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L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipliner, Brown, 0.0090-Ounce

At last, the perfect addition to your long-lasting lipcolour collection, the infallible never fail lip liner. Define your favorite infallible never fail lipcolour, lipstick or lip gloss with a longwearing liner designed to perfectly complement each shades.

Key features

  • Define your favorite Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour, Lipstick or Lipgloss with a longwearing liner designed to perfectly complement each shade
  • Rich and creamy formula goes on smooth, leaving your lips soft and comfortable for hours
  • No feathering, no fading
  • Includes built-in sharpener

Honest reviews


Perfect lips, every time!

No need for any other shade of liner…this one blends with EVERY lipstick shade. No more "bleeding" lipstick, ever! Infallible is, well, infallible!

Marcella Vian, OK

Not as good as a pencil

Although this lip liner does the job, it does not draw on easily. It feels like I’m running plastic along my lips. If you are used to using this type of liner, then you will be pleased with the product. I will continue to use it and then go back to a pencil.

Leonor Thayer, IL


I ordered this because it is in the Loreal infallible line and being familiar with other products in this line , knew I would be pleased, and I am! This line is known for lasting a very long time. Using this pencil with their infallible lipstick is a great combination. I line my lips on the very outer edge, fill the rest of my lips in with the pencil, then use the infallible lipstick and with top lip conditioner, which comes with it. I make sure my lipstick shade matches my liner shade as closely as possible. This stays on for hours and hours and your lips will look fabulous! I have found that regular lipstick sinks into the cracks of my dry lips and looks just awful not to mention I have to keep re-applying it. Using these products and technique, my lips look so much better. These products are great for women women with dry, lined and cracked lips. Loreal’s top lip conditioner, which comes with the lipstick, is the best I have used, of the different brands of ‘long lasting’ lipsticks available. The other brands I have tried, the top gloss is too sticky and shiny. The liner does not require sharpening. This liner is the first step to wonderful looking lips. (Actually, the first step is to remove any dead skin, if your lips are dry and peeling. You can use vaseline with a toothbrush to remove it, or, I use my battery powered Neutrogena face exfoliater with a little bit of vaseline. it works!)

Liza Turkey Creek, LA

If you have full lips like I do this will be gone quick

I will not be buying again. It is dry and hard to apply the first couple of times even with a moisturizer. If you have full lips like I do this will be gone quick.

Maxine Gore, VA

Goes with anything!

I really like this lip liner in "nude". It looks good with almost any lipstick and I even like wearing it all by itself (it’s just the same color as my lips so it makes them stand out if I don’t use lipstick). Goes on nicely and there is no aroma which I appreciate. This is one lip liner that most women would want to keep around as it’s a basic for your look or make-up.

Latisha Scottdale, PA

Nice color

Nice, light color that’s not overbearing. If you’re looking for a subtle shade, this would be it. I think it would go with most skin tones. However, be careful not to push too hard, as the stick might break off.

Tamika Byron, GA

Lasting & dependable lip pencil.

This is absolutely the best lip liner I’ve ever used. I line my lips in the morning and it last the entire day. The colors are natural and beautiful.

Tanisha Newtown, IN

My Favorite Lip Liner

Infallible Lip Liner in the Nude shade is hands-down my go-to lip liner. I don’t always use lip liner, but when I do, I usually use this.The nude shade is a close match to my natural lip color, so this shade works with almost any lip color I apply. It stops color run-off dead in its tracks, or tiny wrinkles as it were. And it lasts all day long.I do not want to try to have to match lip liner with every shade of lip color I use. I’m not brand-loyal. I try to match my lips, unless I’m using a very deep lip color. I have about twenty lipsticks and glosses stashed in various places so I can choose from a lot of colors. For me, this works with every one of them.Do try it in Nude if you have fair to medium skin.

Sophia Sheridan, OR

Good Item, Bad Colors

Item: Infallible Never Fail LiplinerBrand: L’OrealReviewI liked this product. It was great, and small enough to do a great lip-line.Positive-Goes on Easy-Smooth-Good For Perfect LinesNegatives-Not as great of colors-Doesn’t match many colors

Marianne Falkland, NC

Love the color but not the product

Beautiful pretty pink color. Only draw back is that I have to really color it in and apply pressure to get any color on my lips.. I was looking for a color that was very similar with my lip color with a slight hue of pink and this fit the bill… It it just difficult to apply… Maybe if the actual product wasn’t so hard and more creamy in texture I could apply it… But it’s worth it because I love this color, I will endure the application process of getting it on…. I just prefer a more smooth application.

Kathi Cherry Valley, NY

My favorite

Nude is my favorite of the Infallible Never Fail Lip liners. I bought one then ordered a second and I just ordered five more because i never want to be without this little gem.. The color is lovely and it really lasts! My upper lip isnt quite as full as I’d like and its got a couple scars from childhood that bother me. Lip liner is essential to me for a polished look and ive had a hard time finding the perfect fit. This stays put for hours. I dont like using shimmery lipsticks or liners and gloss because even though they say it makes your lips look fuller, i disagree. If you have scars or a thin upper lip,i believe shimmery products can highlight those flaws. Its hard to hide where your actual lip line ends when u use shimmery or glossy products on it. So i dont wear lipstick or gloss. I use the lip liner and blend strokes of it into my lips so i basically use it as a lipstick and liner. The matte color covers flaws and makes it so you can line slightly over your lip line without detection. Once youve perfected your pout, you dont have to worry that its been rubbed off from drinks or eating.It pretty much stays put unless you are actually trying to really rub it off. My lips look significantly fuller, more even and richer in color. I would suggest this lip liner for anyone. The price is reasonable too.

Mattie New Ringgold, PA

Great color payoff and long lasting

I’ve got many different brands of expensive lip liners and this little gem won me over. I have it in several colors after buying this one. It’s so smooth, great color pay off and it lasts a good long time.

Elinor Moss Landing, CA

wears out too fast and poorly packaged

I usually get these at a local Walmart or Target, but it’s usually a hit-or-miss with Walmart almost never carrying this one color. Target usually has them, but they are random also. Fortunately, I realized “why not Amazon” and sure enough! I now have a permanent supply and don’t even have to pay tax, gas, or waste time fighting traffic just to get this.Lastly, Amazon’s subscribe & save program ($5.77) isn’t any cheaper than just ordering from an Amazon partner ($5.25) at the time of this review.I’m taking 1/2 star off as a warning to others on the packaging. I bought from an Amazon partner and the product arrived loosely in one of those shipping bags instead of a box. This could have bent or damaged the liner. Arrived safely for me, but this is disaster just waiting to happen.

Felicia Wing, ND

perfect shade

The nude shade seems to be a perfect shade of lip pencil for me. This shade is sold out almost every time I go to the store, so I ordered four of them online. Now, hopefully, I will never run out of the best shade of lip pencil that L’Oreal makes.

Cherry Herrin, IL

One of the best liners on the market

This lip liner is does what it says. I don’t have problems with it feathering around my lips and it helps to keep my lipstick on for hours. I apply this liner all over my lips and then put the long lasting gloss on and they make a great combo.

Esmeralda Mount Storm, WV