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L’Oreal HIP Concentrated Shadow, 808 Foxy

Buy L’Oreal Eye Shadows – L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Concentrated Shadow Duo – New 808 Foxy. How-to-Use: Apply evenly to eyelids with provided brush or your own eye shadow brush. Accent with complementing colors and eyeliner.

Key features

  • Compact includes an applicator and mirror so shadows can be applied and touched up on the go

Honest reviews


bad color pay off

I bought this because I heard it was a dupe for Mac’s Woodwincked but the color payoff was so bad. You have to pack on so much and even that it was very faint. Oh well!

Lourdes Crockett, VA

Loreal Shady duo

Loreal eyeshadow is in my top 3 drugstore shadows and I love the duos. I hate when certain ones are discontinued with this being one of them ( I think). I use the left shadow for my blending color and the right color if I want a subtle smokey eye. I love this duo and kind of want a back up. I have other colors similar to this, but i love that these are matte colors and they are very blendable.

Bridgett Grimsley, TN

Great colors and value

This is a really nice eye shadow. Fairly long wearing and very natural looking. Works great for those with blue or green eyes.

Nita Croton, OH

Nice color

bolod color again use a primer if you are darked skinned to bring the colors out alittle more but a great price and great buy

Freida Trenton, TN

Came broken in the mail

When I ordered this eyeshadow, it came broken in the mail with a hole in the top. When I rated my product for feedback, I let the company who sent it out know. I said it didn’t bother me, so I didn’t ask for a new one. About a week or so later, I got an email saying I had an order on the way of the L’Oreal eyeshadow. Wow, they actually went and ordered me another one? It thought it was so nice. Until I never got it. I don’t know what happened. I’ve ordered so many things in the mail and never not had something come. So I still don’t know what that email was about, and it’s still weird to me. All I have to say is when you order from this person, take caution. Because I don’t know if they knew they were sending me a broken product or if it broke in the mail.

Casey Boydton, VA


Noce for a change. I like the fact it has an applicator brush in a lower compartment of the case. Long wearing.

Shauna Fairfield, MT

Came Broken

It came pretty quick but when I opened it the lighter side had a crack and once I turned it over it was easily able to fall out. Other than that, great color!

Marisa Philipsburg, PA

not for me

the gold color…maybe…but the purple is so mate and will not go on my eyelids at all. So annoying trying to use this that I gave up.

Annie Ellington, MO


I absolutely love this pink color! It is so bright and fun blended with a more subtle shade for daytime or played up for nighttime. The only complaint I have is that the tan shade is basically nonexistant on my skin. I used an eyeshadow primer base and it still hardly showed up at all! I have a love/hate relationship with this color duo because I am in love with the pink but I can hardly use the tan.

Rosetta Gridley, CA

Wowee wow!

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about L’Oreal’s Hip eyeshadows. I have them in “Showy” and “Platinum,” and they’re great! The light blue really makes your eyes pop, and the complementary color makes for a great smokey look. In “Platinum”, the silver REALLY sparkles. They’re very highly-pigmented shades.If you don’t have an eyeshadow brush, worry not. I didn’t think they came with one, but it does! If you pop open the bottom compartment, a little eyeshadow brush pops out. It works just fine, for what it’s worth.If you want really great shades that come on STRONG, look no furthur! These will definitely help you make a statement.

Tracie Cedar Ridge, CA

Highly recommend this eyeshadow

I love the HiP studio eye shadows and this one is my all-time favorite! It’s long last and provides great coverage!

Gena Cresskill, NJ

Great shades

The pink is very visible even on my very dark skin! I receive tons of compliments when I where this eyeshadow! Good job, L’Oreal!

Jeri Hillsdale, IN

Good price, half pigmentation

Light color is not pigmented and does not show up but the darker color is great for neutral smokey eyes . Since the price is good, It deserves 4 stars.

Benita New Harmony, IN

Now THIS is eye shadow

I love the HIP eye shadows because they are rich and silky but also very pigmented, especially in comparison to the usual drugstore finds, which look nice in the packaging but come out sheer and washed out. I don’t even bother with other brands anymore, and tend to stop at MAC or Urban Decay counters for my favorite shades, but L’Oreal’s HIP line has stolen my heart, the combinations are wild and like every other fan I have more than one, by now its at least a dozen or so, and I always want more, they are irresistible, especially when the bright shades look like candy or jewels, they call my name and I cant help it and I have to get more, the simple act of writing this review made me want to get another set…sigh…The color combos are funky, but they actually work. I have always loved purple and yellow together, whether in clothing or accessories, but I’ve never seen it in a make up duo before. It looks stunning on, but requires a bit of blending, those who are scared of it can wear the colors separately. I always like the crazy colors blended on top of a black liquid eyeliner line that I draw along the lashes, it seems to mute out the unnatural shade a bit and make it look good. These also last pretty long, but I do use a makeup primer under my makeup ( Philosophy The Present or the pink one from Smashbox) so perhaps it helps the staying power as well. The underside has a mirror and a hidden applicator but I never use those, I have my trusted brushes from Sephora that distribute color more evenly than sponge applicators. I also highly recommend the new eye liners from the HIP line, my latest purchase was the Color Chrome Eyeliner in Violet Volt (smooth like butter and really beautiful shade of dark sparkly violet) that is easy to apply and looks amazing.- Kasia S.

Arlene Glen Riddle Lima, PA

Beautiful Bright Pink and Rich Dark Brown

This is one of my favorite HIP duos. Both colors can be used with other shadows in a variety of color schemes. The pink is bright and “satiny” and the brown is one you are sure to get a lot of use from with day or evening looks.The pigmentation is very good, the colrs are very pretty. They blend well and last long.

Nita Finleyville, PA

Great Color, Great Product

I received this from the seller very quickly. It is a great color duo and I have gotten lots of use out of it. The price I paid beat the local drustore by a lot! It is long lasting and easy to apply. I would recommend it and purchase again.

Lidia Harper, KS

pretty colors

I already own a few of these shadows, I am trying to own them all. I have been eyeing the color flare for some time and every where I go it is sold out. I usually buy them on ebay beause it is cheaper but they did not have it. I went to target and I was able to buy it for 7 dollars. The colors are so pretty, it is orange and beige, the colors look so great together.As soon as I got home the first thing I did was put the eyeshadow on and I love it. I actually wore it in the house for the remainder of the evening.

Maureen Glenn Dale, MD

L’Oreal HiP duo eye shadows

The Colors are as photographed. Love HiP eyeshadows…I Often use them as eyeliner… Very good product for the price. Like both Matte and shimmer.

Kimberlee Manning, IA

Great color pay off

I personally love all the L’oreal Hip line.This eyeshadow is great in color, texture, and staying power.And it was very cheap!The packaging was good since it arrived intact, contrary to other damaged items i’ve received lately

Lara Ayer, MA

highly pigmented

I got this shadow in wicked. I love it. the color on the left is a warm gold shade and the right is a medium plum. I use the plum wet as an eyeliner too. They are highly pigmented and last all day.

Colette Draper, UT

Bright pink !

Love the bright pink I thought the other color was black but it is a dark purple not bad tho arrived intact love the vibrancy of the color !

Lena Koyuk, AK

my favorite eyeshadow…ever!

I have tried many different brands, kinds, and colors of eyeshadow…L’Oreal HIP Saucy is my favorite by far. It stays on all day, no creasing, no fading…and the colors are rich, brightening, and easy to apply. I have tried a couple of other colors from this line that I like as well…Charged is the only one I remember the name of…and they are very nice as well. Saucy is always my first choice though.

Barbra Gage, OK


I’m very disappointed by these shadows—they go on blotchy, do not blend well, and what’s more do not stay on for more than 3 hours. In addition, the color (pigment) is not intense at all.

Tasha Evans, WV

The taupe side is the bomb

I am giving this 5 stars for the taupe side. As with most of the HIP duos, I greatly prefer one side to the other. This taupe is my favorite Loreal HIP shade and one of my favorite eye shadow shades ever.I never use the teal side but for around $4 on amazon, who cares?The taupe side is like no other color I have ever seen. It kind of has a subtle purplish undertone but it is brown with a mellow shimmer. It is super high pigmented and lasts all day with an eyelid primer (I use Urban Decay). This is my "go to" shadow for days I don’t know what to wear. It goes with everything and would compliment almost anyone’s skin tone.Some people say it is a dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe. I do not own the MAC shadow so I cannot compare but this one is lovely.Glad I found it here because it has become very hard to find in the store.

Virginia Florence, WI

amazing lasts all day

this shadow duo is part of my 4 minute regime every AM finger swipe this strong duo that lasts all day dark all over and light on browbone a quick blush on top of a swipe of mineral foundation one quick coat of mascara and I’m ready to meet clients in under 4 minutes

Suzanne Gore, OK

A dupe for Sculpted

This is basically a dupe for HIP’s “sculpted”. The only difference is that Cheeky is a little redder, while Sculpted is a metallic dusty rose color. Even the darker colors are almost identical- the only difference being that the dark color in Cheeky has more pink.That being said, it’s a very lovely color, and looks great with my green eyes. It also has pretty fabulous staying power- I usually get about 6 hours of wear (without primer) before it starts to crease, and I have very oily eye sockets. It applies like a dream, as well- no skipping, and hardly any fallout. Also looks fabulous when foiled.

Monica Copeville, TX

Love it

I love the color and the richness of the eyeshadow. I brought 3 differant colors and use them all. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.

Alisha Charleston, AR

its ok

normally I like one color more…this one I like the shimmery gold but not a fan of the matte purple…doesn’t blend out well, color disappears and leaves a dirty blur…even with primer …works so so as eye liner but love the gold in this one…worth it for one shadow…I suppose..I appreciate the customer who rated it with her own pics…much better color match than what was with the order info

Maryellen Georgiana, AL

too dark

I bought the “Devious”, the brown side is too dark and other is is like “mossy and dirty” green. I have olive skin, no matter how I apply them, I have brown eyes, they don’t look good on me.

Hallie Nicholville, NY


I like the eye shadow as a whole. The pink color is quite noticeable. The light tan shade is barely noticeable on me. I do, however like the colors together. They sort of create a subtle look with a tiny pop of color. They seem to stay pretty well when used with a primer (I have oily eyelids). The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that, to me, the picture made the lighter shade appear to be a very light pink color. It was, in fact, a very light tan color. The color combination is growing on me though. 🙂

Dale Danville, WA