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L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow, Gold Imperial 407

0.12 oz / 3.5 g

Key features

  • 24hr eyeshadow
  • Limited Edition

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You must be patient with this makeup though because you will have to use your fingertips to blend it in. I tried using different brushes and it only makes a mess and won’t work. Use your fingertips and you can add as little or as much as you like to your eyelids. Very cute gold color though. I have blue eyes so gold colors work for me.

Freda Marysville, IN

Love it!

I wanted this gold color and it was less than in Walmart. I stopped buying department store eyeshadow when I discovered this Infallible brand. This shadow goes on smoothly and is very saturated with bright gold color. I know have almost every color that this line offers. The best your money can buy!

Sarah Cooper Landing, AK

I love it

This color is so fabulous! I have a hard time finding a good yellow gold eye shadow .This is lovely. It has a nice little plastic disc inside to keep the powder packed down firm. I hardly had to put any on my eye shadow brush.I would however ,recommend using primer or even white eyeliner to keep it in place for a longer time.It’s fine without any but ,for longer wear (more than 6 hours)it did seem to transfer everywhere when I didn’t use primer.

Jeri Sheridan, CA

The GOLDEST GOLD I was ever able to find. Absolutely amazing!

So I’m not sure how many of you have had the same problem as I did. I searched high and low for a reasonably priced GOLD eyeshadow (no not burnt gold, bronze, or copper…GOLD!). All I could find were dull, burnt, orange-ish, yellow-ish colors. However, I wanted a bright beautiful Egyptian goddess gold! Well this was it, a friend had told me about it and I could never find it in stores. I was so frustrated I finally decided to pay a bit extra and buy it online.Now I must say, I have never been more satisfied with a product color in my whole life. I received this promptly in the mail and I wasn’t as excited for it at first but as soon as I twisted that cap open and took off the color press…WOW, my mind was blown. I gave it a swatch and I really couldn’t believe what a beautiful gold it was!Texture: Let me describe it the best way I can, it’s somewhere in between loose pigment and cream? The product is packed in tightly by a “press” so that it doesn’t move around everywhere (smart idea). I think if it wasn’t for the powder or pigment press, the eyeshadow would lean more towards “loose pigment.” Also, when I dip my make up brush into it, it doesn’t quite come loose like loose pigment or loose eyeshadow does. This is why I think it somewhat resembles cream eyeshadow. This isn’t a bad thing though because once applied…it blends so well! I don’t get much fallout (especially when I pat it on with my brush) and patting it on makes it look much more vibrant too.This eyeshadow has been added to my all time favorites which include lots of luxury and high-end brands as well -so that really goes to show how much I love this eyeshadow!Gold Imperial is truly a special color!

Maude Longview, WA

Favorite eyeshadows

First affordable cream eyeshadows I have owned that really do stay on all day with no creasing, fading or looking dry and cakey. Always get compliments when I wear them too. Perfect shimmer, without looking glittery or young. Go on smooth and packaging really has kept them from drying out. I have a pot in amber rush color that is over a year old and still same consistency and wear. Super convient I just apply with my fingers.

Dolly Shickley, NE


I love the pigmented look of this eyeshadow. It applys on a little flakey are first, but then you find yourself getting used to the application. I purchased the Gold Imperial 407 and I love the color.

Kellie Merlin, OR

No one compares!

I bought this and OMG! I get SO MANY compliments.You can use just a LITTLE bit for a glow look (I call it the J-LO look) or a lot of it for a more dramatic look.Either way it’s BY FAR the best gold I have ever seen. I have bought 3 more in case they ever discontinue it.

Meghan Ringgold, TX

perfect all year

This is my new favorite shadow. You can pack it on for an intense color or sheer it out as a wash. Its perfect. Stays on all day, with a primer . Will buy more of these.

Karina Yorktown, TX

Great color – horrible eye irritation

The gold color is exactly what I wanted – more sunny golden than orange. However, I wear contacts, and every time I wear this eyeshadow, my eyes are red and bleary within an hour of application. It doesn’t get better the whole day. I love the color, so I wish it was different. Maybe this is inherent to metallic shadows?

Brittany Billings, MO


very nice eyeshadow i just received it and i couldnt stop smiling when i was putting it on..i was eveen dancing too thats how beautiful it is…trust me you will love this product if you buy it looks just like the pic in a nice beautiful container

Madeleine Clayton, KS

Very shinny but..

The gold is true gold and it is very shinny…I love the color BUT the Eyeshadow is messy and will smear on your eyelids after long wear….I even used eyelid primer that I know to be great with my other shadows and it still smeared across my eyelid…

Elisa Williams, OR

Like gold butter.

I was on a crazy makeup spree when I came across this, and it was the absolute best makeup purchase I have made on Amazon. For the price, I wasn’t really expecting much but when it arrived, the product was like pure butter. Just touching the cap leaves your finger covered in this beautiful coat of gold. It’s very similar to the urban decay collection from Sephora, if not better. I love gold eyeshadows, but I’m only going to buy this one again.

Brenda Pritchett, CO

very pretty

The only thing that makes not give this 5 stars is the consistency of the powder seems a little wierd like a cream base but its not its powder u just have to smooth it out some and it will be ok I am assuming this is do to the glitter other than that it is really nice I am over all happy with everything!

Shana Goodwin, SD

Its ok

I like the color. Its not as bold as what I was looking for but it was a nice settle gold to my eyes.

Ashlee Mellwood, AR

Loreal infallible e/s gold imperial

It can be hard for me to wear some golds because they can come out to be brassy, but this is completely different than any gold e/s I’ve tried. It is very sparkly and perfect for holiday looks. It is more of a white gold than a yellow. Very metallic and shiny just like most infallible eyeshadows. I love this one.

Maribel Coosawatchie, SC

Gorgeous Color!

This is a beautif gold color with lots of sheen and some glitter…I realized after applying it to my middle aged eyes, however, it is not the best look for me. So I offered it to my college aged daughter, and she was just THRILLED!

Ethel Galatia, IL


WOW, I love the color, goes on like cream. The makeup is smooth and looks good on. The seller shipped fast and the product was packaged well. I will recommend this product to anyone.

Daphne North Hollywood, CA