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L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour, Cerise

At last, the first long-wearing lipcolour that will not disappoint. The infallible never fail lipcolour patented formula offers superior elasticity for 16 hours of beautiful, comfortable color that won’t flake off or wear out mid-lip. Patented lip-gripping polymers with superior elasticity form a flexible color network that moves with lips for superior comfort and wear that won’t flake, cake, or crack. Patented sphingolipide complex, marine collagen, and vitamin e moisturize lips and lasts long.

Key features

  • Patented formula offers 16 hours of beautiful, comfortable color that won’t flake off or wear out mid-lip
  • Formulated with an intensely moisturizing complex including Vitamin E to protect and condition lips, preventing moisture loss over time
  • Precision applicator and innovative mirrored packaging

Honest reviews


The Best Lip color ever!!

I don’t normally review makeup but this is one of the best new makeup products I have ever bought.It REALLY DOES STAY! You have to wash this stuff off with an oil based makeup remover or it will leave traces for days.How it works: One side you push up and it has like a lip gloss applicator.This is the color side.You have to be careful when you put this on because you don’t want to mess up or you will have to start over if you don’t get it off fast.It feels really sticky when you first put it on but after you add the sealer it feels like any other lipstick.You have to let the color dry for 2 minutes then you use the other side which is like a chap stick or stick of gloss to seal the color.I remember trying the color stay lipstick when it came out and thought it was ok but it always dried my lips out and didn’t last nearly as long as this stuff.You can eat,drink,whatever and it lasts and lasts,so nice not to have to worry about reapplying.It does lose some of it’s original shine after a few hours but your lips stay evenly colored and not dried out.I highly reccomend this lip color.Give it a try,you will not be disappointed!

Millicent Saint Bethlehem, TN

Bad product

It was a gift to my daughter and this product, in five days, injured her lips. They were very dry and the pain was unbearable so she had to visit the doctor. No more L’Oreal.

Ladonna Repton, AL

eh, its okay

I like this, its okay, I havnt used it but a few times, the first time I hated it, but Its growing on me…it comes with 2 tubes, one is like a chapstick, you apply this second, and it keeps the lipstick in place, the other is a wand, like a lipgloss wand, that is the color. the color is true to color and applies really well, I love the colors, and it doesn’t smear or chap my lips ect, its a good lipstick, everything you are looking for in a far as the long lasting, if you apply the second part 2 mins later (which really isn’t a problem to do, just do some other part of your makeup or something while you wait, the 2 mins is so that the color can dry), it will stay in place for a very long time! however, make sure that you don’t have any smears and you have the color on perfect before it dries and you put the second part on, cus it is hard to get back off straight away if not. also, DO NOT APPLY A GLOSS OVER THIS! I made that mistake the first time I used it, and it got very clumpy and just made a mess! but a gloss is not really needed, I just always wear gloss, so I am used to putting it on over my lipsticks… overyall I do recommend this, there will be some people that don’t like it and some that like it more than others, however it does stay in place all day, even eating and smoking, it still stays on without smearing, so that is great! I have ordered a few other colors of this as well, since it stays on and I like that about it!

Angela Pleasant Mount, PA

Nice color but tends to cause a little peeling for me.

I really like the color, it’s such a beautiful nude with a little bit of of frost to it. I apply the lipstick first and let it set for about a minute, after which, I apply the conditioner, which by the way smells really yummy. And as the name says, it’s infallible as it stays on pretty well for the rest of the day, throughout lunch and even dinner. (Of course, it depends on what you eat, and how you eat it)As I only apply the color once in the morning and just touch up with the conditioner throughout the day, it is easy enough to remove at the end of the day. Not to keep repeating myself here, but it is important to re-apply the conditioner throughout the day, as the lipstick is made to last and can be very drying to your lips. But even so, I do experience a little peeling here and there, and my lips are left dryer than they would be with other regular lipsticks.So I’d recommend it for the color but be mindful that this could be a little drying for some people.

Dana Romulus, NY

This is the PERFECT set for small bags

iLike iLike iLike!This lipstick is with the perfect consistency & the perfect duration time. Hands down, the set is quite handy to have in our small bags/clutches whenever you go anywhere. The is also the perfect shade of dark red, to me. It’s dark but bright still. HIGHLY recommended

Abbie Collegeville, MN

Staying Power

Well let me just say that this lipstick will STAY with you throughout most of the day so be prepared. I had to use vaseline to get the lipstick off at the end of the day. This particular is quite lovely and it still lasts longer and keeps lips a bit moister than any other long wearing lipstick that I’ve found.

Shawna Cascade, MO


the color looks totally different in person :/ i thought it was going to be a bright red but it was a gliterry orange did not like but it does last long

Jean Hennepin, OK

Great shade for olive skin..

This product should get a 5 star review .. It is really perfect and the price is amazing compared to what you get . I put it on at 8 am it stays till 5 pm throughout coffee , lunch break , every thing , I remove it end of the day by body oil (jonson’s) or avon skin so soft body oil , both do the job. The staying power is I must say is longer thjan superstay lipstick 24 hours, sorry maybelline :)Conclusion: best lipstain out there and I tried many of them: CG , Revlon and maybelline among others..

Marina Lawton, ND

L’Oreal Infallible Lipsitck

Best lipstick for long lasting wear. Stays on almost all day depending on the color. Excellent product and would buy again.

Kayla Walnut Grove, CA

Love it!

This color is discontinued, I know not why. It is deeply flattering to any skin.I am fair and love to wear dramatic colors without looking like a Hooker. The Line is changing to a stick which is also good. when this great color is gone the closest available, but not the same, is Rose another ringer. Great products from a down to earth manufacturer. Great sale.

Geri Vintondale, PA

Stays on forever!

I was skeptical at first, but now that I have tried this lipstick, I am a believer! When I first applied it, it didn’t work well and would peel off. I couldn’t figure out why and now I know! I have applied too much. There are directions on the back hat say not too apply it too thick or go over the layer that you already have down on your lips. When you apply this lipstick, it sort of feels like you’re wearing a thin layer of glue, it will make sense when you actually try it. You have to let it dry well to apply the top layer of the colorless conditioning lip balm.One thing about this lipstick, is that it does not moisturize your lips. The balm that goes over the color doesn’t get absorbed into your lips. So make sure to moisturize whenever you’re not wearing it. I would do it at night, so when I wake up in the morning my lips are tender and plump ready to for the lipstick.

Elda Kokomo, IN

color has changed and it is now hot pink!

This is aweful! I have used this exact color (#210-Rosebud) for a while and now they have changed the color to a hot pink! I just ordered 2 of them only to find out the color has changed. I am unable to return them too.

Camilla Guttenberg, IA


I have so many of this lipstick….one of each color. They are really great. The mirror-pack helps a lot. This product are cheap and works well.

Kate Avalon, WI

very dissatisfied with loreal paris infallible never fail lipcolour

this is by far the worst lip product i have ever purchased. application is messy. color is uneven. loreal lipsticks used before have been very good. item is nonrefunable so beware. [[ASIN:B001DOA6YM L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour, apricot

Charity Waynesboro, TN

not impressed

not impressed. as the day progresses it gets a dry feel and look even though the gloss was repeatedly applied

Reba State Center, IA

long lasting

If you wait the two minutes after application before putting on the gloss stick, this lipstick wears well. Of course, it doesn’t last the entire day…esp. if you eat meals throughout; however, it’s much longer wearing and less drying than some others I’ve tried. And, once the initial application dries and you apply the gloss stick, you don’t have to contend with the sticky feeling some other longer lasting lipsticks give you.

Claire Potecasi, NC

Yet another AWESOME product that is discontinued!

This review is for the 2 step lipstick in the silver container (same container as the infallible duo lipcolor container w/ the doe shaped wand). This lipstick stays on me ALL DAY and I mean thru 3 meals! It took me several attempts to find the color that looks best on me. I am always on the hunt for long lasting lip products (I HATE having to re-apply color during the day) and this is fab, IMO. I do have to re-apply the topcoat gloss thruout the day, but I never have to worry about looking like corpse due to lack of color (and trust me, w/ no lipcolor, that is exactly what I look like – no lips at all!).The mirrored container is a nice touch. Its a bit pricey for a ds lipstick, but the staying power makes it worth it. Why did L’Oreal discontinue this wonderful product?

Ursula Frederiksted, VI

amazing customer service

I received the product promptly, it was exactly the one I wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as potent as my other one that I previously bought (which I love! Stays on when eating and even kissing). It came across as lip gloss and got crumbly after a few hours.. I contacted the seller and received a full refund with no hassle.. I’m rating this five stars because the seller gave great customer service and apologized for the inconvenience. I truly understand that sometimes we as consumers can receive a bad batch, but when there is great customer service, you can’t go wrong.

Eunice Cowley, WY

I am in love!

I purchased the shade ‘Lily’, which is a light neutral pink with a slight hint of frost. I received this yesterday-and as you must do with all "stay put" glosses and lipsticks, I made sure my lips were well exfoliated-and put it on right away. It spreads and covers well, but is very tacky during the one-minute ‘drying" time. After putting on the clear balm (which is pleasant tasting, and smells sweet), I could rub my lips together. The color looks great on me. I have fair/light medium olive skin. I put this on at 6:15 p.m. last night. It is now 3:36 p.m. the next day. I not only have brushed my teeth 3 times, but have showered, put a face mask on, drank a few cups of coffee, kissed my kids several times, and vaped non-stop…but I also slept for nine hours with it on. Guess what? it’s no joke that you have to use and oil-based cleanser to remove it. It’s still on my lips with only the slightest bit of wear-off right where one one place a cigarette if they smoked. The only thing I have to say is that the top coat does need to be re-applied more than once so that your lips don’t feel dry and stay somewhat glossy. For this reason alone, the top coat will run out LONG before the lipstick itself. This needs to be addressed by either making that stick much wider, by providing two. Maybe even sold separately at a cheaper price point. I will continue to buy this, and seriously recommend it.

Bethany Manahawkin, NJ

Totally long-wearing lipcolor

L’oreal Infallible Lipcolour is truly the best, most long-lasting lipstick I’ve ever used. It does not wear off. Ever. Until you deliberately remove it with an oily makeup remover. Fantastic product, would always choose this line whenever I want to wear a darker color so it won’t smudge.I only gave this four stars due to the fact that the color is way off from the photo. On the page, the Mulberry looks like a gorgeous deep purple-plummy color, but in reality is MUCH lighter and not purply at all, but rather a rich, creamy medium pink…Nice, but definitely not what was shown at all.

Sonia Hines, IL

could’ve been better

it’s good and all…. the thing is after an hour max, the closest area to the tongue, the color goes away so the rest of teh lip stays while this not ,,, it doesn’t look so well

Denice Lake Oswego, OR


24 hours yeah right! i applied this as instructed and the lipstick came off as soon as i started to eat. This product does NOT stay on

Beryl Newton, WV

It really does STAY!!

I bought this on a whim at Target, mostly because it was on sale for $2.54. I am always searching for lip color that actually stays on longer than an hour. I am not one to reapply make up throughout the day.At first, I was worried because not only was this thick, it was tacky (like sticky) feeling on my lips. I waited the 2 minutes per the directions and then applies the balm. it made me nervous because my lips still felt like they were covered in gloss but when I drank my coffee, there was no color on the mug!!!I wiped with my fingers, used a napkin and my hand, kissed my husband on the lips and my kids on their cheeks. I ate pasta with olive oil for lunch, soup for dinner and I swear, this gloss was still apparent when I went to take my make-up off at 10pm. AMAZING!I have never, in all of my 40 years found color that actually stays when it claims it did. I am going to go back and pay full price for the other colors I like, knowing that it is money well spent.

Sandra Geneva, AL

Not irritating to the lips

This is one of my favorite colors, so I stocked up. I was unable to find it at my local drug store & this color may have been discontinued. I was thrilled to find it at Amazon at a great price too. Thank you!It goes on easy & last 1/2 a day & then I apply a regular lipstick so that I do not irritate my lips. It is gentle for a semi-permenant or long lasting color. I do reapply Good Goop (which is an organic balm) to keep my lips moist through out the day or Non-petroleum jelly with is a great product I found at a health food store. Both products can be found on line also.

Jeanne Daisy, GA

Love it!

I’m very hesitant to try new lip colors or lipsticks. I applied it just as the instructions stated, waiting 2 mins in between. It definitely stayed on most of the day, but I hated the color. A co-worker had given this to me as a gift in the Apricot shade, which is way too orange for me. I do love the staying power and the mirrored case, just need to find the right color!

Deidra Eclectic, AL

Very Pleased!

I am *so* pleased to have found this colour again! I haven’t been able to find it in shops since 2009 [Walnut/87] and it was my "go-to" colour for ages. This is the same colour that it’s always been, the formula hasn’t changed for this one as other reviewers had stated with other colours. Walnut is a soft, slightly pink-ish beige that looks like a gloss [when used with the top coat] and lasts all day long. I like to use a liner with it so the top coat doesn’t "bleed". I am very happy to have found this online…so sad that L’Oreal discontinued this particular colour!

Annabelle Lewisburg, PA

It works

The color i got is like a copper brown wich is pretty and different and pretty, but the main goal was to try it, it does work great I put it on around 8am and by 5pm still had it on considering I ate breakefast, lunch, snacks, and drank bottleted water all day the result was amazing I didn’t even retouched it not even one time, and about the people complaining because it is hard to remove, well tha’s the goal of this lipstick formulation all you need to remove it, is water proof make up remover and a q-tip and voilà. I’ll be back for more.

Chris Bonanza, UT

This is my favorite lip color, it really lasts!

I love this lip color! It applies very smoothly with the applicator tip, so it’s easy to get it perfect every time. It feels very dry once it sets, but the gloss stick makes it smooth and comfortable. I apply it early in the morning and it stays most of the day. I can apply the gloss stick every now and then if needed. The lip color does not come off on my cup or when I eat a meal. It only comes off if I eat something that is oily, but I think that’s the case with all lipsticks. I love the Teaberry color and don’t wear anything else.

Amelia North Norwich, NY

A bit disappointed

I really love the whole L’Oreal Paris Infallible line so I was very excited to see a lipstick available. Sadly, it just doesn’t live up to the standard of the rest of the line. The package is really cool and looks pretty and the colors are amazing but they are a bit dry. I put it on like the directions said, letting it dry before applying the gloss etc. But it still felt dry and I got that kind of ring around the lips look when it wears off in the middle but not the edges. This happened after only a couple of hours. So if you are willing to apply, remove, re-apply every couple of hours, it may work for you. But I was really looking for something that would last all day and still look and feel fresh and comfortable. I guess I will have to keep searching.

Aurelia Raymond, NH

Best Lipstick Ever!

The L’Oreal line of these Infallible lipsticks is just great. With most lipsticks, your lips have color and shine for an hour or two and you have to touch up. I have put this brand of lipstick on at 7:00 in the morning and by 3:00 you can still see shades of it – even after eating lunch! With no touch ups all day either – although the shiny silver container it comes in serves as a mini-mirror if you need to touch up quickly. It truly is the best lipstick I’ve ever used and I have it in 4 favorite shades. This review is under the Teaberry one, which I like because it is a kicky fun pink.Applying this product is a two part process. First, your lips must be clean and dry. Apply the colored stain with the lip gloss applicator brush to your lips. Don’t be gloopy – treat it a bit like nail polish, brush it on once and don’t go over it again. If it feels too thick, quickly use a tissue to lightly blot any excess, but again, just one quick blot. Once the color has completely dried (and you really do have to wait for it to dry), apply the clear twist-up chapstick-like sealer which adds shine and moisture to your lips. It might take you a few times before you get it right, but for a lipcolor like this one that lasts ALLLLL day long, it is totally worth it!BUY THIS LIPSTICK! You won’t be let down..

Sybil Fairfield, ID