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L’Oreal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo With a Burst of Watermelon, 9.0 Fluid Ounce

Kids need special care – and their hair and skin are no exception. While many products on the market can be irritating, the L’Oréal Kids line is formulated to offer safe, gentle cleansing every time. Now paraben free, it features an array of great fruity scents in bright, fish-shaped bottles. L’Oréal kids makes bath time loads of fun!

Key features

  • Extra gentle 2-in-1 shampoo for thick, curly, or wavy hair softens and detangles coarse hair or crazy, corkscrew curls
  • Ophthalmologist tested so it’s absolutely tear free
  • For all hair types
  • Watermelon scent
  • Net Wt. 9.0 oz.

Honest reviews


Actually pretty good – even on filthy little boys

My little stepstons remind me of the peanuts character – pigpen. They are filthy, I could scrub them and put them in an all white room and they’d STILL end up filthy some how.So after they moved in I had to learn a few mom things – one of the first ones was that you can’t just slap some suave shampoo on a 3-5 year old and think that you’ve done a good job. A quick trip to the store (after screaming for 20 min about soap in the eye, and then attempting to EAT the strawberry shampooo) I grabbed 4 different bottles of kid’s shampoo.In the end, this is the brand we stuck with, now sure, we alternate the scents to switch it up a bit, but this stuff didn’t sting little eyes, wasn’t toxic incase of “tasting” (I don’t recommend chugging it though) and was a combo of both shampoo AND conditioner. This cut down my “wrangle kids in the tub time” by 1/3, which is huge.The kids seem to enjoy the fruity scents, though they will never go down as my favorites… still they smell a whole heck of a lot better then before they used it. Also the scent stays with them for the next several hours. In the end – it gets nasty heads clean with minimal screaming and crying involved.

Monika Oakland, NJ

Love it!

I have 2 little girls with curly hair and been using separate shampoos and conditioners on them. Although the products worked great, they didn’t enjoy getting their hair rinsed twice. Loreal shampoo & conditioner made life a little easier and the watermelon scent wasn’t too overwhelming. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Ana Guffey, CO

Great Shampoo

My kids loves this shampoo. It has a great smell and it lathers really good. My kids loving washing their hair.

Marietta New Albin, IA

It worked

My parents used to use this shampoo on my sister and me all of the time, It’s a nice smelling shampoo..I would reccomend it

Lilia Laurelville, OH

Smells like watermelon candy!!

My boys and I both use this shampoo on a regular basis. Smells like candy, and no crying tears!! Yay!!!!

Winifred Washington, LA

Pleasant shampoo

It is a good shampoo and conditioner it does not dryout my toddler hair wich is wavy that’s the reason I got this one, is a winner totally recommend it for curly wavy hair it does moisturize and the smell is very pleasant

Esther Urania, LA