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L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum, 585

LOreal Lash Boosting Serum 585, 0.18 oz

Key features

  • Apply at night to bare lashes, or during the day under your mascara.
  • Start with a clean, dry eye area.
  • Lash Boosting Technology

Honest reviews


Healthier lashes

When I first bought this, I used it regularly and as directed. After about 2 weeks, I dropped off to only using it once at night. I can’t say that this made my lashes longer or fuller, what it did do was make them appear healthier which gives them the appearance of being longer & fuller. My lashes weren’t overly short before but they came out often, sometimes they just didn’t want to cooperate with mascara & would criss cross over each other, etc. While using this product I noticed less lashes falling out, and mascara glided on with all my lashes cooperating & staying straight. Also, by having less lashes falling out, I assume this does help in making them fuller. I stopped using it for awhile & my lashes went back to the way they were before so I started again and they improved once more. This convinced me and I am now a regular user! I have noticed some complaints of the product gooping on their lashes. I apply just one swipe on my lashes, no more. I don’t have any problem. I also have sensitive eyes and I am a contact lens wearer & this has not caused me irritation.

Christa Mc Bain, MI

What Price Beauty? Seems to Help Regrowth But Cause Irritation

L’Oreal Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum is a new product from the French cosmetics giant that claims to be a breakthrough in promoting natural lash health. It is their first eyelash serum, and they claim it will fortify, nourish, and strengthen lashes with daily use. L’Oreal claims it will strengthen lashes for 24 hours if applied in the morning before mascara – although you must allow this product to dry before applying mascara; and in the evening to clean lashes, after makeup has been removed. The firm states that the product contains a unique pro-keratin complex of fortifying amino acids, and panthenol. The company also states that this product has been ophthalmologist and allergy tested, and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.As a younger woman, I used to have a nervous habit of pulling out my eyelashes, as a result of which my upper eyelids have been almost bare of lashes: and I think that, in addition, older women just naturally may lose their lashes. Every now and then, I would use expensive, French, Talika products that were then the only eyelash help available: they are old products, dating from World War II, when they were developed to help flyers with serious burns, and I found they did help slightly. So as soon as Latisse was introduced, I did rush off to get some from my dermatologist. And my eyelashes did, indeed, quickly start to grow longer and fuller. I was thrilled. But there are problems with Latisse. You must get it by prescription, from a dermatologist. It is very expensive, $100 for a small bottle. It is awkward to apply, with those silly little brushes. Worse yet, it made my eyelids red, and they stung – I was looking forward to finishing the little bottle, and ending the treatment. And then, worst of all, I discovered that, like Rogaine, you could only keep the eyelash regrowth by continuing to apply the product every other night forever. And that I was totally unwilling to do, as it would cost both a lot of money and some discomfort. So I watched the regrowth fade away.Obviously, therefore, I was more than ready to try this new L’Oreal product. I believe I have seen some improvement, as does a younger friend who independently decided to try it at the same time as me; we’ve had a conversation about it. Needless to say, it is much cheaper and easier to get hold of than Latisse. It is much easier to apply than the Latisse, as it comes with a patent pending nice soft curved applicator, similar to a mascara wand.I am not experiencing quite as much of the redness, or stinging, of my eyelids that I did with the Latisse, although I am still experiencing discomfort in the eyelid area: still some redness and swelling, caused either by this serum or the mascara that accompanies it in this clever dual product.The accompanying mascara, L’Oreal states, contains hydra-collagen, known for its volume-enhancing properties, and is easily washable. It does give good results, although, as stated above, am not sure whether the lash serum or the mascara in this product, or both, are causing the irritation of my eyelids. What price beauty, as they say…

Maura Adel, OR

Works quickly

I’ve been using this product for a month now figuring I would give it one month before making a final decision on the product. What I’ve noticed is after the first few days I had some minor eye irratitation..almost like a small sty on the bottom lid of my eye. It only lasted a day, but was there nonetheless. I also used only this product on my eyes for 2 weeks. No mascara at all…just this product. After the two weeks of using night and day, I decided to test the mascara. WOW! My lashes are much longer and fuller on the top and much, much fuller and longer on the bottom. I now use this product underneath my mascara in the morning withouth any issues and my eyelashas are amazing. I admit that I haven’t used any other lash boosting product so I can’t compare, but at this price and the way it works, I won’t be looking for another!

Gabriela Hebron, NH

2 Strikes

L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting SerumI actually tried this product twice. Once by itself and the 2nd time it came with theL’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara – Blackest Black. Both times I used the serum every evening for over 6 weeks, and the extended mascara during the day but only about a week and did not see any results either time. The boosting mascara has 2 parts; mascara on one end and what I thought was just another boosting serum on the other. Turns out it is loaded with small fibers that attach to your lashes and when you apply the mascara, gives the appearance of longer lashes. Pretty much like any other lengthening mascara, except they made it separate. Unfortunately, for anyone with sensitive eyes, like myself, those fibers are extremely irritating. So I did not continue using the mascara. Regardless, the product did not work for me after 2 attempts.

Casandra Manchester, MA

does not stack up to the hype

I received this product free to try from Bzz Agent, a word-of-mouth marketing company. I have been using it for 3 weeks and have noticed no improvement in the thickness, length, or density of my lashes. Looking at the ingredients, there is nothing in this product which will impact lash growth. I diligently use those types of products, and they work great, and are much more expensive due to the cost of the active ingredients. I will continue to be faithful to L’Oreal mascaras because they are superior and affordable, but I would suggest not spending your money on this serum, and saving up to purchase a product that delivers noticeable results.

Terrie Eunice, LA


I tried this from the drugstore, but it really didn’t do anything. I put it on everynight before bed, and in the am before my own mascara, and every weekend, and it just… didn’t DO anything. I guess it’s just soft waxes and oils or something that make you go “OOoooo, my lashes are so soft now. Whhheeee.”Save your money and spend it on a REAL serum like Latisse or Rapid Lash or whatever. This is more of a drugstore brand trying to cash in on the hype without actually ponying up the goods. Blasphemy, sir! A pox on your both houses, Mr. L’Oreal- long have I trusted in you, and you have trampled on your own good reputation this day!Our relationship is on thin ice, L’Oreal. Thin ice. ‘Tis a sad day when a even a purveyor of rouges and creams cannot be trusted in his promises. Now I must cheer myself and complete my toilette…. with MAC.

Erna Macedon, NY

doesn’t work

i like putting this on sometimes, because it’s a bit of moisturizing for my eye area, but it doesnt do anything to your lashes. the biggest favor i ever did for my eye lashes was to stop wearing mascara, because mascara is what makes lashes fall out. and most of it flakes off and leaves black spots on your under eyes during the day. i dont understand the point of wearing make up that makes you look worse instead of better!

Donna Lansing, KS

great price

i was so glad to find this so cheap. its sooo much more in the stores. i use this every night after i wash my face. it doen’t make my lashes grow a lot but it does condition them nicely! i’d buy this over and over again.

Leonor Spring Creek, NV

Thank God!

I’ve always wanted to find a product that was good for my eyelashes! Before I would try and use other household things to see what could make them healthier but I’m glad they finally made something good for your eyelashes =]

Bridget Appleton, MN


This has made a difference in the thickness of my eyelashes. I wasn’t sure it would really work, but it does.

Nita Amber, OK

Works really well

I can’t give this product five stars because sometimes I get a little irritation with it and sometimes it makes white flakes on my eyelashes. Neither of those issues has been serious enough for me to even consider giving this stuff up. I’ve been using it now for about two years and I’m so pleased with the results. It has made my lashes longer and thicker and I have much less fallout. I can’t remember the last time I got an eyelash stuck in my eye. The Avon lady at work asked what kind of mascara I was using-she thought I was wearing mascara and she wanted me to switch to one of her products. I assured her I was not wearing mascara, just the eyelash serum. She was amazed. The product might not be for everyone-as I said, it can be irritating at times and you may get some flakes now and then. But for the price, it’s worth a try. I started seeing results in a couple of weeks, and after a couple of months, my lashes were as long and thick as when I was a kid. Definitely worth a try.

Cathy Lincoln, KS


I use this at night with rapid lash. I think with the combo together I have gotten awesome results. I haven’t used it on it’s own tho.

Queen Carolina, PR


For the price, I don’t see how you can go wrong with this lash serum unless you don’t have the patience to wait a few weeks for results. I had actually been considering learning how to apply my own lash extensions when I found this on Amazon and decided to try this instead. I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 weeks and I can definitely see an increase in the length of my lashes. I usually use it once a day. I like the way it darkens my lashes and holds them up with a slight curl. I don’t put mascara on top unless I’m going somewhere special cause my lashes look pretty nice without it. When I do go out I just use mascara w/o serum and put some serum on after removing my makeup before I go to bed. This is the only serum I’ve tried so I can’t compare it to any others but I am happy with the results of this L’Oreal product. When you put on your mascara you will really notice how your eyelashes pop after a few weeks of using this on a regular basis. The only thing I don’t like is the rare occasions when my eyelids itch slightly. Sometimes if you touch your lashes some of the product can feel a little rubbery like dry rubber cement. These are completely minor issues compared to having nicer than ever lashes for just a few dollars and a little patience with the process. I think it also thickens the base of my lashes giving a sort of natural looking “eyeliner” effect which I really like.

Joanne Kensal, ND

Five Stars

I simply love using this eyelash boosting serum. It really works wonders

Geri Athens, ME


It doesn’t do overnight magic but it definitely works with consistent use over time. I apply it directly on the lashes (as opposed to the lid at the roots as the intructions say).

Alejandra Carrollton, TX

NO boosting serum

I used it every day for a month. I did not notice any changes in the length or thickness of my lashes. It does not contain the key ingredient (I didn’t know about it before I bought this) pentapeptide-17. I used a different product containing it and in 3 weeks I saw some of my lashes were about 3 millimeters longer. Lush Lash from Urban Decay worked but it is three times as expensive. I guess you get what you paid for.

Mae Anna Maria, FL

Great – Even for Sensitive Eyes

I have really long lashes, the problem is that they are not thick and they are also stick-straight. I thought I’d try this because it wasn’t too bad of a price. I didn’t know if the serum would last a whole month, but there is more than enough!I also have really sensitive eyes; mascara irritates them especially if I wear it all day, and I have to use certain makeup removers so my eyes don’t burn afterwards…This stuff not only made my lashes completely thicker, but my eyes weren’t even slightly irritated! I put this on morning and night and I’ve notice a huge difference – my lashes are much more noticeable and thicker.It really is convenient to use – you just apply it like mascara and you can still wear your eye makeup over it. It does leave a sort of stringy goo but I only notice it when I rub my eyes.All in all, this is a great buy especially for the price. You are saving so much money using this instead of getting a doctor-prescribed lash booster, and there’s no scary side effects like eye discoloration and irritation. It’s worth it to give it a try, and as long as you stick with it and make it a habit, you will see results!

Lashonda Masonic Home, KY

It working fo me

I really like this serum, along with my long term product is helping grow my lashes beautifully. I am using for only one week and already seeing results.xo

Maude Saugerties, NY


I have naturally long lashes, but what I was looking for was more lashes and thicker fuller lashes, and I got it almost instantly! After using the product for just a couple days I noticed new lash growth, and thicker lashes. After continued use, my lashes got longer, thicker, and fuller then before! It was even noticeable to others. I’m also usually quite sensitive, and I didn’t notice any real burning… just a little but extremely tolerable and barely noticeable.I did not use masacara, only on my bare lashes, once before bed and once in the morning. I love this product, what a great buy, and for a great price too! Highly recommended. 🙂

Jennifer Caspian, MI

~ L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum Really WORKS!!!~

I read the reviews on this before I purchased it and I admit I was skeptical about it “really” working..Especially for such a low price! But after only using this for 3 short weeks! I’m already seeing amazing results!!!..The lashes on my right eye have always been longer and thicker than my left but now my my lashes on my left eye look just as Amazing as my right!!!..I’m really impressed with the incredible results that I’ve seen after only 3 weeks!…Also this product is very gentle on the eyes!…I’ve not experience any stinging or any other side effects!…I’m glad that I gave this product a try b/c it’s worth it’s price and more!!!

Tasha Ladonia, TX

lash and brow thickening serum!

Starting with the ugly, if you intend to apply this in the morning you will have no choice but to wear mascara. This product kind of sits on the lashes in a sort of unsightly way, which isn’t a problem if you’re a daily mascara wearer. As such, I went from using this twice a day to only once a day very quickly. I didn’t like needing to put on mascara because of this serum. It will flake when applied to your eyebrows, so it’s best applied at night.That said, my lashes have always been short. But for my 30th birthday they seemed to almost disappear altogether! My lashes were so short that even with mascara on I couldn’t seem to make them stand out or anything. I really was ready to look into one of those pricy prescription products (or try falsies). My hesitation being that the people I know of who use those products have freakishly long spider lashes. So, I decided to try this first.From my understanding this is more of a conditioning serum than some miracle grow serum, but miraculously it does seem to help! I have not been using this product religiously, but I do apply it to my lashes as well as my eyebrows (just to see what would happen). For me at least, this stuff works. To me, the most noticeable improvement has been to my eyebrows. I’ve always had thick brows, but they developed some sparse spots. Those thinner areas are filling in nicely, giving my brows a more even and fuller look. I’m no longer worried about trying to fill them in! This probably won’t take anyone from altogether thin brows to thick brows, but it has helped me out a lot!My eyelashes are noticeably longer, though only slightly, to me. But they’re not yet back to the way they were before. They do look better, so I plan to try using this religiously for awhile to see if I get better results.*Update* My bottom lashes are now thicker and fuller than they’ve ever been in my life. I noticed that they’re look thicker and more plentiful, though still not much longer on the bottom. On a whim I applied mascara to the bottom, and it’s absolutely unbelievable. My bottom lashes are at least 2x thicker than they were. Even in my teens, when I tried applying mascara to my bottom lashes it didn’t make much difference. They would look a little longer, but that was about it. Now with mascara on the bottom, my bottom lashes look like falsies lol. Again, I’ve yet to see a drastic improvement in over all length, but everyone noticed the difference in my bottom lashes.

Eunice Salamanca, NY

Not for me

This just didn’t work for me at all. It’s easy to apply and didn’t cause any eye irritation but it also made absolutely no difference in my eyelashes.

June Fresno, CA

I think it works

I use this before bed on all my lashes. Might be the placebo effect but I have liked my lashes recently. I probably should’ve taken a before pic so I know whether the product itself is working ): I’ll go through the tube and see how things go, but so far, I’m thinking it better than using nothing at all!

Leah Sallisaw, OK

What do you know? It actually works.

I bought this almost three months ago because my eyelashes were sparse due to wearing extensions for several months. And I had the extensions put on because my lashes had thinned and shortened with middle age.So I ordered some false eyelashes here on Amazon to carry me until my lashes grew back, and I saw this L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum and thought, "What the heck?" It’s cheap and doesn’t have any weird medication in it like that other stuff people are using these days. So I ordered it.At first I used it twice a day, morning before makeup and night time after cleansing. A few times my eyelid got a little itchy, so I cut use down to once every day or two, at night.My lashes started growing back pretty well, so I thought "how can I tell if it was the Serum or just natural?" Well now I do believe that the Serum is working because my eyelashes are longer now than they were originally! Bonus! Now, if they could figure out a Serum for thinning head hair that isn’t pharmaceutical, that would make someone very rich!Anyway, if you have lash growth issues, go ahead and try this, what the hey – it’s cheap.

Samantha Hilliards, PA

Seems to work for other but didn’t for me — it may just be an individual physiology thing our bodies tend to work differently

I followed the instructions exactly but there was no detectable regrowth at all, even after I used the whole bottle.

Twila Fombell, PA

Great Product for the price

I’ve always had short lashes which would always fall out or break. I’ve been using the product for a few months now and I’ve noticed my lashes haven’t fallen out or broken off. I’m pleasantly surprised with my longer lashes (but they’re not any thicker). I’ve started using some other products and will let you know how those work out but for the price and availability of L’Oreal it’s a great product.

Sofia Richmond, IN

Have noticed a difference but nothing major

i’m 21 and my lashes are medium length. i started using this serum so i can rely less on mascara for thickening/lengthening my lashes since mascara isn’t healthy for your lashes. i have been using it for 2 months now and yes, my lashes do look longer 🙂 but no change in thickness at all. i’m going to continue using it but haven’t decided if i’ll buy it again once i run out

Angelica Curtiss, WI

WOW! At a loss for words!

I already have pretty, long curly eyelashes, but a girl can never have too many! I’ve been using this product for 3 days, at night when I go to bed and in the morning when I’m putting on my makeup. THIS PRODUCT WORKS! (for me at least). I could easily grow my eyelashes to my eyebrows using this product, but I don’t want to do that because they would look fake. This product works too well, so I don’t think I’ll buy more of it, but I’ll recommend it to people who have short eyelashes.———-Update: 9/11/2012———I bought some more. On my second bottle! I’m in love with this stuff.

Kelsey Munster, IN

Good Gentle Serum

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum is a nice way of enhancing one’s lashes. It did not produce more lashes, yet it gave the appearance of fuller lashes for a nice look. This product does not irritate my eyes. I have used it for months and am pleased with this product. Give it a try ladies, you may enjoy it’s benefits.

Adelaide North Hampton, NH

Good buy for the price!

I ve been using it for a month and I can tell my lashes are longer and thicker ,it s a good buy for the price but I wouldn’t compare it with lattesse or other professional products ,it doesn’t make a huge difference but result is still noticeable.

Ashleigh Deshler, OH