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L’Oreal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme, 16 Ounce

L’Oreal’s Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme quenches dry hair’s thirst with intense moisturizing properties.

Key features

  • Softens, nurtures and revitalizes hair
  • Detangles and makes hair more flexible
  • Smoothens unruly hair

Honest reviews




Alfreda West Dover, VT


Please excuse my unperfect English , but I could not hold myself . I want people know about this great product .Still can’t get how its happen, I bought this product accidently!Accually I thought I am buying Mega Mousture for SKIN !My fault and my good luck . When this product arrived , I thought ” OH! great , My oily hair just need it!” Than , I decided to try , what else I can do!Now I really think this product , gift from God !I had big problem with my hair last 2 month. I lost so many hair , I thouhgt I am going to be bold (honest).Also my hair is very thin and demanged by every 3 month lighting . After first time using Mega Mousture my hair stop to fall .My Hair looked great , silky, lively. But what really made me wonder , its absolutly did not made my hair more oil. More ever on second day after washing , my hair still looked great and LESS OIL than usual! I used Wen , but WEN nothing compare with this item . I have full botle of WEN and don’t know what to do , because now I am going use only this Mega Mousture .

Robert Montrose, NY

works great but has more chemicals in it than you’d expect

so yes, it does work great but it is still full of chemicals.I like using more organic/natural products for my hair now.

Pamala Hobbs, IN

Soft Hair :o)

I have dry chemically processed hair. After being told my dark hair was boring I decided to go lighter. Well eventually lighter turned into blonde. My ends were getting dry so I wanted to get a good conditioner to protect my hair. Well, this works. Usually when I use a deep conditioner it works the first couple of times and before I can finish the product it doesn’t do anything for my hair. I use this about once a week; sometimes I use this twice a week if I feel like I need to. When my hair air drys it isn’t as frizzy or rough.

Alma Geneva, FL

Five Stars

Great conditioner and cheap! I had damaged hair due to highlighs and this made a huge difference.

Shelley Covington, OK


My daughter is a swimmer and between the chlorine and sun streaks her hair was very brittle. This works like a charm! We cannot go without!

Bridget Helena, AR

L Oreal Conditioner

I am 62 years old and spend a lot of time outside since we retired working in my garden and on the lake. This keep my hair in great condition and very, very soft.

Wilma East Bank, WV

great deal on great product

I order many things for my friends. this was recommended by a friend (stylist who sells specific product lines in her salon) for another friend.My friend who purchased the creme went to a known blow dry bar and her hair was burnt. I referred her to my stylist friend and this product was recommended to repair her burnt, damaged hair.

Bridgette Crawfordsville, AR

One of the few conditioners that calms my hair

I have wavy, curly, dry, crazy, red-brown hair. This conditioner comes closest to Kerastase 3 mask, and it’s a fraction of the price. It’s hard to tame my hair, but this really works for me.

Mattie Fairton, NJ

Best Conditioner

I use this conditioner with the same brand shampoo and I love it. My hair is softer and shinier than ever. I used to use Paul Mitchell and Matrix products which are much more expensive, and this product is much better. I have very dry hair and lots of it, and this conditioner makes it tangle free. I really love how it makes my hair feel. I have not touched my other products since I started usinf this one. Not sure that I ever will. This product is great for all types of hair. My husband loves it too, and his hair is not dry like mine. Awesome product.

Ericka Princeton, MN

great deep conditioner

This deep conditioner makes hair feel like silk. Smells like Jolly Ranchers. This is great to use following a clarifying wash. Restores hair to a managable condition. Happy with the seller and delivery.

Shawn Gallant, AL

Works great and arrived quickly

This arrived so fast!! I lighten my blonde hair and am often concerned with my damaged ends. This conditioner left my hair feeling very healthy and soft. I will be using this regularly now.

Eliza Bucyrus, OH

Smoothes the wildest mane!

Loreal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Creme performs extremely well. My hair is color treated, curly and very long. This conditioner gets rid of the worst tangles, so that a wide-tooth comb just glides through. Amazing! It is very concentrated, and the jar lasts a long time. If you leave it on your hair for several minutes and let it really soak in, you can use a lighter conditioner in-between treatments.

Brenda Newfolden, MN

I have LOVED this product for 10 years but…

I absolutely LOVE this conditioner! I have used every kind out there from expensive to inexpensive and this is by far THE best conditioner. However I recently ordered from Amazon and the smell has changed dramatically…I am hoping it was just one bad one out of the bunch and not someone trying to change the product or get away with making it cheaper and selling it on amazon!

Carissa Nutley, NJ

Great product, great price!

My hair was in shambles from some highly unrecommended Matrix shampoo/conditioner when I started using this product. That product left my hair so dry and horrid! This one came to the rescue. It’s really done wonders in terms of making my hair more manageable, especially right after the shower for brushing. My hair also doesn’t sleep overnight and turn into a tangled rat nest as much as the other product used to.I have been a re-purchaser of this product and will likely continue doing so, except I’m now just testing out the L’Oreal Prof Absolut Repair conditioners after it was recommended to me. Since that product is 2x+ the price, it’ll have to knock this out of the park for me to switch for good. We’ll see!What’s keeping me from giving this the extra star? Packaging (I know it’s a masque, but since I use it as a conditioner, I wish it came in a bottle) and that the texture is on the runny side. As a result, a lot of it gets wasted down the drain when I’m trying to apply it. Finally, the scent isn’t my favourite, but it’s not offensive–a little like artificial apple scent.

Dianna Fairfield, KY

makes your hair super silky!

Makes your hair super silky and detangles easily! Not too heavy on the hair either and the smell is lovely too!

Rosella Pine Forge, PA

like the product, like the price.

It’s a very good conditioner for the money. Slightly heavy/oily to apply, but it rinses out easily and seems to help my extremely damaged hair hang in there for another month.

Esperanza Lindenhurst, NY

Not only for very dry chemically processed hair

When I got it out of box and saw “for very dry chemically processed hair” written on a jar I did not think it will work for me.I guess I should have examined product image closer because it was not mentioned in product description anywhere.So to start with I did not have high expectations.I used it three times now and this conditioner is great.I have average normal long straight hair,not dyed or processed,just ends tend to get little dry and I was looking for something to help with that.After using this conditioner my hair looks healthier,it’s shiny, manageable and now has more volume because it holds up longer after styling.

Renae Dunreith, IN


My hair is color treated and coarse, so I am always hunting for a thick conditioner treatment. After reading all the raving reviews about this product, I decided to give it go. Honestly, it’s just slightly thicker from your regular conditioner. It’s not bad per se, but I wouldn’t be purchasing this again.

Josie Devils Lake, ND

Best Deep Conditioner!

I’ve been using this product for years and was so happy I could begin getting it delivered by Amazon. It is the best deep conditioner I’ve ever found, even with my highlighted and going grey hair! (My 14-year old daughter uses it, too!)

Dionne Lewis, IN

Believe the hype! Great product!

This is a very moisturizing conditioner. It doesn’t weight down my fine hair but definitely helps with the frizz and damage from bleaching. Every time I use this I have a good hair day. And the best part is, it is so inexpensive for a huge tub. You can’t always rely on reviews here on Amazon but this one is legit!

Ora Milan, IL

Good hair product

I have been using this as my conditioner for a few months now. What I have found is that it works best if you use it to towel dry hair and keep it in for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it. Additional heat treatment, like a straighter really helps bring out the shine in the hair. So far I love this, but i wish there was something that worked quicker (and not be $$$) as I don’t have the time or patience to sit in shower for 10 minutes every time!! But i guess you have to try it to see how it works for your hair.

Jesse Loogootee, IL

Good deep conditioner for dry hair

Good deep conditioner. Really helps my dry damaged hair. Who knows if it’s actually treating it or it’s just coating it with products. Either way I like the way it feels after

Angelica Dudley, NC

One of my favorites

This is a thick conditioner that is great for long, thick, or frizzy hair. I use it about once a week as a "deep conditioner". It smells great and always leaves my hair smooth and detangled.

Alice Harrisonburg, VA

Hair’s best friend in a jar!

I LOVE This stuff! It makes my dry, curly, color processed hair so soft and manageable. Well worth the price!

Ina Pikesville, MD

Wonderful deep conditioner

I purchased this because of the reviews and it more than lives up to them. If you have permed hair or are transitioning from permed to natural you will want this in your hair care regimen. It smells delightful, and leaves my hair so soft and moisturized. This one is a keeper and the price is great too.

Pearlie Nebraska, IN


The product arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I use this as a deep conditioner and I’m very pleased with the results. After shampooing, I squeeze all the water out of my hair, then apply a generous amount of the conditioner, cover my head with a shower cap, and use a blow dryer to apply heat. After about five minutes, I rinse it out. It leaves my hair soft and free of tangles. Even after I let my hair air dry, it is much more softer and smoother, and it feels very moisturized. This is one of my favorite products so far. It really does provide moisture for dry hair.

Tessa Junction City, OH

Fantastic Deep Conditioner

I have relaxed hair and this became my favorite dc of all time. It makes my hair incredibly SOFT even days after. I use this with my hair covered with plastic under my hooded dryer. I love this, will continue to repurchase

Lora Lorimor, IA

Amazing Conditioner!

This is absolutely one of the best conditioners I have ever used. It provides instant softness to my naturally frizzy, wavy AA hair. Over the years, I have become a hair product junkie-searching for the perfect shampoo, conditioner, flat iron, etc. Well, I’ve finally found the conditioner. I used the corresponding shampoo, but it wasn’t anything special. However, this conditioner has worked wonders and does the job when even the most expensive products couldn’t. Glad I found this one!

Amalia Wittman, MD

Excellent Conditioner!

I’ve got long, coarse, extremely thick hair that has been colored, blown dry, and straightened many, many times. Needless to say, all of that left it in not-so-great shape, so I had been looking for a conditioner that would help my hair look and feel healthier. It took me quite awhile, but I eventually found this product, and I love it! The very first time I used it, I noticed a difference immediately in that my hair was much softer, shinier, and easy to get a brush through.It truly looks and feels healthier, and this is the only product I’ve tried that has had that result. It may be a bit on the pricey side (at least for me), but I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who’s got overworked/overprocessed hair.

Pamela Glad Valley, SD