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L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Eye Day/Night Cream, 0.5 Ounce

Firmer lids. Fewer Wrinkles. Less Puffiness. Now, 360-degree action around the eyes for smoother, firmer skin in just 4 weeks. This unique daily moisturizer delivers anti-wrinkle and firming action, created specially to care for the delicate area around the eyes. Experience advanced action against the signs of aging. RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream with Pro-Retinol A and Stimuplex reduces wrinkles, firms skin, and reduces the “morning puffy look.”

Key features

  • Smoother, firmer skin in 4 weeks
  • Specially formulated for delicate eye area
  • Contains Stimuplex(TM)+ Pro-Retinol®
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Opthamologist Tested
  • This unique daily moisturizer delivers anti-wrinkle and firming action, created specially to care for the delicate area around the eyes
  • Fortified with Pro-Retinol A and Stimuplex, cell turnover is increased, wrinkles are reduced, skin is firmer and hydrated
  • America’s #1 Eye Cream – Based on 2013 unit sales of eye creams reported by IRI for combined food, drug and major discount retailer stores
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Fast results

I’m 24 and I use this around my eyes. I rubbed my eyes so much when I was little, I looked like a raccoon Lol! I’m glad the dark circles isn’t that bad anymore, but when I take pics, it shows really bad. I’ve used this for a week so far, and the top of my eye lids have lighten up allot! Now I’m applying under my eyes as well. It feels kind of tight after you apply, but the results are amazing. The in store price is about $20, so I’m glad I found it on here for cheaper. I’m referring to this to my mom because she has the same problem and I recommend it to anyone else. I wear contact lens and it does not irritate my eyes at all.

Gertrude Oakland, NJ

Wow, very good stuff

Like it a lot, will keep using it. I see a difference. May go ahead and buy the facial cream as well.

Sophie Goodyear, AZ

Let’s face it, eye creams are all the same !!!!!

Lets get to the point this anti-wrinkle eye cream is CHEAP and that is why most of you gals purchased it. Department store wrinkle & firming creams are way-way over-priced and you all are aware of that fact. I’ve paid $85.00 for less than one oz. for a high-priced, over the top name BRAND, and all your complaints for this L’Oeal product are most definitely inter-twined with the ideal, over-priced, high-end Department Store product. Get my point, girls? They are all the same but this L’Oreal Anti-wrinkle, firming moisturizer eye cream is actually non-greasy, soothing, comfortable, no perfumed aroma and CHEAP……. My bag are still there too. It don’t get rid of the wrinkles, believe me but it is better than using nothing. It truly feels good after being on for 4/6 hours. Worth giving it a shot.

Dina Stormville, NY

No visible effect so far, greasy

Seems like it should work esp with the strong reviews. I’ve been using it since I received it a few weeks ago and haven’t noticed any difference as of yet. My fine lines are still there. The cream, which could just extremely moisturizing, is a bit on the greasy side. Will keep using to see what the effect is after a longer period of time.

Hilda Arrowsmith, IL


I’ve been writing this a lot, but this winter (2013-14) has been tough on my skin. I am a very young looking 66…people think I’m in my late 40’s, early 50’s (really!), but my skin was getting so dry and flaky, was losing its firmness and I was and feeling old. I searched Amazon for new L’Oreal products, read reviews and found this. I have been using this product for over a for a month, and I really believe in this product, Not only did it work for me, but it worked quickly and I have my young eyes back.The L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream has done wonders for my eyelids. They were droopy, and now they are not, honest! I have small eyes and had lost my eyelids, but now I have them back again! Amazing! I really wish I had taken pictures to show you the difference, it is that unbelievable, all I can say is Wow! I have smoother skin around my eyes, my skin looks plumper, firmer. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible, but I have always trusted L’Oreal with my facial skin care. I had run out of my last product from them, not this, the one for Mature skin, and was looking for something different to use. That was when my skin got so very dry.I am so happy to have found this! I am using it in conjunction with L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Daily Serum. After I clean my face with L’Oreal Age Perfect for Mature Skin Rich Restorative Cream Cleanser, with gentle exfoliating micro beads (it leaves your skin dewy soft and moist), I pat it dry and put on the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Daily Serum on and my dry skin drinks and it drinks it in like a sponge. Then to hold in the moisture all day and keep my skin firm, I use L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face & Neck Contour Cream (that has made such a difference in my face and neck!) then, L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream.Ladies this line works, give it a try, you just might be amazed like I was, and it didn’t take a month for me, it happened in less than two weeks, maybe because my skin was so dry…but these results never happened with anything else; even high-end products.Love you L’Oreal, thank you for your wonderful products, and thank you Amazon for carrying them.

Sylvia Rumsey, CA

Great product — especially for firming skin around eyes

I’ve been using this product for years because it is excellent for firming saggy, delicate skin around the eyes. The skin around my eyes tightens immediately after I put it on. I’ve tried other eye creams but always go back to this one. I really hope they never stop making it!

Deidra Hastings On Hudson, NY

Pretty good

Just started using this eye cream so I can’t really give a full review yet but I have been using this eye cream for two days and this product you can use on your eyelids which people forget about and around and under eye area. This is a non-greasy,firming and smoothing eye treatment. I will give a future update.

Valerie Elkhart, KS

Good Product…

I don’t go out of my way to write reviews but I felt I should on this one.I don’t put toooo much credibility in creams, especially ones that claim they "lift"… Creams can hydrate which helps wrinkles in skin, but to confound the laws of gravity seems a stretch. (No pun intended)First, I should mention that I have been using this cream in conjunction with making sure I consume my water diligently, avoiding rubbing my eyes like I normally do due to allergies, and I have been using sun protection on my eyes, etc…The combination has reaped wonderful rewards. And I do believe that L’Oreal has done its fair share. There seems to definitely be an ingredient that tightens the eyelid (I believe it has caffeine which apparently serves such a purpose).I highly recommend this product, with also taking care of oneself, getting sound sleep and hydrating well. 🙂

Alberta Greenville, WV

Best Used Twice Daily

This product took about a week before I began to notice a difference in the dried skin around my eyes. I’ve been applying it morning and night because I use make-up remover to take off my make-up before i go to bed. After about a week the skin around my eyes began to peel slightly after each application. In two days the new skin had less wrinkles making me appear younger.

Darla Cordell, OK

Easy to use

I like the way the little long tip dispenses just the right tiny amount to pat on your eyelids. Some noticeable results in terms of slightly smoother skin and wrinkles but I doubt it compares to the L’Oreal Triple Action Eye Serum but I can’t afford that.

Susan Bruce, SD

eye cream

This stuff works. After 3 weeks of use my dark circles got so much better. I use it every night.

Valeria Byesville, OH

No difference for me!

I just didn’t see the results other reviewers saw—in fact I saw no change at all. It’s just that simple.

Rocio Austin, MN

nice cream kinda heavy

Nice cream. Heavy until it soaks in. But not greasy feeling. And it does leave your skin soft. So overall pretty happy with it.

Annmarie Avery Island, LA