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L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Day Cream SPF 15, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

Ideal for women in their 50s, Age Perfect Day Cream SPF 15 brightens and smoothes mature skin while reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and surface wrinkles. Soy seed proteins improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin. Beta Hydroxy Acid complex helps improve the appearance of age spots, while broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen, when used with other sun protection measures, helps protect skin and prevent future sun damage. Day after day, skin becomes more resilient and radiant while its youthful cushion is restored.

Key features

  • Brightens and smoothes mature skin while reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and surface wrinkles
  • Beta hydroxy acid complex helps improve the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and surface wrinkles while soy seed proteins improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15
  • Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic
  • Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

Honest reviews


Will Keep Using This

I love this product and will continue to use it. It goes on smooth and doesn’t just sit on top of the skin – it really soaks in. My skin feels softer and more elastic when I use it regularly.

Janette Superior, WI

Too Heavy

Thick and rich, this heavily fragranced cream promises skin improvement and sun protection. Unfortunately, the luxurious texture did not result in soft, moist skin for me. It did not absorb and lay heavily upon my skin, suffocating my pores. I was happy to wash it off.On the positive side, minor flaws did seem to disappear. I don’t like to use much product during the hot summer months. Most look and feel greasy. This one did not look oily and overall my skin looked better. But the scent was oppressive and I was constantly aware that the product was on my face. So even though imperfections were diminished, it is unlikely I will use this again.

Dolly Onyx, CA

Day Cream

I live in a dry climate and have dry skin. This cream goes on smoothly and feels as if it is going to be greasy. But it’s not. By the time I finish doing my morning regimen and get ready to put on my makeup, it has totally been absorbed. I like the way it makes my skin feel moist and it has a very pleasant and light fragrance. My skin is already light so I can’t honestly tell if it is lightening my skin but it does provide sun protection. A good daytime cream for the money.

Etta Northpoint, PA

Full of Toxic Ingredients

If I believed everything I read I would think this is a great facial cream that has anti-sagging and anti-age spot ingredients that hydrates the skin. HA! All I needed to do was read the ingredient list to turn me off. Unfortunately though I didn’t read the ingredient list until I used the product for 10 days. No wonder my skin looked dull and tired and felt shrunken – kind of the opposite of their marketing hype. The product is full of mineral oil, parabens, and reads like a science lab. Full of cheap ingredients with lots of hype, this is one brand to stay away from. I’m sorry I used itfor as long as I did.

Abby Campbellsburg, IN

A pleasant surprise

Not much improves this 78 year old face, but Age Perfect leaves my skin soft, well-hydrated and perfect for foundation. On days I wear no makeup, my skin looks smooth and, it may be wishful thinking, but my wrinkles seem to be diminishing, along with some dark spots. When I ordered this, I was expecting something medicinal smelling. Instead, this day cream has a very nice, subtle, clean fragrance. Altogether, I’m very pleased with it, and plan to continue using it.

Dana Sheldon Springs, VT

OK, but seems superfluous in this line

Ordered this on the Vine program. At first it was not available and they sent the BB cream which she loves and for which we now subscribe on Amazon. She also tried the Day/Night cream which she ultimately prefers to this as she believes it is more versatile. Her comment was essentially that she could do without this, but really liked the other two products.

Lisa Monitor, WA

Reasonable product for the price

This product certainly gives a nice appearance to my face but was a bit too greasy for my taste. I live a mile above sea level and sunscreen is very necessary for anyone at this altitude. This product was only 15 SPF which meant that it needed to be augmented by additional facial sunscreen. I also disliked that because it is tinted, it comes off on whatever you are wearing, rather like ring around the collar. It has the advantage of being a great deal cheaper than many of the name brand cosmetics which should make it attractive to a lot of people and it is a nice product, just not for me.

Chrystal Lemasters, PA

Such a Great Product!

I’ve used this cream for years now. It is totally moisturizing, soothing and protective. The ingredients are fantastic; you can’t beat the combination of soy seed proteins and salicylic acid for your skin. I find it really firms up your skin too. Highly recommended, especially if you are looking for a super moisturizing cream with anti-aging properties.

Elma Yorktown, TX

more like a night cream

This lotion is a little heavy for day-wear but it’s still a quality lotion which glides on smoothly and has a nice velvety effect. A little goes a long way so it’s a good buy all around.

Maxine Monument, KS

Smells like grandma!

I love perfume, but I prefer to choose the scents that I wear, and I would never choose a scent like this one: it really does smell like my grandma’s bathroom (she loved perfume too, so her bathroom always smelled very floral.) Since most women who like perfume are generally pretty picky about, I don’t understand why Lóreal would intentional pour such a strong, floral scent into this cream. Smell aside, it’s also pretty heavy and little greasy feeling. I can usually find at least one good thing to say about most products, but with this one I just can’t.

Della Lochmere, NH


This cream is to be used as a sunscreen even though the name sounds like a moisturizer. With an SPF of 20, it is fine to use under a makeup that has a SPF component. Might not be strong enough to use along as it is quickly absorbed by the skin which lessens the sunscreen viability. However, it feels very nice on and provides a very light color coverage. The one I am using is Light-Medium and it truly does make a very slight but flattering difference on the face. I like it under makeup when used with an additional moisturizer.

Joann Grand Forks, ND

Good product

I like that it absorbs quickly and completely. No greasy residue. Easy to blend with my skin color.I have not had the itching problem others seem to have. Could be I’m not “yet” allergic to something that they are.I find this to be about the same quality as other BBs I have tried lately.

Mae Campbellsburg, IN

Mother approved.

Here is another review from my mom (edited by me for readability). She likes this product very much.”L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Day Cream is a combination sunscreen/makeup. The SPF factor is 20 which isn’t particularly high, so I would only recommend Age Perfect for settings with indirect sunlight or short periods of direct sunlight. The color is Light-Medium in L’Oreal’s spectrum, so I found it to be more medium than light; my skin is fair and I found this to be a very effective foundation.One of the best aspects of Age Perfect is its texture. It’s very, very creamy and I found it goes on more smoothly than most creams, enabling a very even application. I tried blending it with a moisturizer and that allowed for an even lighter coating, although doing so undoubtedly undermines its sunscreen effectiveness. I did not notice a fragrance.I wore Age Perfect all day in 85F+ weather and although I perspired somewhat, I didn’t notice any running or streaking. I’m not sure how L’Oreal accomplished this because every other sunscreen I’ve tried doesn’t fare nearly as well, but once Age Perfect is on my skin, it’s on until I wash it off. Thus, this is an excellent sunscreen.”Active ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 7%.Strongly recommended.

Brigitte Ivesdale, IL

It’s OK

I’ve used this cream for awhile now and agree that it makes a subtle difference, but it’s not magic.I think it’s a decent product for the price range, but people should not expect miracles from it or any other age related products, regardless of price.

Hazel Fairwater, WI

L’Oreal Paris Day Cream

As an every day cream under my foundation, this works fine. Not great, but at this price it isn’t any better or worse than the expensive Mary Kay I’ve been using for years.

Pamela Dunlap, CA

a terrific, long-lasting moisturizer

To note, I received the wrong item at first (L’Oreal Age Perfect For Mature Skin BB Cream Instant Radiance) and my original review was for that. The correct item was sent so this is my updated review.This is one of the best drugstore moisturizers I’ve ever used, and I absolutely love it. The moisturizing effects have been terrific, and it exfoliates well without causing little pills or “sloughing” of skin cells like several other moisturizers I’ve tried. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles except around the eyes, which show mostly when I smile, and so far no difference with those. However, my upper lip has what I thought was “smoker’s wrinkles” when my mom developed them, but now I realize they were genetic, and this moisturizer has helped those tiny little fine-line wrinkles in the area. It’s definitely firmer.The one age spot I seem to be getting on my face (up near my left eyebrow) hasn’t shown any change, though I’m only on about week three and the box says it takes eight weeks before significant change is noted, so I’ll try to come back and update. UPDATE: At eight weeks I do notice the spot has faded, in that I can’t really find it anymore. It was already faint enough that makeup covered it without problem, but now even without makeup you can’t see it.My skin after three weeks has already seen an improved uniformity of color overall after just 17 days of use — lots of moisturizers promise this but this is the first that’s ever actually delivered. The color does seem to improve mostly on days when I wear the moisturizer, so the bulk of the skin color improvement is a “temporary” situation, but a slight improvement can be seen on days even when I don’t wear it.And there ARE some days when I don’t use this moisturizer and go with a lighter, different brand, because Age Perfect is pretty thick and it can be felt for hours after putting it on, so I don’t use it if I’ll be wearing makeup. That’s the only real complaint I have, that it’s too thick to wear under makeup because it takes so long to soak in, and makeup just slides right off.This tub has lasted quite a while, too. I’ve used it once a day (twice a day on the small age spot) for 17 days and it doesn’t look like I’ve even started the jar. I definitely recommend giving this a try.

Lacey El Granada, CA

Avoid if you’re sensitive to scents

I frequently run into problems with lots of creams that either irritate my skin or nose. Having the opportunity to test it out before I buy it is especially nice. This one didn’t bother my skin; it went on nice & smooth & didn’t dry out quickly; felt kind of satiny. It’s the smell that was a huge turn off for me. It reminds me of an old bottle of suntan lotion, the one you’ve been hanging on to for a year or two & smells awful when applied. Honestly I don’t know if I simply got a bad jar or if they all smell like this. I’m a huge fan ofOlay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream 1.7 Oz, which also feel silky or satiny, but doesn’t smell.As for the product page claims:1. “Brightens and smoothes mature skin while reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and surface wrinkles”I am 49 with my fair share of sun damaged skin. I noticed no brightening or smoothing of fine lines or wrinkles.2. “Beta hydroxy acid complex helps improve the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and surface wrinkles while soy seed proteins improve elasticity for more toned, supple and resilient skin”Again, no noticeable improvement.While I have not found that perfect product that will help diminish my lines, I continue to spend my money on products. Even if a product doesn’t live up to it’s claims, I would continue to use it, especially it might be beneficial in the long run. This cream, because of it’s smell, is the one reason I will not continue to use it.

Cecelia Acosta, PA

Rich Moisturizer

It’s too early to verify the long term effects of the product’s claims, but I did find the product to be very rich. My “mature skin” could benefit greatly from such a hydrating moisturizer with its claim to “improve skin density and firmness”. It has a very pleasant smell, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. I also like the SPF 15 sunscreen component of the cream. I would recommend this product.

Ernestine Tonkawa, OK


This is a nice moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face feeling under or over moisturized. My skin tends to be dry. It comes in a huge tub – which seems somewhat unhygienic to me. The scent is very, very mild. I wish it had a higher SPF

Mellisa Celoron, NY

just what I was looking for

I like Loreal and the creams they offer but none had the SPE I needed. I work outside and I hated having to put on sunblock over my face cream. This product is so easy to slide onto my face and neck and last all day. I hate to say I have mature skin but I guess at 60 I do. My face is smooth and has a glow I didn’t know I could have. So this is now what I reach for every morning

Lourdes Trimont, MN

Nice texture

Normally what happens with sunscreens for the face is that they are sticky and thick. They leave your face with a filmy residue. But not this one. I really liked the texture with this product. I wore it over my regular face cream and on some days I wore it alone. It dries quick enough where you can put your makeup on over it.

Marisol Lemoyne, PA

Extremely Effective

I generally love L’Oreal products, so when VINE offered this, I decided to try it.It’s a great sunscreen and skin conditioner. It didn’t give me stinging-tearing eyes from fumes I’m allergic to – as much makeup does.UPDATE: it was brought to my attention by Amazon that the first product sent me to review here was not in fact the product advertised on the page. They sent me a replacement.The replacement is a totally different product from the first one, and is exactly as advertised on the page, and well up to L’Oreal’s high standards.This is a moisturizer that is supremely effective. It mitigated a dry patch of skin for me in one night, and in three days the skin was back to normal. I live in the desert, so this is an issue for me every fall-through-spring season.It is a somewhat heavy white cream, but not greasy or anything like “cold cream” — it goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly, doesn’t feel like a sweaty mask, and the effect of softening the skin lasts.I suspect this will prove especially useful if you wear makeup and then use makeup removers and cleansers. It’s a top of the line product.

Dianna Southern Pines, NC

Good value for anyone

This is an interesting product, one that I would recommend to anyone seeking to take care of their skin. Though it’s aimed toward females, it appears to be effective for men, as well. And everyone should be taking care of their skin, just like any other organ.People are getting wise to the need to wear sun screen regularly. This is particularly true in the West, where the sun rays are especially strong.A side effect of sun screen can be, for fair skinned people who most need protection, a pallor. This product attempts to deal with that by including ingredients that bring out the color of the user’s skin.This product is intended for daily use.My one caveat is that I’m unfamiliar with the active ingredients: avobenzone, octisalate, and octocrylene. It may be useful to research these online and/or with a medical doctor prior to extended use.

Erica Waterview, KY

love L’Oreal products

I really enjoyed this “perfect day cream” by Loreal. Goes on smoothly, not greasy or oily feeling at all. My skin felt well hydrated and moist with its use. good price as well!

Michele Vienna, MO

Absorbs into Skin Nicely

I have been using this Age Perfect Day Cream by L’Oreal for about 2 weeks now and I like the way it goes onto my face smoothly and absorbs into the skin and takes away dryness. It may be too soon to see a difference in my age spots but I am happy with the soft, smooth way my face feels and my make-up applies evenly over it. When I begin to see the age spots lighten, I will come back and change to a 5 star review.

Johanna Maybell, CO

Gentle and Effective Skin Creme for Anytime of Day

I received this product and the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance. This is an excellent skin creme, and even if you use the BB cream, you will also want to use this especially if you have dry skin. It glides right onto your skin, and although it’s thick, it isn’t greasy and goes on very smoothly. Your skin will soak it right up. Then you can smooth the BB cream over it for a nice smooth finish because the two products work together really well.This is also a nice day cream by itself, and you can wear it alone or under your makeup. It will last longer because of its consistency, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. My face felt nice and soft, and it took the itch away. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has mature skin and wants a gentle yet very effective face cream for daytime or really anytime.

Stella Long Grove, IL

A very nice day cream!

Age: 56skin type: slight rosacea and slightly sensitiveFirst off, thank you L’oreal – they saw my previous note about receiving the wrong product and send me the correct one. I didn’t ask them to, or expect them to. I was happy with what I had. So, great customer service! I’ve said before, though, L’oreal really cannot do any wrong.This cream is quite thick, and I was worried it would be too greasy for day use, but not the case at all. It’s emollient without being greasy. Smooth a little on your face/throat/neck and it will absorb quickly leaving your skin feeling soft.There is no stinging or irritation from the addition of sunscreens (SPF 15), and for my slightly sensitive face, that’s always a plus.The jar hold quite a bit, and it should last me a good while – a bargain, really, for the price. In fact, the packaging and the cream match – all creamy white with the exception of the gold/blue lettering. I don’t know why I like this – ask the Packaging gods on High.This day cream has a slight scent, but not overwhelming. I do wish more creams had a spicy or citrusy scent instead of the “old lady powder” scents.You can wear this alone, of course, but it will do fine underneath your makeup without worry that of it sliding off.a nice cream.

Dixie Innis, LA

Good Day Cream

Since I am in my early 50’s I thought this cream might be a good choice for my skin. The hydrating moisturizer and anti age spot features caught my eye. I also like the fact that it contains sunscreen; this is an added bonus, as are the soy seed proteins it contains. It is heavier in consistency than the day cream I normally use, but it’s not been a negative feature. Although sometimes when the weather is really warm and humid, I prefer applying a lighter cream. It has a light scent which I do not really care for, but it’s not overpowering and I can live with it. I may see if they make an unscented version to try next time. I have not noticed any measurable difference in the tone of my skin, but I’ve only had it two weeks, so perhaps I need to give it more time. While I cannot say that this product is fabulous, it’s not bad either and I would try using it again. I will also look into some of L’Oreal’s other skin care products soon.

Melody Accident, MD

Love it!

I love L’Oreal Age Perfect Day Cream for Mature Skin. It goes on smoothly, is quickly absorbed and leaves my face feeling silky. I also like that it has an spf. I’ve only used it for a week so I don’t know how it is going to do on age spots but I hope it works on the one that I have recently noticed on my right cheek. UGH! I’m getting old!

Faith Griffithville, AR

sunscreen and mosturizer

I bike every day, so this is a great non-greasy way of getting some sun screen, and a mositurizer in one application

Eliza Weatherford, TX