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L’Oreal Frost and Design Pull-Through Cap Highlight Kit, Champagne H85

For light blonde to light brown long hair. For natural or color-treated hair. L’Oreal’s Frost & Design enables you to customize your look. The easy highlighting cap lets you create perfectly placed, precise, even highlights – in as little as 20 minutes. The end-look is a delectable swirl of creamy highlights for a sun-kissed glow. L’Oreal’s Frost & Design includes a toning rinse so hair is shiny without brassiness. This ultra-rich conditioning creme formula protects to keep hair soft, with a silky feel and healthy-looking shine. The special non-drip formula is easy to mix and apply. This product can be used on natural, color-treated, or permed hair. Please wait to use 2 weeks after perming. This Frost & Design Kit contains: Highlighting cap; overcap; plastic styling hook/applicator; metal styling hook; mixing tray; lightening powder; creme developer; frosting protective creme; toning rinse; conditioning shampoo; insert; gloves.

Key features

  • Enables you to customize your look
  • The easy highlighting cap lets you create perfectly placed, precise, even highlights
  • For light blonde to light brown long hair For natural or color-treated hair

Honest reviews


Horrible product!

I purchased this product thinking that it would highlight my hair. My hair is medium/auburnish brown naturally and I figured it would look at least similar to the photo on the box. The end result was a disaster. Here’s why… Loreal for some reason only packs a small tube of toner into the box. I have long hair and when I applied it, there was not enough toner so it turned my hair orange in some places. The cap caused the highlights to be distributed in very little areas. Most of the highlights were situated at the front of my head/face and none were done at the back or underneath. The highlights also did not start at the roots, they would start at the middle of the hair. The cap also tore in many places, and I read the other reviews and they said to be very gently with the cap and I was. I just now got back from a local salon, where I had to pay $45.00 to have them covered over and my hair brought back to a close version of my natural color (which is extremely hard to replicate because my hair is two-toned naturally). I am so unhappy with this product and would have expected alot better from Loreal! Please do yourself a favor and go to a hairdresser to begin with if you want high lights. You will save yourself money, heartache, and grief in the long run.

Eleanor Sunset, ME

This stuff will ruin your hair.

This stuff will turn your hair into streaky chunks, making it look like you bleached your hair with peroxide.Very cheap, tacky result that looks awful. I plan to color my hair after this. Seriously, don’t waste your money on this.The strands (natural) that I highlighted (per the instructions) are very damaged from the product. I’m not a novice in hair highlighting or color, and this product is among the worst that I’ve used.I can’t imagine why anyone would like the result of this product. Unless your hair is naturally the color of Barbie-bleached hair, you’re going to get a terrible, streaky, orange-bleach-blonde look. It’s very unattractive, and not worth the damage to your hair. My hair was in great condition before this- I literally have had to cut chunks off my hair that had the “highlights” on them. This product causes extreme damage to hair, and the color result is heinous. I strongly suggest that you do NOT purchase this item.

Desiree Summer Shade, KY

L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Highlights, Caramel

I bougth this when I was really into coloring my hair it was UGLY. I didn’t like the way it turned out on my hair.

Merle Mattapoisett, MA

really good blonde highlights even for dark brown hair

Ive been using this product since 1989 and it has never failed me. Ive tried other highlighting kits and they do not produce the same blondeness but rather an orangey color. I have medium to dark brown hair and this kit manages to get my hair to the blonde stage in about 60 min. without orangey tones. It just takes long pulling thru the cap but its worth the trouble. everyone thinks my highlights were done by a salon, including the salon people themselves cant believe I do it myself. Pull thin strands instead of thick chunks though, it has a better effect overall, subtlely dramatic.

Christy Morrowville, KS

Great color

I have been having trouble locating this product locally – so have been ordering it on-line. The color is perfect if you’re already a lighter shade of brunette – or if you’re a redhead like me. The nice thing is – even if you use it all the time – and pull you hair through the cap – it covers what you’ve already done without it going that ghostly white that some of the others frosting shades do. Highly recommended.

Margery Surveyor, WV

great product professional Results

great product professional ResultsI have very long hair, down to my waist and I am 5’8”. I used to go to the salon and pay $300+ for highlights before a cut. After the second time of two different salons messing up my hair, I turned to this after It was recommend to me. Believe it or not, it looks better then the salon. Always great results the cap ensures that you can’t mess it up. Be sure to comb you hair to the part where it falls naturally before putting the cap on. Also conb through all tangels before. I never use up all of the product, and my hair is very long. Make sure you wear the gloves and wear just a bra or old teeshirt. IT WILL BLEACH A GOOD SHIRT OR TOWEL! (I learned that one the hard way)I pull more hairs on the part and though out all the way to the middle back of my head the bottom of my hair stays my “natural” color and my top has golden caramel to blonde high lights through out. I do this my self with a few mirrors. I use the smaller metal pull for more natural look the other one will give you a “chunky look.” I have people ask me who my stylist is. My natural color is a ash brown, to blonde. Watch the color as you process it not to over process. And when you re color DO NOT re highlight the tips that are already blonde, or you can fry your hair. Just do the roots. The avoid pain when removing the cap get into the shower rinse dye out. Then take a hand full of your own good conditioner ( I use Redkin so-soft) While the conditioner is still in slowly wiggle off the cap. once off shampoo and condition hair again. Then I put the toner in once hair is combed and out of the shower. Then Style your way.I have been coloring my hair with this product every 3 months for the last four years.Over all the money I have saved through out the years. Probably close to $1,200 a year!! My natural color is a ash brown, to blonde. I have been coloring my hair with this product every 3 months for the last four years

Germaine Sontag, MS

Not bad at all.

For a person who has never done this before, I was quite happy with the results from this product and recommend it for anyone wanting to frost/ add high lights to their hair. I will purchase/ use again.

Maria Merry Point, VA