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Loreal Limited Edition Project Runway Nail Stickers – The Artsy Muse

18 stickers/9 sizes

Key features

  • Limited Edition
  • Easy to apply
  • No dry time
  • Lasts up to 10 days

Honest reviews


I love these nail stickers!

These nail stickers are good quality and much better than the Sally Hansen. I had these Loreal decals and they lasted over 10 days.

Elsa Silverton, TX


Ok so my nails aren’t long and they are constantly breaking. I thought MAYBE buying these would keep them from chipping so badly and they did! I put them on and then trimmed off the extra parts and then with the extra parts of the stickers I was actually able to apply them to a different nail and got a lot of compliments! they really do stay through water and work and seemed to prevent A LOT of chipping and tearing, even the cuticles ripping stopped (maybe that was just timing but I wore these twice; each time lasted over a week) and both times the tearing, chipping and breaking stopped… if you use trim the extra and put it on another nail it really does look pretty cool and you don’t waste anything… just a suggestion…

Doris Merna, IL

Very pretty decals..

Okay… very verycpretty nail decals. Not easy but not hard to put on… Loved the black and white combos .got many compliments..lasted bout a week..

Phoebe Bee, NE


I expected more from these and was really let down. They are difficult to use, don’t fit well to your nail. I usually put a clear coat over the stickers, well you can’t do that with these… The sticker puffed up and had a crackle effect to it. Thank God I didn’t spend a lot on them.

Cheri Fishers, IN

These are one of my Favorite designs!!

I have to admit, these are one of my favorite designs!! They add style and design with out any hard work on my behalf… Thank you and keep up the Great Work!!

Helene Linden, IN