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L’Oreal HiP Kohl Liner – Black by L’Oreal Paris

New High Intensity Pigmentse Black Kohl 903 Made in USA

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Producto no recomendable NADA PRÁCTICO

Saludos a todos, no recomiendo la compra de este producto puesto que no es ni sombra ni delineador. El contenido es polvo y el aplicador es para un producto líquido, por eso al momento de aplicarlo NO FUNCIONA, se riega la sombra y no deja una línea continua como se esperaría. Creo que el producto es bueno es decir la sombra en polvo el color también es muy lindo. Pero la forma en que lo diseñaron y la manera de la aplicación NO funciona. Habría que sacar la sombra del frasco y aplicársela con otro tipo de pincel. La verdad es que me decepcioné de este producto.

Manuela Barnesville, GA

Cost a Lot and Nothing Special

Purchased this because my wife thought it was going to be a higher grade and not so powdery. It lots like sand and leads me to say it is even grainier and therefore clumpier than the much cheaper brands my wife uses in the past. I do not recommend this product based on the higher price for a average, if not below average, product.In all fairness though the item is not terrible, so I will give it a fair three stars.

Aimee Milton, PA

Ok, but too much fallout

I wanted to try coal eyeliner, but this created so much fallout, that I really wasn’t able to use it. Perhaps there is a method that I’m not aware of to make it work, but I went back to my gel liner after a few tries with this new liner 🙁

Deidre Fort Covington, NY


Love it! Easy to apply (those new to loose kohl might need to practice a few times) but it’s quick, easy and fast to apply. Gives a sexy, smoky eye. I get tons of compliments when I use this!

Queen Hext, TX

Great eyeliner

Years ago I bought this liner in brown and black and I still love it. So sad it was discontinued :(It’s great for lining the waterline. In a pinch I’ve used it as regular eyeliner and it did stay on all day.If you’ve never used loose powder kohl the application can be scary at first, but it’s very simple and safe. The plastic applicator is slide across the eye. I wear contacts, I’ve never had issues with irritation from the product.The brown color is very nice, it’s still sultry but more “daytime” than black.

Mattie Ecorse, MI


It takes some practice to use powder, but once you get the hang of it, it’s worth dealing with black powder on your face. It comes off easily with eye make- up remover or in my case coconut oil, and it creates a great exotic look. Just stick the tip in the corner of your eye, close our eye and draw the stick across the inside of the eye. Just make sure your lashes aren’t in the way. I also like to draw the stick across my eye 2or 3 times without re-dipping the stick. Then if you have a little patch that needs more color just use the tip like you would a pencil. Just make sure you know this is a POWDER eyeliner and not a dried out tube of liquid liner.

Gloria Water View, VA


I can’t praise this enough. It is kohl, so it is a DRY liner that you apply to your waterline. I wear it almost daily as a bright alternative to a traditional liner. It lasts all day, and actually gets better as the day goes on, because when you blink, your tears make more of the pigments stick to your upper lid. There is a little bit of dusting under your eye, but it actually looks intentional. I love this, and highly recommend you try it.

Noreen Friendship, MD

It’s ok

This is like a powdery Khol so sometimes bits of it get in my eyes and cause a bit of irritation. Also, it doesn’t stay put in my lid so after a long day it’s all under my lids and looks a bit yucky. It does create a lovely black like initially.

Kristina Rainsville, NM

It’s OK

I like the contents of this eyeliner however I find the container top-heavy so it’s always falling over in my cabinet.

Josefina Cordova, IL

Not Quite What I Expected…

I purchased this after reading several good reviews of the product, and I was really looking forward to it being everything that I wanted in a waterline liner. It turns out it wasn’t exactly what I imagined – it’s not quite as dark as I had hoped – but it’s still one of the best eyeliners I’ve come across.I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a medium black, somewhat powdery liner; this is perfect for smoky eyes and/or any sultry look in general. I wear it as my everyday waterline liner because it’s long lasting and sultry without being over the top. Again, it’s not as dark as I originally thought but it’s still a really great product.

Pansy Lead, SD

Fell in Eyes

This color is pretty and bold and the price was good but I guess I’m no good with real Kohl Liner, it kept getting into my eyes and I’m pretty good with all other kinds of eyeliners except this kind. It can also double as eye shadow. I think I will try the blue next.

Lynda Fairmount, ND

worry free

Gives your eyes the most intense look. It doesn’t smudge with me; I apply it to my lower eyelids.It comes in other colors, as well. The burgundy, navy, and brown are equally my favorite, depending on the day. I’m not sure I get the point of the gold, though: not much of a liner since its hardly visibleThe only problem is the applicator tip hooks into a bent shape with time and use. No worries; I trimmed it so it doesn’t get crushed anymore.^__^

Tammi Edinburg, IL