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L’oreal Mythic Oil for Unisex, 4.2 Ounce


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  • Design House: L’Oreal

Honest reviews


smooth hair!

This product is terrific to smooth your hair and make it smell wonderful!! I would recommend this to anyone who wants silky smooth hair

Ana Fredonia, AZ

Must have!

Dry ends? Rub some of this oil o n your ends before bedtime and wake up to beautiful silky hair! I often dab some of this oil on to my west highland terrier’s coarse coat of hair and the oil softens it and makes the hair easier to comb through.Great for dry, coarse, damaged hair!

Celina Somis, CA


Smells good. Feels the same as other serums. I just really don’t notice a huge difference with this product. Kinda bummed.

Emily Pattonville, TX

Lighter than Argon Oil

My stylist is always trying new products out, which I kind of hate, but this one is a big winner! This is the product you need if you like the idea of the Argon and Moroccan oils, but find they can be too heavy or weigh your hair down. I have somewhat dry, wavy hair that is course and hard to work with unless I use products. This really tames flyaways, and also protects it from heat styling. It smells amazing, and lasts quite a long time for such a small bottle. I sometimes put this in a small spray bottle to spray rather than rub through my palms and it’s light enough to do that. I wouldn’t necessarily expect this product to repair damage I have currently, but it does keep it light, shiny, and smooth once your hair is healthy. This is one of the few products I will not be caught without anymore.

Jeannette Dearborn, MI

Makes my hair shiny and expensive looking

I’ve used so many different hair oils from raw aragon oil to coconut oil, as well as Silk and hair serums. Above all of those I’ve tried, this oil works wonders for my hair. It is almost like a dry oil and it makes my hair supple and shiny without weighing it down or making it look greasy. My hair never looks as good as when I’ve put this on. It doesn’t have a fragrance and it seems light on my hair. It is the perfect hair oil for me.

Jill Milford, NY