L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

This luxurious 5-in-1 BB Cream instantly restores skin’s healthy glow with advanced skin matching tone enhancers – all in one step. It’s the first BB cream formulated exclusively for mature skin. Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance works to perfect and restore resiliency with powerful anti-aging properties. Over time, age spots diminish thanks to a powerful Vitamin C complex that restores vibrancy. Soy seed proteins absorb instantly to help silken and nourish skin leaving it toned and resilient. SPF 20 helps protect against future damage.

Key features

  • Protects, nourishes and redensifies skin while boosting radiance and evening skin tone
  • Vitamin C and soy seed protein diminish the appearance of age spots and help tone and strengthen skin
  • Advanced skin-matching tone enhancers transform upon touch to illuminate skin with a healthy glow
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 20
  • Net Wt. 2.5 oz.

Honest reviews


Love It!

I ordered L’Oreal SPF 20 Age Perfect Instant Radiance BB Cream because a friend told me about it and she loves it. I have to say I agree! I use it on days that I just want to go light and natural. It goes on like a moisturizer and after about five minutes you get a healthy glow. This will definitely be a mainstay in my makeup bag!

Casandra Buckhannon, WV

I got the wrong product

I ordered BB Cream and received Loreal Age Perfect Day Cream for Mature Skin instead. I actually already have this Day Cream and it IS good.It is the best Hydrating Moisturizer I’ve used and appreciate the SPF Sunscreen. Even though it’s Non-comedogenic, I can’t use it every day in the summer because my pores still become clogged.I can’t review the BB Cream because I didn’t receive it but the Day cream is wonderful. Sorry!October 2, 2013 UPDATE: I was sent the BB Cream and now I can review it. I think it’s more of a Sunscreen product than BB Cream. It says to reapply every 2 hours. I’ve never done that with a regular BB Cream.It’s also got too many heavy ingredients for my skin. Mineral oil, paraffin and some kind of wax. It’s not non-comedigenic. It was good with my skin tone but didn’t give much coverage.

Lakisha Sandersville, MS

A moisturizer with sunscreen

Loreal Age Perfect SPF 20 for Mature skin is a creamy moisturizer that slightly tints the skin. The fragrance is light and fresh.The stated use for this cream is to help prevent sunburn. The manufacturer proclaims on the box that L’Oreal BB Age Perfect for Mature skin, SPF 20: Nourishes, Redensifies, Evens, Perfects and boosts radiance. What does this mean?The three active ingredients are listed on the tube. I am not a scientist so I suggest that many reading this review may want to learn more. Look up Octocrylene, one of the ingredients on Wikipedia. Read about sun screens in general.If the three active ingrediants listed are the ACTIVE ingredients, how does the Vitamin C and Soy seed protein also listed as ingredients; but not active ingredients, work to ‘tone and strengthen skin?’Because you’re worth it” you owe yourself and your skin safe and effective products.This is a good moisturizer but don’t expect miracles.

Kayla Summerfield, OH

Amazon made good on mistake. Better products out there.

I did not receive a BB cream. I was sent the wrong product–the L’Oreal Age Perfect cream, not the BB. This product is lightly scented which is a plus. It goes on smoothly. It recommends applying every TWO HOURS, which is ridiculous. The packaging is very deceptive! The box is designed so it will look like the consumer is getting much more than there actually is. The package is constructed so that approximately 30% is just space.Please bear in mind that I cannot give a review for the item I was supposed to receive. I am giving only 2 stars based on the packaging issue and the fact that the wrong item was shipped to me.Update: Amazon made good on this error and sent the correct product. It goes on smoothly, has a light clean scent. Other BB creams provide better tinting capabilities, however. If I want a light BB color coverage (which is part of what I want in a BB) I much prefer cover Girl or even Rimmel. I am leaving my rating of 2 stars as I don’t think this one performs like a BB cream should and there ever other one I have tried works better.

Cathleen Liverpool, IL

nice illumination but no coverage and very thick

I’ve always wanted to try a BB cream, and this arrived as an accidental “free” item through the Amazon Vine program, so I thought I’d try it. I’m 41 years old, white with very pale skin, somewhat splotchy from dry spots and aging, a couple of scars from surgery and injury, but a decent complexion even if I only use a concealer, tinted moisturizer and a little powder. I got this thinking it would replace my tinted moisturizer but it didn’t. I admit, I’m baffled by this product, so I looked up the use of BB cream in some cosmetics videos, and tried it in several different ways:1. As makeup, i.e. replacing my tinted moisturizer — It was luminous, so much so it was almost as shiny as the special makeup products I buy to deliberately create shine (like Watts Up!, etc.). But it didn’t give me enough coverage, and was so thick that the powder clumped when I dusted my face. It also was thick enough to remove the concealer I had put on before using the BB cream (as recommended by a couple of how-to videos I had watched). I used it before putting on concealer and foundation once and that was just a joke, it was so thick I felt like my face was going to crack.2. Tinted sunscreen — This was the best use I found for it so far. I put it on before being outside a couple of hours instead of using any makeup, and it lasted just fine, even after sweating. Again, though, no coverage to speak of.3. Moisturizer — It didn’t moisturize enough to replace my current moisturizer. If I put it on after letting my Loreal Age Perfect moisturizer soak in a little, it worked well enough, but again it just didn’t provide enough coverage for me to feel fully comfortable. The color of the light-medium shade does seem to adjust to your own skin tone, but to a lighter shade, especially when used with the Age Perfect moisturizer. Since I’m already quite pale, it made me look almost like I was trying for a Goth look.After using it on my face after my current moisturizer for a few days, I broke out, because it is kind of thick and on the oily parts of my face, it’s a little too much. Basically, I’ll toss this in the drawer with my other sunscreen, and use this for days when I need to be in the sun for yard work or home repairs, because it’s decent enough coverage for an emergency run to the hardware store, not so much for going out to eat.

Norma Ridgewood, NJ

you can taste it

Even if you are careful about not getting any on your lips, this product has an aftertaste which i think shows it is really soaking into one’s skin. A very nice under coat before putting on finishing powder. I can see difference in skin the longer it is used.

Liz Scipio, UT

Pumpkin Face

Just in time for Halloween, this productL’Oreal Paris SPF 20 Age Perfect Instant Radiance BB Cream, 2.5 Fluid Ounce(light to medium) created an orangey finish to my face and provided practically no coverage whatsoever. It also left my face feel somewhat sticky although the labeling stated “Skin appears more radiant and luminous.”). Although the labeling also states that in 8-weeks any “age spot size decreases by 29%…Skin feels more toned,” I will not be using this BB Cream for 8-weeks because I do not want the orange glow to last until Christmas. The only plus is that the tube contains a generous amount of the product (2.5 oz.) and perhaps will blend better on someone else’s skin. I would classify my normal skin color as being Ivory with yellow undertones, so perhaps this particular color blend is not suited for me. I will stick with my Pond’s BB which is first rate in every way. By the way, this product is made only in this one color, so it will definitely not be suitable for all. It is supposed to give a glow to your skin according to the customer service rep I spoke with at the 800 number. I will wear it again on Halloween with my witch’s hat.

Goldie East Syracuse, NY


. A real disappointment. I like bb creams a lot and this is my least favorite of about 10 that ive tried. The light color is just too orange and dark for my fair skin. The coverage is so light it did nothing to hide mild redness. I dislike strongly scented products and this one is very perfumey. Finally this is a bb cream that has a very shiny dewy finish and I prefer less shine.If you are pale I recommend the Ponds bb cream instead.

Lucia Eureka, KS

hydrating and brightening

While I ordered L’Oreal SPF 20 Age Perfect Instant Radiance BB Cream, 2.5 Fluid Ounce, I actually got L’Oreal Paris, Age Perfect Day Cream for Mature Skin. However, I decided to keep the product and not complain since I was going to get some Day Cream anyway. This product did not burn or cause any sensitivity issues for me. The cream is more light than thick and covers quite well. It brightens, does seem to hydrate and helps with age spots. The scent is not good or bad but I wish there was no scent at all. Over the course of using this product for a week I did see a noticeable improvement in my skin. This is a product I would buy again.

Cherie Aiea, HI

A pretty good BB Cream!

I want to review the New L’Oreal BB Cream in Light/Medium with a comparison to three other BB creams I have used. First of all, if you are new to BB creams as I am, BB stands for Beauty Balm or Beauty Blemish. I have been using BB creams for approximately three months. I will compare the different BB creams I have been using to give a more accurate review of this particular BB Cream. I am 56 years old, have a fair complexion, and have always taken good care of my skin. I don’t suntan and I have used a moisturizer with sunscreen since I was 17. The first moisturizer that came out with an SPF factor was Oil of Olay. I use a moisturizer twice a day. I use a special thicker moisturizer at night. I also use a glycolic peel every three days that I get from Avon. I say all that so that if you are looking to use a BB cream, the BB cream is for people with good skin. BB creams are not for people with pigmentation problems, or redness or roughness, or severe acne scars. It isn’t heavy enough to cover those problems. BB cream basically is a tinted moisturizer. It does not give you the coverage that a regular foundation will. I like the BB cream, because for years, I only used foundation in my T zones, (forehead, nose and chin). As I have aged and because I have fair skin, I am beginning to have dark circles under my eyes. And one eye has a lovely blue vein that you can now plainly see and I’m just thrilled about it. So, when I began to notice BB creams, I thought that this would be good for my skin. I like the idea of a tinted moisturizer. I think foundation suffocates your skin and clogs your pores, so the idea of a lighter option to foundation sounded good. I began using Avon BB flawless ideal with SPF 15 sunscreen and really liked it. Unfortunately, they no longer sell it. Then after many videos on You Tube and countless internet searches, I decided to purchase Garnier BB Cream in fair/light with SPF 15. It also has vitamin C plus mineral pigments. There were several good reviews on the Garnier. I liked the Garnier. It has a good consistency, light color and really covers my skin with a lovely highlighted look. It makes my skin look better. Then I had the chance to try the L’Oreal BB cream. I have the Light/Medium and it has a SPF 20 Sunscreen. It says on the box that it has a 5-in-1 beautifying action: It nourishes, redensifies, evens, perfects and boosts radiance. It has vitamin C and soy seed protein. The Garnier is fair/light and the L’Oreal is light/medium. So you would think the L’Oreal would be a bit darker when in fact it is quite a bit lighter. It is so light that after I have applied the L’Oreal all over my face, I have to use the Garnier BB cream to cover my nose. Overall however, I like the texture, it blends beautifully into my skin, it looks natural, I don’t look made up, and it does have a bit more sunscreen. The Garnier has a slight smell, whereas the L’Oreal does not have any fragrance that I can detect. The Garnier is $10.92 for 2.5 fluid ounces and the L’Oreal is $12.59 for 2.5 fluid ounces. Frankly, the best BB cream I have used is my own foundation, Cover Girl, mixed with my favorite Avon moisturizer. So, in conclusion, BB creams are great and all of the above are good. If I had to pick just one, it would be the one I make myself.

Jessie Thousand Island Park, NY

Artificial Tan, Man!

This cream is targeted toward mature women and is supposed to even out your complexion and fade spots over time. However, like others have commented, this L’Oreal BB Cream for Light/Medium complexions is most definitely NOT for the cool/fair/very light complected. I am that and, upon application of this actually very nice BB cream, my face turned to a weirdly orange tone or unnatural flesh color. I always apply any kind of cosmetic in natural light (before a window), and so the artificiality was quite apparent. That’s disappointing because overall this has a very nice consistency – kind of a gel/cream, and I did not find the fragrance overpowering but instead quite pleasant. Also this cream comes with a SPF 20 (sun protection factor).Not recommended for light/fair complexions and, per manufacturer’s instructions, this should not be applied to irritated or damaged skin. Perhaps, L’Oreal should repackage this as solely for Medium/Warm complexions?

Rosanna Seneca, KS

Give this One a Miss

I use a different L’Oreal BB creamL’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic B.B. Cream, Light, 1 Fluid Ounceand love it, but I detest this version, which contains a sunscreen and an obnoxious fragrance. Once I opened the tube, I knew enough not to even attempt putting it on my face because I’m very sensitive to odors. Instead, I rubbed it into the back of my hand. I couldn’t see it but I certainly smelled it, and in a few minutes, a perfume-headache was starting to blossom. I had to scrub my hand for quite some time before the smell wasn’t an issue when I got it near my face.My best friend – who first introduced me to the scentless BB cream and still uses it – is not odor sensitive, so she tried it for me. And hated it. The smell didn’t make her feel ill but she found it intrusive. But what she really disliked was the way it wouldn’t cover flaws like the version above, yet remained visible on her face even though she massaged it in thoroughly. Also, the sensitive skin under her eyes reddened a little. She’s rarely allergic to anything but she’s sure she had a reaction to this.The tube went in the trash but we still love the regular L’Oreal cream in the link above. L’Oreal rarely disappoints, but this one was a misfire for both of us.

Becky Allenwood, PA


Disclaimer: my wife was the guinea pig for this product. She reports that this cream went on smoothly and made her skin appear youthful. It felt light and did not settle in wrinkles/ It is very sheer so that the coverage is minimal. It is wonderful that sunscreen is in the product.

Jan Taholah, WA

A bad try at getting on the BB cream bandwagon

I need to stop trying BB creams and stick with one I already know works well. Instead I was at Walgreens feeling spendy and saw this.It was from L’Oreal, a decent brand, which has other products I have used and been satisfied with. How could I not try a tube of the light/medium? I snuck a little onto the back of my hand and it looked good, plus it was marked way down.While it wasn’t a huge loss, I wish I hadn’t bothered. If you want to know about L’Oreal BB creams, I’m your girl and this is your review.A true BB cream will give you “glow”, minimize skin imperfections, and if good, can even take the place of your foundation. I had found all these assets in a different L’Oreal’ product, their Skin Beautifier BB Cream, and thought perhaps their Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance version would be even better. Not even close.This stuff evolves on your skin. When I first put it on, it was alarming – very orangy and greasy-looking (though it was not greasy, just shiny). Maybe 15 minutes later it had settled down with less shine, but a few hours later (maybe 3) it was just gone. Zero tint, zero coverage. I know not to expect major coverage from a BB cream, but this was ridiculous. Nothing was left.As for the possibility of using it as a semi-foundation… nope. I tried applying a second coat in case more was required for results or staying power, but still nada. It is not buildable and a heavier coating doesn’t last longer or look better.I have also tried the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator (Medium) and it was as useless as this Age Perfect one, except the Youth Code one did not disappear, it just never appeared, period. Nothing. A glorified colored sunscreen calling itself a BB cream because BB creams are hot right now.The other, superior Skin Beautifier BB Cream (now also being called “Studio Secrets”) leaves my skin tone even with a subtle pearly finish, minimizes pores, and makes my face look flawless. This is the one that works for me and from which I should not stray. It’s light, non-greasy, gives no greasy appearance, provides some light coverage and looks natural.If you are experimenting with BB Creams and not looking to fork out a wad of cash for a premium one, I’d suggest trying the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. You might even try the Maybelline (which was ok but too shiny for my taste). But don’t let this Age Perfect Instant Radiance product be your only try of BB creams because there’s better stuff out there, honest.

Geraldine Sweet Springs, MO


This is not what I expected of a BB cream. I wanted something to smooth out uneven tone and provide a stabilizing layer for my foundation. This ‘cream’ feels quite greasy and it stays oily so that I can’t really put anything on top. It didn’t absorb well. If it was meant to provide light coverage, I didn’t notice any kind of color tone.

Theresa Gatlinburg, TN

So far very pleased…

Long term usage and results might earn this product a fifth star.I found L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance:1. to be lightly and nicely scented2. did not turn color and just absorbed into my medium light skin tone3. while somewhat emollient, a light touch of my regular foundation and dusting of a miineral based powder gave me a flawless look4. applying as above, lines appeared diminishedAm very pleased with this product and have experienced no allergic effects.Whether or not it will provide any anti aging benefits, time will tell.

Traci Absarokee, MT

Definitely orangey

Taking heed of other reviews, I tried this out at home first, instead of putting it on and going about my day. Glad I did.First, it smells like bug spray. That out of the way… it comes out of the tube and initially goes on your face white, like moisturizer. However, it doesn’t stay that way for long. My face turned orange nearly instantly. It was also very greasy (and I have dry skin), and while in the summertime I might be able to get away with wearing a really small amount of this for a slightly “tan” look, it’s way too greasy for that. I would have orange slime streaking my face and running down my neck with the slightest perspiration.I would use this sparingly, especially if you have any facial redness (you’ll look like a shiny pumpkin). A light dusting of powder over it is advisable.

Lindsay West Hartland, CT

Off Color, Strong Fragrance

I had some reservations when I saw this was designed for light/medium complexions. Generally there is quite a difference between light and medium. I fall in the light category and this product left me with a sheer orangey/beige glow. It was not a flattering look. It is sheer, providing little to no coverage but does leave skin feeling soft and smooth. I did not care for the fragrance, much too strong and it lingered. I do like BB creams in general especially for the summer and light or no make up days but this one did not meet the mark.

Claudia Elkton, OR

light moisturizer with SPF 20 mprotection

This moisturizer for mature skin comes out of the tube a light pink but blends in to your skin. It has a light fragrance and absorbs well. Having experience with other L’Oreal products, I like the feel of it. It leaves my skin feeling plumped and moist, without feeling heavy, and I really like having the sun protection. The skin is not dulled, but not shiny either — kind of a nice glow. I’ve been using this for several days and like it very much. At 2-1/2 ounces, this is a good-sized tube, so I think it will last a while and is a good deal.The package claims that after 8 weeks age spots will be reduced by 29%. Odd claim. I’ll update this review in 8 weeks. Anything for science!!

Alba Stratford, SD

feels great

This is only the 2nd BB cream that I have tried. The first was an expensive, department store brand and I *hated* it. I love this L’Oreal BB cream. The texture is light, and made my skin look and feel soft and smooth. It had a pleasant smell. It was so easy to apply and blended in instantly. I think I’ll be using this product for a while. Highly recommended!

Lawanda Hamer, SC

Color/tint issues

My wife tried to use this product but after 3 or 4 attempts got rid of it. She thought it would be a real time-saver to be able to use a tinted moisturizer for those days when she doesn’t want to put on “full make up”. It is on the thick side as it comes out of the tube and smooths on face easily, but the tint doesn’t show as she applied it, so no matter how careful she was to put it on evenly it ended up being darker in some areas. Once it changes color it’s almost impossible to even out, plus it turns a sort of orange color instead of a natural color. In reading some other reviews this is a problem for some and not for others, so if you don’t mind buying a product that may or may not work out, this would be the one to try.

Joni Fort Lupton, CO

What a Difference!

Seems like every time I find a facial cream that works pretty well, something new hits the beauty shelves that is purported to be even better. With the cost of creams I am wary of putting out money to try something new when what I have works pretty well. I have been hearing about BB creams for awhile and was looking forward to giving one a try.I am in my mid-forties, so my face has started changing from combination skin to dry skin. I am also getting some age spots. From the first time I used the L’Oreal Age Perfect BB Cream I could feel how much it was moisturizing my skin. It felt so nice and cool on my face. I have been using it before bed and before putting on my makeup for several weeks now. My skin is super soft, has a nice glow, and it has made my makeup look much smoother on my face. I will definitely be getting more!

Ethel Douglass, TX

L’Oreal imperfect cream

I dont get all the buzz about BB creams. This is my second experience with them and I am not a fan.This one smells, like major sunscreen. No one wants to smell like that throughout the day unless they are at the beach.Its “tinted” for light to medium skin? not really, yes when you squeeze it out there is somewhat some tint to it but on your skin? not a bit.Protects, nourishes and redensifies skin? It might protect with SPF 20, but this cream DRIED OUT MY SKIN so badly, and it did not even any skin tone out at all. It did not illuminate my skin either.Anti-Aging? I dont see anything to back that up.

Bethany Clinton, CT

instantly radiant!

Well, maybe not. But this is a nice day cream for mature skin, pretty rich but not oily, with a very slight tint and nice fragrance.

Eileen Conesville, OH

Great BB Cream for a Natural, Flawless Look

I have tried over a dozen BB Creams in the last 2 years. All of them seem to do different things and have a slightly different purpose. Since BB Cream stands for “Beauty Balm” it is really left up to the interpretation of the brand. This BB Cream Nourishes, Redensifies, Evens, Perfects and Boosts Radiance. It also contains SPF 20 and a skin tone matching cream. I am really loving this BB Cream and I will be using it for when I want a natural look.This color is a perfect match for my light-medium skin that has reddish undertones. I was able to apply the cream easily with very little blending. It did not make my face look orange, or even like I was wearing makeup. It does have a very light coverage. If you are wanting to look “made up”, then this is not the BB Cream you want. If you want to look like a natural, ageless beauty then this is your BB Cream.It made my face look like it would if I had perfect genes and gorgeous, clear skin. It hid my red spots, uneven skin tone and rosacea. It did make my oily skin feel slightly greasy and look slightly shinny when I first applied it. However, an hour later my skin looked WAY better than it would have without this BB Cream. It wasn’t near as oily or shiny as it normally is. I was even more impressed with this cream after working a 10 hour shift. My skin was not only NOT greasy or shiny, but it still looked flawless. It didn’t have the usual blotchy red spots and shiny t-zone that it normally does after work.This is now my 2nd favorite BB Cream (Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 Light/Mediumis still my favorite due to it’s better coverage). I use this when I am working or going to an event where I don’t want to look like I am wearing makeup. This is more of an everyday BB Cream. For the price, you can afford to wear this one everyday! I only wear the other one when I am dressing up for events and want to look special.PROS:-evens skintone-SPF 20-moisturizes-GREAT price for a BB Cream-makes skin look naturally gorgeousCONS:-very light coverage-looks slightly shinny when you first apply itOverall, I definitely say this BB Cream is a win. For the cheap price it is definitely worth trying. I will continue to use it in addition to my Smashbox BB Cream.

Olga Somerset, CA

Nice SPF protection but that’s about it.

As others have pointed out here, the fact that it this carries a decent SPF makes it at least worth trying (in this case, through Vine). However, lack of overall coverage kind of cancels out the SPF benefit.Will continue to look for a product that is good in both.

Camille Galva, IL

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving – Or, “Orange-Glo” In A Tube …

“L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance, Light/Medium” looked like it would be perfect for ivory or very fair skin tones. The soft, pale petal pink color disappeared nicely when applied as a test to my inner wrist. Then, I applied this BB Cream to my face! Almost immediately the color changed to a sickly, yellow-orange that was similar to the color produced by self-tanning products in the early 1970’s.”L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance, Light/Medium” was a major disappointment. Although it was not too heavy and applied smoothly, the resulting color was atrocious. The jaundiced look is less than desirable. The fragrance of “L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance, Light/Medium” is quite strong. That might have been tolerable, if the product had not resulted in a sickly appearance. Further, based on the packaging, it does not appear this product is hypo-allergic.I cannot recommend “L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect BB Cream Instant Radiance, Light/Medium”. The radical color change when applied to skin is unacceptable.

Catherine Minnetonka, MN

Great texture, bad color

The color matching technology didn’t work for me. It leaves an orangey colored cast on my skin. I usually purchase fair/light for BB creams, and ivory for foundations. My skin has a red undertone, not yellow, and the color just never adjusted well for me. The texture is great, and the coverage would have been perfect for me if the color had been a good match. I love that it has SPF 20, the tube is easy to use and just wish that it worked for my skin tone.

Elisabeth Lincoln, NE

Blends Well

It’s too early to determine the long term effects of this product,but after a few days of initial use, I am pleased. My “mature skin” felt soft and the skin tone was more even. The label reads that the long term results will be positive. I also like that broad spectrum SPF 20 will protect my skin during my year round sunshine.

Cornelia Luna, NM

decent moisturizer for dry skin

So I have very dry, but very fair skin. I want a product that will moisturize and give a little spf at the same time. This BB cream goes on well and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or eyes. I like that aspect of it, and having a quick out the door option to doing a full blown makeup application.I do not like the ‘radiance’ aspect of the BB cream. When you apply it, it has little to no color. After being on your skin for a few minutes it turns into a more foundation-like color with some shimmer. I find it collects along my eyebrows and leaves weird glittery brown streaks along my eyebrows that I have to remember to blend with a sponge. It doesn’t really provide much coverage – my dark under-eye circles and rosacea are still fairly obvious, but it does kind of even my skin tone and make the blotches less obvious. I feel slightly shiny with this product and I find I have to use a little powder on my nose, chin and forehead.It is better than other BB and CC creams I have tried.

Magdalena Monrovia, MD