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L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Complete Day Cream, 1.7 Ounce


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  • RevitaLift Complete Day Cream

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Loreal instead of Lancome’

When I can’t afford Lancome’, Loreal is my less expensive option. I have been using this product for many years.

Natasha Cimarron, KS

Strong, perfumey scent – wish it came unscented

While I like this product and feel that it does help my skin, I would rather have something that is unscented. Unlike some of the reviewers, I find the scent to be strong and not pleasant, and I’m told it is noticeable. That makes me less willing to use it during the day, unless I am staying in. At night, it’s a waste of the sunscreen as well as noticeable to my bf, who would prefer I did not use it. Maybe if it had a citrus scent instead of floral…? I do think it is a good product, but only if you (and your significant other) like the scent.

Sophie Cambridge, ME

Nothing Special

I’m not crazy about this moisturizer. Even in the winter, it leaves my face greasy looking. But then again, my skin is not really that dry. I would think it’ll be a greasy slick mess in the summer. I like that it comes in a jar and not a pump bottle. Pump bottles are good only in the beginning when you first start using a product. As you use up the product, it becomes difficult to extract the remainder, and you end up throwing out at least 1/4 of the bottle. I won’t be buying moisturizers that come in pump bottles anymore. As for the effectiveness of this moisturizer, it doesn’t do much of anything. It seems to maybe brighten up your skin a little, so I would say it’s a little better than a cheap moisturizer. It smells nice and doesn’t burn my eyes. It is a rich cream, so it would be good for dry skin. I will probably buy it again for lack of a better product.

Jerry Golden Valley, AZ


I’ve been using this cream off and on for a long time but have made up my mind to use it as my favorite. I can really depend on it.

Earline Van Vleet, MS

Good for morning and night

I apply a thin layer of L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Ant-Wrinkle day cream during the day and sometimes even at night. Thats how much I like the formula and smoothness of my skin after using. Plus it has an SPF. Not crazy about the scent though!

Kathy Vardaman, MS

its ok not that good of cream.

its ok , does a ok job. not to crazy about it.. I will try another cream from another company.

Alexandra La Push, WA

Why pay so much for 3x

I’ve been using the triple power revitalift and would say it s no better than 1x tho still a good moisturizer. This also has the firming day cream and most important of all =s SPF 18.

Queen Breese, IL


Although the Amazon page promoted this product as protecting against both UVA and UVB, it only protects against sunburn but NOT against aging effects of the sun or skin cancer. I had to look up the active ingredients to figure it out, then I realized that the label on the jar also warns of this (even though Amazon’s page said the opposite). Who wants wrinkles or skin cancer? Forget this product and shop around, Amazon offers dozens of broad spectrum products.

Jenifer Meraux, LA


I’m in my early 20’s but ever since I was a teen, I’VE ALWAYS HAD BAD UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES!!!! It was so bad that even concealer wouldn’t cover it up. I eventually gave up and thought I’d be stuck with them for the rest of my life until I came across this product! It took about a week to actually see results but OH MY GOD, IT WORKS!!!! My dark circles have diminished greatly!!!! I use it once in the morning after I wash my face and again before bed. Try this product, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Louella Albion, MI

love it

love the smell, nice texture, am a big fan of all L;oreal Products, face and hairBUT I do not know if this product or any other cremes will help with wrinkles, and fine lines.For that I do use argan oil and Ferulic Acid or Hyaluric Acid product. You can mix all those products in the creme for your daily use.

Margie White Post, VA