this through, I will use a light layer of my old, inexpensive moisturizer with SPF included, during the day, and use this “Age Perfect” product at night after a shower. How is that for a compromise?

Agnes Afton, VA