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L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Eye, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Eye is a luxurious formula for mature skin that needs an extra boost of nourishing moisture to stay strong and supple. The rich, comforting balm treats and nourishes the delicate area around the eye, targeting dark circles to brighten and illuminate the skin. The formula includes calcium to improve skin’s resiliency, skin is firmer and recushioned from within, while a rich blend of essential oils deeply hydrate the skin, locking in nourishing moisture for 24 hours of extreme hydration. Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Eye provides intense efficacy with a unique feel of luxury and comfort. This butter-soft balm melts on contact with skin, providing an unsurpassed sensory experience.

Key features

  • Combats the appearance of puffiness and dark circles of mature, thinning skin
  • Formulated with calcium to improve skin’s resiliency and ability to retain moisture, while a rich blend of essential oils deeply hydrates the skin, locking in nourishing moisture for 24 hours
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested
  • Fragrance free
  • Net Wt. 0.5 oz.

Honest reviews



I am frankly not sure I will be able to test this long enough to determine whether or not the advertized benefits will accrue. The first time I applied it, it stung like when I get sunscreen in my eyes. It did moderate more quickly, but, I use sunscreen to moderate damage to sensitive tissue. my experience with eye creams has generally been that they are soothing richer in oils and lower in waxes than face creams to baby sensitive tissues. This is literally the first which has stung or been uncomfortable in any way.I do not have lines or wrinkles, and am guessing that I am not the target market for this product. Speaking strictly for myself. I doubt I will ever be, as I care more about my health, and the condition of my skin than its appearance. It is difficult to imagine that the 2 are at odds.This is the second product I have tried from Olay, which I took a chance on because they now own the body shop, and should have learned something about organic, or at least natural products. That said there is obviously a reason they have kept the product lines separate. Whatever knowledge they have gleaned in the acquisition seems not to have transferred, as I know that the body shop makes several eye creams which are better than this, though not what they were before Olay took over the company.For those of you willing to put up with some discomfort to perhaps reduce sagging, know that “balm” is not quite an accurate descriptor of what is in this jar. Personally, I would recommend the serum in their (body shop’s) vitamin c lineThe Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules, 28 Countas a more soothing and nourishing product and an excellent moisturizer which should help with lines and wrinkles because it is a good penetrating moisturizer.

Robbie Foster, RI

So Thick and Creamy

This eye cream is so thick and creamy. It is much nicer than most that cost much more. The fragrence is very soft and nice. Makes my eye area feel soft and look smoother. Will continue to purchase this product.

Gay Churchs Ferry, ND


The gal is absolutely correct who said the L’oreal Age Perfect eye balm contains Mineral oil – it states that right in the ingredience. Mineral oil not good for the eye area. This why you can feel the greasiness for about 1/2 hour after putting in on you eye area. You need only a wee bit of this product – God knows the jar is tiny itself but don’t put a lot on under the eyes. It far from the best product on the market. IT DID ABSOLUTELY NADA FOR THE PUFFINESS (BAGS) under both of my eyes. So if your seeking a miracle to eliminate bags forget this product. Get a shot of botox. Did nothing for dark spots either. Only thing I can say is it feels good. I had no stinging like others suggested, however, I’ll never purchase this eye balm again.

Louise Loon Lake, WA

Nice product

I like how this balm feels on my eye area…very hydrating!! It’s a nice product….though nothing special. I’ve recently discovered the ROC line of products and they work better for me. Your mileage may vary of course. This product does not make my eye area sensitive at all, which is a plus.

Latasha Carterville, IL

Age Perfect Eye Balm

I have purchased this product before and i love it does what is says puffiness gone as well as dark circles will continueto purchase when i run out.

Gwendolyn Primrose, KY


Over priced for the results. A little goes a long way, but I did not find the results as good as advertised.

Jacquelyn Kaktovik, AK

No More Raccoon Eyes!

Since my early teens, I’ve been a fan of L’Oreal products. Now, too many decades later, I’m no longer a candidate for Acne Products but Aging/Mature Skin. (LOL) Ah, the blessings of living a long life! I’m half through the wee container so for me, it will last 60 days.I have very thin skin under my eyes and when that skin dries out, it turns a shade darker and I look like a raccoon! I’ve used this product three times a day for a month now, and notice a wonderful change in the texture and colour of that tissue paper-thin skin. Note, I’m NOT allergic to anything so the stinging and mineral oil concerns of others don’t apply to me. So, if you have no allergies and need a nice product that is afforable that “delivers what it promises”, this might be right for your needs.It sure did the trick for me. Good Bye, Raccoon Eyes! Hello, Betty Davis Eyes!

Patrica Leetonia, OH

Terrible, never again

I received this new product that was open, the safety seal was broken, and half of the jar was used. Never again!

Lorna Ribera, NM

Age Perfecting Eye Balm

As a 40+ with really no wrinkles other than around the eyes, I got this product to help with dark under eye circles and fine lines around the eyes. I have been using the product for two weeks now, and it did help with noticeably brightening the eye area, the dark circles are much better/almost gone now. The fines lines need more work but as this is not an instant eye smoother/plumper but a long term solution to dryness and elasticity I will see what it looks like after a month of use. The cream is smooth and light, non greasy and feels good going on and absorbs very well.

Serena Texola, OK

Review from a 30-something with dry skin

I am in my mid 30s and have dry skin and the beginning of fine lines, and I recently tried this withL’Oreal Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Day/Night Cream – 1.7 oz.. While I thought the face cream was too thick and perfume-y, I really liked this eye cream! It’s nice and thick, and made me think it was doing something!I will say I think it’s a little expensive for the amount you get – about 3 weeks’ worth, I estimate. Amazon has a good price right now, but if I’d paid full price, I would have been ticked off. Also, if I had to buy an eye cream, I would buy one with retinol in it. This one does not have retinol. But it seems to be hydrating, so if that’s all you’re looking for, give this a try!

Gwendolyn Ukiah, OR

3 & 1/2 stars: Moisturizing

I’m 32 with fair, freckled skin. I’ve noticed recently more fine lines popping up, especially when I smile. I also spend a lot of time outside when it’s nice out, so I’ve need a serious dose of moisture the past few months. I do like this eye balm, it sinks in within a minute or two and it does minimize fine lines and hydrate. I’ve been using it about 3 weeks and prefer to use it at night before bed. It goes on smooth and doesn’t have an overwhelming fragrance, which I really like. Otherwise it doesn’t seem to be working any magic, so after I use this pot up I wouldn’t purchase it again.

Kathleen Proberta, CA

Great for my eyes!!!

since I purchased age perfect work wonders for me,dark circles and bags under my eyes completely dissapeared,Age perfect by L’Oreal Love it!!

Lynette Coachella, CA

Mixed review

After using this product regularly for 4 weeks, I have not noticed a major difference in the appearance of fine lines or puffiness around my eyes. There may be a very slight improvement, possibly from the skin just being more hydrated. I don’t find the product greasy at all, as some others have reviewed. I found it smooth and soothing. It absorbs very easily. There was no unpleasant scent and no sensations on the skin, other than a feeling of being moisturized. While I wasn’t expecting a miracle, I had hoped for a little more noticeable improvement. I will continue to use this product to finish the jar. I’ll add to the review if there are any additional results.

Miranda Ruthville, VA

Works well enough, but is too oily for me

Due to my work and school schedule, I often have bags under my eyes. Ones that occasionally look big enough to store a family’s winter wardrobe in. Because of this, I’m always eager to try the various skin tighteners/lotions that come up in Vine. I want something that works well enough, but doesn’t stink to high heaven like some of the other alternatives do.Now when it comes to this product, it has some pluses and minuses. For some my minuses won’t be that bad, for others it’ll be a deal breaker like it sort of was for me.Pros: This doesn’t stink, nor does it have a particularly bad perfume smell. If anything, the smell here is incredibly muted and almost nonexistent. It does have a pleasant smell, but not one that came from tons of perfumes. It always surprises me that so many companies haven’t realized that many people don’t want their facial products to have a ton of perfume in it. Sometimes it’s nice, but when it’s something like lotion that remains on your skin for hours, it’s not always a good thing. The other thing I liked was that this went on nice and smooth. It’s creamy and a little goes a long way when it comes to your skin, which will be something a lot of people will appreciate.Cons: It’s oily, too oily for me. I could feel that this has an oil base in it when applying, but I assumed that it’d just absorb into the skin. Not so- this still felt a little oily later on when I went to touch it later to see if it made the skin smooth and soft. For me this is a deal breaker since my skin can get oily and the last place I want to get clogged skin is under my eyes. Note that this oily feeling wasn’t the same as how my skin can feel when producing its own natural oils.However I did notice a difference in my skin in that the bags weren’t as bad as they normally are. I also have to say that other than the slightly oily feeling, my skin was soft. It would be something I’d probably recommend for someone with drier skin, perhaps.

Adriana Mansfield Center, CT

No miracle cream but it’s a nice cream for under-the-eye area

I like how it feels when it goes on. A lot of creams aren’t absorbed but this one seems to be and doesn’t just sit on the surface of my skin.I have a lot of puffiness under the eyes that is mainly do to a bad thyroid. Because of the intermittent swelling, it has caused wrinkles in that area, which I just hate. I was hoping this might help those but if it did, it was minimal. I have used the product for a month and the tiny jar is half gone. I use it every day. When I stop using it, that is when I might notice it was actually working. Will report back after that.

Amparo Sulphur, OK

Very Nice Eye Balm, No Irritation

Often eye moisturizer products will cause redness and itching for me. I was pleased to have no irritation at all from this eye balm. It is very soft and quite soothing without being greasy. Seems to have acceptable emollient properties, and probably works as well as any topical cream. I would purchase again as it is so comfortable to use.

Mollie Loyalhanna, PA

Good product, would definitely buy and use again…

I’m a 58-year YOUNG man, and admit wanting to stay looking young. Since there’s nothing I can do about the salt-and-pepper hair I’ve earned, I’d like to think I can keep certain areas on my face looking young, especially underneath my eyes and getting rid of the “frown lines” on my forehead. So, I’m guilty of trying different moisturizers that say they’ll “get rid of wrinkles, frown lines, and keep my skin looking like…” well, you know, everything they claim to do!I don’t know how soy seeds or other botanicals will help those areas stay firm, smooth and wrinkle-free (or as close to it as I can get), but I’m willing to give them a try. Towards that end, I decided to try L’Oreal’s “Age Perfect” eye cream. It’s actually creamy, absorbs very well, doesn’t have a strong fragrance, and leaves NO residue in the morning. It also doesn’t have a sunscreen, which I like, as I prefer to choose which sunscreen I’ll use on my face, if any.I’m also not sure that I buy into certain moisturizers specifically made for “mature skin,” or “thinner skin” due to age. I just want a product that will reduce (if not eliminate), small lines underneath my eyes and reduce larger ones on my forehead, where the frown lines are.Since I’ve been using this for a little over two weeks, and most manufacturers advise that you’ll see noticeable results in 4 weeks or more (usually more, of course!), it’s too soon to know if this will be THE product I’m looking for that will reduce those lines and keep my skin looking youthful (at the very least, look like it’s not getting any older!)However, on the plus side, it’s pleasant to use and like I said above, absorbs well, so that’s about all anyone can ask from a product as this for now. Will come back and edit this review as to how it works as far as reducing the appearance of those lines and more from appearing.Update as of 5/31/14: Well, it’s been close to a year, and while I’ve used this product switching-off with others, I have to say any lines underneath and around my eyes are barely noticeable. While not giving it full credit for those results, it was part of a regimen that DID and continues to work, and I would definitely use this again.

Caryn Fort Wingate, NM

Works Well But Is A Little Too Oily

THis is described as a balm. I use it at night right before going to bed on freshly washed skin. I pat it around the eye area. Overall, it does a good job of refreshing the eye area and relieving any redness. My only complaint is that it seems oily and the oiliness doesn’t dissipate much after a full night’s rest.

Joanna Le Grand, IA

Middle of the road

My wife says this stuff isn’t the best she used nor was it the worst…it was middle of the road. She did like the thickness/creaminess of the product. However, she is not sure she would purchase based on this trial bottle.

Ophelia Stebbins, AK

Soothing Eye Balm

L’Oreal’s Age Perfecting Eye Balm is a very soothing product. It glides on smoothly and I can wear it under makeup. I haven’t used it for very long (3 weeks) and I can’t say that it has made the skin under my eyes has changed. But hopefully, this product will keep it from getting worse. The product is said to show result in 4 weeks.It’s supposed to be anti-sagging (for the eyelids)and brightening (under eye). The ingredient touted by this product is soy seed proteins which “stimulate the synthesis of natural fibers found in younger skin.” L’Oreal recommends this product to menopausal and postmenopausal women. You get .5 oz (14 g) of product so don’t be deceived by the size of the box. For the price of less than $13, it’s a pretty good buy.

Amie Reagan, TN

Feels good, what’s not to like?

This eye moisturizer makes the skin around my eyes feel better and softer. That’s enjoyable, and the appearance of my eyes has improved a bit. It goes on easily, soaks up quickly (I have very dry skin), and feels pleasant. So I like it a lot.Caveat: I don’t really know how much this improvement is due to this particular formula, and how much would have happened with any eye moisturizer, because I do not usually moisturize around the eyes. The moisturizers I occasionally put on my face when it feels particularly awful all say not to get them close to the eyes, so, like a good girl, I don’t. And getting out a separate item to do just eyes seems a bit more self-absorbed than warranted by the practical, skeptical persona I have successfully cultivated for so long. Still, I’m secretly tempted to start doing it anyway. This stuff feels really good.

Florence San Juan Pueblo, NM

I now have dark circles, and puffiness after using for 2 days.

Update. 5-13-14. I now have a eye infection..Never had one till I started using this eye balm!!I have used other L’Oreal products with out any problems before this one!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just got this, and as I said, after two days, I now have dark circles and Puffiness under my eyes!!This is a heavy eye balm, and it seems to even wait down the skin under my eyes.I’m not young, and have bought allot of eye creams,but this is the worse.Also you have to use the top part of your nails to get this stuff out of the jar.Now I know to only buy eye cream in a tube.I would not recommend this to anyone..Maybe it is more for a man with thicker skin.. Maybe my Hubby might like it!!Or I’ll use it for cuticle cream around my nails and toes..

Rebecca Gulf Breeze, FL

Great product

Great service and great product. I was surprised at the great price this item was. Thanks to the seller of this product and prompt service sending it to my home. I like this product because it goes on your skin smoothly, does not feel oily and is a great price on Amazon.

Sydney Carriere, MS

Feels good. Doesn’t do much. Deceptive packaging.

Ok I just finished using up the whole bottle of this stuff. I have some wrinkles on my upper eyelid, especially when I smile. I was hoping (fantasizing?) that this might help. It didn’t do much. But I do like this stuff! It feels good when you put it on and maybe it does help temporarily by moisturizing the area. But permanent effect? No I don’t think so. That’s ok, I still like it. But I do have one major beef with the packaging. You get this little jar that looks reasonably sized. And when you screw off the cap you see the jar seems to be filled with cream. But when you dab into the cream you break the top skin and see that its HOLLOW inside the jar! Not even half of what you thought you might be getting. For that little deception I’m giving this product only 2 stars.

Madeline Sabine, WV

A little goes a long way

This product works well with my sensitive skin, causing no adverse reaction after over a month of daily use. A tiny bit is enough and I am beginning to see a small difference. I don’t look 10 years younger (we can always dream), but it does provide moisture and lessons the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Such a tiny amount works, that the price is actually very reasonable.

Kerry Heber Springs, AR

great eye balm

although only been using for 3o days have noticed a slight difference. I guess I need to use longer. eye lines seem to be less noticeable, but that is on my fine lines. still have crows feet and wonder if using this longer will correct that or now. goes on smooth and silky and a little goes a long way. would be willing to buy again.

Lenore Huron, OH

Almost as advertised…

I primarily got this product to help reduce dark circles under my eyes, but also thought the added benefit of skin smoothening/softening would be welcome.Unfortunately, the one part of the description that I didn’t find to be true is the “Skin-brightening” part of this claim: “Skin-brightening botanicals help even skin tone to reveal smoother, more refined skin around the eyes.” Having said that, the rest of the product description really does ring true … the skin around my eyes feel much softer and appear to have a smoother appearance. So, if that’s what you are after then this product is for you!

Vonda Chestnut, IL

The wife seems to like it

It has only been a couple of weeks but my wife said she notices a difference. She has always used and been very happy with L-Oreal products. Sh said the quality of this one is equal to or better than the rest of the product line. We will be ordering this on a regular basis.

Jacklyn Aurora, IA

Eye Cream

This cream overall is pretty nice. it is textured thick and creamy, and goes on very easily and absorbs pretty fast. It smells good, not great and feels good to the touch. It did irritate my eyes a little after an hour or so, but keep in mind almost all eye creams do that to me. I do see improvement in smoothness but I have not noticed and wrinkle reduction though it has only been a week. For the lower price range it is a decent lotion for under the eye.

Jewel Quitman, AR

Nice product

This is a nice product. Leaves the skin around the eyes soft and moist. Use it first thing in the morning and right before bed, after removing makeup and cleansing face of course. The hard glass container with plastic lid is 1 5/8 inches wide in diameter x 1 1/2 high and suitable for packing. It has a creamy consistency and does appear to brighten the eye area. It works nicely and seems to slightly lift the skin around the eyes.The packaging states that it rebuilds skin’s substance with soy seed proteins, improves elasticity for a more toned skin, helps fight the network of skin to promote resiliency (anti-crows feet), contains botanicals to help even out skin tone to reveal brighter skin. It says it is dermatologist tested, opthamologist tested and non-greasy. It is for “mature skin” and claims to help menopausal and post-menopausal skin rebuild its own substance. Immediate results are stated as skin around the eye area appears brighter and more luminous. The package further claims that in 4 weeks, 92% saw more skin elasticity, 83% saw firmer skin, fine and lines and wrinkles were reduced. There are some parabens listed in the ingredients but they are at the bottom of a very long list of ingredients, to include proteins, and root extracts.Again – it is a nice product. I believe a daily routine of cleansing your face with a mild soap product, lightly patting it dry or not drying it, applying an eye cream and a face cream–every night and every morning will help to keep your skin moist and more youthful.

Sarah Bimble, KY