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L’Oreal Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner, Le Plum #260 .04 oz

Buy L’Oreal Eyeliners – L’Oreal Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner Le Plum. How-to-Use: Apply along lash line starting from inner corners of eye working outwards. For a smokey look, gently smudge line with finger or brush applicator.

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Hard to find…

goes on easily. Great color and quality. Great for when I don’t want to use straight up black. But it still looks sultry.

Mariana Drayden, MD

Wears well

This isn’t the best black liner out there (I like Urban Decay’s pencils) but it certainly isn’t a bad pencil. For the price, it is quite good. Sharpens nicely. Goes on smoothly. Has decent staying power and lasts the workday even on my very oily skin.

Chelsey Osseo, MN

Favorite Eye Liner of All Time

This is my favorite eye liner of all time! I can’t find it anywhere anymore because I think that L’Oreal discontinued the Le Plum color. However, when I found it here I bought all that I could because these liners do not go bad and this color is timeless! I haven’t been able to find another purple/plum that goes on so beautifully and perfectly like Le Plum! It makes my eye color pop out great and it doesn’t smudge or get into my eyes throughout the day. I’ve been using this color for years, and I actually had my original Le Plum liner for years before I ran out and it was still good as new until the last sharpening! I swear this liner never goes bad and I have very sensitive eyes so I have experienced other products go bad quickly! This liner will last you forever and give you a beautiful yet subtle purple color!

Queen Fraser, CO

So Easy To Use. And VERY Pigmented

Like the title says, it’s extremely easy to use (it glides on very smoothly) and comes off very black! This is the first pencil eyeliner that’s gentle on my extremely sensitive eyes and still looks wonderful. It’s super easy to fix if you’ve make mistakes, is amazing for wings, and stays on forever! LOVE! Buying again! And In multiple colors!

Evangelina Warfield, KY

Lasts all day !

This eyeliner lasts all day and doesn’t smudge as much as other eyeliners do. It is easy to sharpen and goes on smoothly. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Muriel Freeburg, IL

Very pigmented

L’Oreal Paris Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner, Carbon Black, 0.04… After reading a lot of good reviews about this Kohl pencil, I decided to buy it and I can say that it is very pigmented, I love it and will continue repurchasing this product.

Kristine Jud, ND

Great product

I got a great price on this and love the product. L’oreal usually has great products and this one works well. Thank you very much and fast shipment!

Teresa Alpine, AR

Great, smudge-free liner

OMG! Great alternative to my MAC liner. I would purchase again. I love it because it goes on smoothly and doesn’t smear like MAC.

Wilda New Preston Marble Dale, CT

Number One Eye Liner

I’ve tried a lot of eyeliner. A LOT – everything from the cheapest of drug store brands to the highest of high ends. I’ve used pencils you sharpen, "pencils" that roll out, brush on liquid, eyeliner "markers," powders, and even one weird gel. You name it, I’ve tried it in the twenty odd years I’ve been wearing it. This is by far my favorite. And I can’t find it anywhere in a store.I like a wooden pencil, because I feel I have better control with it. But many of them are either too firm or too mushy. And there is NOTHING that ticks me off more than a mushy eyeliner. L’Oreal’s Le Kohl in Carbon Black is just right. It’s blendable, but it doesn’t turn into a smudgy mess the second you touch it with a sponge. Give it a nice pat of pressed or loose powder after application, and it stays put really well. You don’t have to constantly sharpen it, so it lasts a while. Also, it doesn’t irritate my eyes.This is the first eyeliner I’ve come across in a while that meets my needs. I hope Amazon and Amazon sellers continue to carry it!

Belinda Milmine, IL

best eyeliner ever!

i’ve tried dozens of different eyeliners and this one is by far the best. It lasts an insanely long time and I only have to sharpen it after using it about 10 times. It’s never broken either. Great value!!

Angeline Big Bend National Park, TX

It’s ok

I like that it doesn’t drip. This pencil has the petrifaction texture to make your makeup look clean and professional. But only when sharpened properly otherwise it will be a mess.

Shelby Sanostee, NM


love the color; nice and creamy; not drying at all; has long staying power as i use it as a lipstick and not a liner.

Yesenia Cathay, ND

Great Color

I have true green eyes and this black sable color really makes them pop. I use it on both the upper and lower lids and then smudge the color with a smudging tool. The color doesn’t really come off very easily (i.e., I haven’t noticed huge "coon eyes" at the end of the day) and it removes easily with soap and water.Would buy this again!

Felecia Majestic, KY

This eyeliner is my favorite!

love love love this eyeliner. It’s so easy to apply and don’t run even when you sweat. Makes a really defined line, awesome! Highly recommended!

Debra Jonesport, ME


This eyeliner is amazig!!! It glides on beautifully and looks awesome! It is soft without being too soft and allows for a perfect line to be drawn!

Lina Kingsport, TN

Goes on smoothly and LASTS.

I’m picky about eyeliners. If they are soft and easy to apply, the color doesn’t last and they crumble when you sharpen them. If the color lasts, it’s because the pencil is too hard you don’t get much color. I don’t know how they do it, but this eyeliner/pencil meets all the right criteria. The consistency is perfect, it sharpens well, and it LASTS. (I use primer and sweep a little eye shadow over it as a seal.) Highly recommended!

Natasha Charlton City, MA

Smooth lines, I like!

When I opened this product and tried it, I was surprised by how nice the line came out. Nice smooth and deep black color that is perfect for daily use.The only problem is, after a few sharpens, I feel like the pencil was drying out, and the color was coming out more faded. I had to press a little harder to get the effect I wanted. I don’t know if this is because of how I store my products/my sharpener, or if that is a problem with the product.Otherwise, I found nothing wrong with the pencil. Great price for an everyday eyeliner!

Delores Meriden, CT


The line this pencil draws is exact! Perfect for letting you smudge it if you like or a perfect line if you prefer. Great quality and great value

Alberta Garrett, WY

Great eye pencil

I love Loreal Kohl pencils and it made me sad they I couldn’t find them in the stores anymore… thank goodness for amazon! They apply in a very smooth fashion, none of the skipping that you see with some of the cheaper pencils that leave messy lines and gaps.

Dorothy Longlake, SD