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L’Oreal HiP Kohl Liner – Teal

Ultra fine, loose kohl powder with a touch of iridescence is smudge-proof, color-dense and stays in place all day. Custom built-in ultra fine, professional felt tip applicator designed to allow you to line eyes from corner to corner for smooth, flawless finish. Line eyes from corner to corner.

Key features

  • Made in USA

Honest reviews



I don’t think I have EVER seen an eye product with such powerful pigmentation! the powder inside that little bottle is pure magic.And the teal color is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I have brown eyes and whenever I use this product they GLOW. It’s a match made in heaven I could say!As for how long it last, well, it literally stayed in my eyes for longer than 3 DAYS! I mean I would remove the make up before going to bed and the next morning I would YET AGAIN wake up with a faint delicate teal tint around my lower and upper lashes, seriously, this is amazing powerful stuff.When applied thoroughly and carefully with several sweeps it really does tints and STAYS! It really is so gorgeous, I am addicted to it. The hours would fly by and you will STILL have your eyes and waterline perfectly lined just like from the first application! I can not praise L’oreal enough for this wonder. I am definitely getting all the other colors available!This is pure love!

Estelle Gayville, SD


what i love about this line is that the powder is actually REALLY long lasting in the water line. im trying to get every color, this ones a pretty teal shade.

Judi Sharpsville, PA


I was soo looking forward to this liner and when it came I discovered that it was all dried up and old. I had to return it.

Marina Saint Bonaventure, NY

Love it

Love all of the HiP Kohl Liners that I have. This is a rich, vibrant teal. It goes on smoothly and stays all day. Beautiful.

Marquita Pierson, IA

Perfect Brush

it is a nice color and perfect brush, it is more more than I expect. I recomend this item for all.

Shawn White Heath, IL

just this certain color

I have the black, brown, burgundy, navy and the teal. Out of all of them, this is the one that smudges. Notaall the time, just please keep checking the mirror.I apply them to my lower eyelid and never go without one or the other of the colors. It’s just the teal, for some reason I have to be super careful with.But as a color it is GORGEOUS, so possibly worth it

Inez Elliottsburg, PA