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L’Oreal Excellence Creme Haircolor, Medium Blonde 8

Our richest color comes from our ultimate care. Excellence by L’Oréal, our first hair color with Triple Protection system revitalizes and protects hair from the inside and out. Now, get younger-looking hair and rich, radiant color. And grays? What grays? Nothing protects better. Nothing covers grays better, compared to each leading competitor’s top selling brand.

Key features

  • Strong hold hairspray with a clean, soft shiny finish
  • Triple protection permanent hair color that revitalizes and protects hair from the inside and out
  • The richest colors provide radiant color to revitalize hair
  • 100% long-lasting gray coverage compared to each leading competitor’s top selling brand

Honest reviews


Beware of 20 volume developer in boxed color kits!

All boxed color comes with 20 volume developer (i.e., peroxide). The amount of peroxide in it will continue to lighten your hair each time you color, but you won’t see the bleached-orange-brassy color your hair has turned until the colored dye wears off (usually 2 months after you use a boxed dye kit). I have medium ash brown hair, naturally, but every ash brown boxed dye kit I try would make my hair RED (and make me terribly mad). Ask anyone who is trying to achieve an ASH color…they DO NOT want to end up with RED hair!!! Yet, that’s what many women get, time after time with boxed color kits. After a lot of Googling over the past few days I found out that the strong developer that comes in boxed kits is to blame (not the color itself).So, I ordered two boxes of the 5AB (a=ash, b=blonde?) ash mocha brown from Amazon–I have a lot of hair (past my shoulders). Then I went to Sally’s and bought a bottle of 10 volume developer and threw away the boxed kit’s 20 volume developer! That’s right ladies…throw that crap away.Using a lower volume of peroxide (i.e. 10, or even 5)
• should
• stop your hair from continuing to get bleached (and turn orange underneath the fresh color you’re just putting on). The 10 volume developer will open up the hair cuticle just enough to let the color in (and keep it in for a few months) without continuing to lighten/bleach your new growth or your already-bleached orange/brassy old-growth hair. Combining the color dye with a 10 volume developer is being called demi-permanent these days, and it is supposed to be a deposit-only coloring option (as opposed to stronger developers which simultaneously bleach/lighten your hair AND deposit color).I used half of my 6 oz concoction (3 ozs color cream and 3 ozs 10 volume developer) for my roots (let sit for 20 mins), then used the rest for my ends and combed it through (let sit for additional 10 mins). The color is WONDERFUL (no red cast!! finally!!!), my hair feels far less damaged than the last time I colored with boxed kit developers, and it’s much shiner to boot. It may be one shade darker than the box, but that’s to be expected. It will lighten up to that exact color over the next 2 shampoos. I’ll never use anything more than a 10 developer ever again.If you’re going to buy your own developer from Sally’s you
• could
• also buy the l’oreal excellence cream color, too, and avoid the boxed kit altogether. BUT, I can’t find 5AB mocha ash brown, though I do see a 5.1 ash brown. I just don’t know if it’s similar enough to the 5AB mocha ash brown boxed color. Maybe I’ll try it down the road. For now, though, I’m buying several more boxes of this color.

Jeannie Siler City, NC

loreal color

Both my brother and sister started losing their hair after continued use of this product. When they stopped their hair loss stopped also. Several hairdressers have told me that loreal is one of the harshest dyes you could ever put on your hair. You be the judge.

Francisca Kahuku, HI

Red Penny

I’ve used this shade off and on for years. Go to a professional for blonde and highlights, but if you want red, go to this. The Red Penny shade is so beautiful when it’s applied to a medium/dark blonde base. Years ago I used it over brown and the auburn it created was nice, but faded quickly. Use it on blonde and you’ll be happy for weeks. I get more compliments with this color than anything else by a mile.The most recent Excellence formula gives you a serum to apply to dry ends before coloring. It’s wonderful. Usually I get a dry, almost crispy feel to my hair the first few days to a week after a home dye, but I did not experience it with this, surely because of the serum.I should mention that this dye can turn an odd, almost frightening red early on in the processing and it might scare you into rinsing it out too soon. Let it go and step away from the mirror. This red turns to an orange and then to a dark purple, and after 30 minutes the end result will be perfect. It all rinses cleanly in warm water and feels soft afterwards.EDIT: Colored my hair again with the Excellence product, but this time I went with Light Auburn because Red Penny was sold out when I went to buy it. Another winner. I’m really blown away by how nice these dyes are making my hair feel, I’m sure because of the pre-treatment you apply to the roots beforehand. My hair is a beautiful shade of auburn and very soft. Also, another thing to try if you have dry ends after coloring, apply a very tiny amount of olive oil to the ends and go as long as you can without washing. A very scant amount goes a long way—apply too much and you’ll look like a greasy rat. I can usually only go 24 hours without washing because my roots are greasy, but the olive oil really helps to nourish the splits. I also apply the olive oil to the ends a few times the week before I color. Anyway, just wanted to report the Light Auburn is also a winner. I love having control over the red shade. I have never been happy with the reds they come up with at the salon.

Lily Wilmore, KY

Turned my medium brown hair black

I love L’Oreal products and have used many of their hair dyes. I have very fine, naturally medium to dark brown hair with very little grey at the temples. I can go for very long time periods without dying my hair.I decided to try this shade as in the past, I’ve had good luck with all medium browns except for one of the shades of Feria which turned it black. I had to use Color Ooops to get the black out of my hair that time.I was shocked to see that this color turned my hair black on the ends and way too dark brown on the top. I tried using Prell and dish liquid to lighten it which helped a little, but I just hated the color.I got some Color Zapp and used just 1/2 the powder to lift this color out of my hair. I think the mistake was that the color does not have gold tones … so no more of these shades for me!

Ollie Columbia, AL

Very Disappointed

This hair color DOES NOT COVER gray. Says on the box “superior gray coverage”. I massage very good in my hair. Very disappointed didn’t color like it should. Only good thing about this product is it came with a good applicator, serum and doesn’t drip. Other than the three things its not worth the money.

Tracie Ingalls, KS

Dark Ash Brown

I was looking for a dark brown hair color, and was shocked when I got out of the shower and my hair was BLACK. If youre looking for REALLY dark hair, get this, but if youre looking for more of a brown, I do not recommend this product.

Lidia Charlotte, TX

Loreal Excellence Creme 8.5 Champagne Blonde

I’m normally a dirty blonde color, I decided to go a champagne blonde all over, I felt it was closest to my dirty blonde and looked lighter in areas. I did everything perfectly and I’m a Copper Penny Blonde tonight. It isn’t a stark red and it is actually pretty, a modest blonde, just didn’t expect that and am quite disappointed. The creme solution was gentle, not real smelly and refreshed my hair…. , the conditioner was awesome to and so easy to do, Just didn’t give me the color I wanted. I have been reading a lot of reviews about the color not being the same. Maybe that is it, but because I’m new at coloring my hair and I have done well with Revlon…. Guess I’m going to go back to what I know as a highlighter and color instead. So if you want a nice Copper Penny Blonde that is not stark, Try L’Oreal Champagne Blonde.

Tammie Derry, NH

Better than Preference

This is the first time I’ve used Excellence with its pre-treatment…I was floored by all the little containers in the box! Pre- Post-, etc.For many years I had been using Preference, anywhere from brown to red to blonde of various shades. What a difference that pre-treatment makes. It protects the older treated hair from too much chemical torture, but still allows it to take color.The shade seemed a bit dark dull at first, but came spot-on to the color on the box after the first wash.This 6G brown was applied over L’Oreal’s Natural Light Blonde. Blonde over blonde, continually done, usually leaves fragile, sometimes frizzy ends, so I pretty much had to cut off the ends, about 1-2 inches. But this time I left it to see what would happen. And, voila! It did not fray!With the enclosed conditioner, my hair is definitely more manageable. But with their Everstrong conditioner, it’s even better…soft, and taking a nice curl or wave…it even shines…even the older ends. Finally I can grow longer hair again. :)I have been genetically graying, or actually whiting, for many years. Most of the dark haired women in my family became blonde early…obviously to hide the premature gray.I was told that my hair is indeed white not gray. I discovered this when I complained once about how weird an ashy toned blonde came out. For one, white absorbs color more intensely than true gray. And, that since I originally had red highlights in brown hair, I should never use anything with ash toning since it will make a very dark dingy color…another pearl of wisdom from L’Oreal.I’m back to brown and liking it…a lot! The EXCELLENCE is much kinder to my hair AND the color is true.L’Oreal rep whom I talked to said that G means golden, R means reddish, etc. I had not known about this code. I had never thought to ask! Now I know that 6G means golden brown and the brown does indeed have nice golden highlights.Only caveat: Although there was a lot of product, it didn’t quite make it. It just barely covered shoulder length hair…might need to use 2 boxes next time. On the other hand, I might try the Root Rescue and just color the emerging white. That depends on whether the overall color holds up over time.

Ellen Emmaus, PA

Purchased for Sister and She Loves It

No complaints. I thought the color looked great on her. I dont color my hair, so I know nothing about these products. All I can say is that she loved it, it was easy to use and she would buy again.

Daisy Crowell, TX

The BEST Medium Brown

There are medium browns, and there are medium browns. This is the best of the best. Nice, rich, no RED! Great coverage, and with Ardell Gray Magic, spectacular coverage. This covers more than “lightens” your hair because Excellence doesn’t have ammonia. Preference has ammonia and lightens a lot, but to use that, you really have to be 25% gray or less. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with being very light in the “root” area and dark elsewhere. It doesn’t even matter if you only do your roots. It just doesn’t cover gray well enough.Hair after around 45 years of age becomes very “porous” and grabs the color more. This is why women wind up with light roots and dark ends, because it grabs too well, BUT NOT THE GRAY HAIR. This is partially to do with gray hair being more color resistant and the heat from your head with the ammonia (which winds up lightening it too much). The trick is to use a hair color without ammonia and use Ardell Gray Magic. About 10 drops per ounce and do the ROOTS ONLY.Every once and a while you will want to change your hair color or take out the “very dark” spots. Use a product called Color Oops. It’s great! Don’t store it though. It has a shelf life. Buy it and use it right away. The Extra Conditioning should be enough for most people, but if you have stubborn dark saturation, try the Extra Strength. This stuff is amazing. It literally lifts all the color out of your hair! No harsh bleach, like in Effasol! It does have a bit of 10 volume Hydrogen Peroxide, but that’s lower than the usual 20 volume you get in these kits.

Britney Reserve, LA

Great to use to tone down Red

This can be used as a toner 🙂 You can use this and choose a color that you like after about a week and it will look great!Okay, that’s all I’ve got to say! Try it:P

Melody Yosemite, KY



Bette Halcottsville, NY

Great grey hair coverage

I’ve been using this L’Oreal Excellence Crème for over five years and my hairdresser said that even he couldn’t do my hair color better than what I am doing myself. With that kind of comment, why would I switch? And, the price difference between this product and the cost of hair coloring at a salon? I think everyone knows how much money I’m saving! I have no intention of switching.

Ines Normantown, WV

Found my favorite color

I like Excellence and have been using it for years. It does the best job of coloring gray and leaves your hair looking healthy. I love this shade and unfortunately it seems to be difficult to find at the retail level, so I have to order online. I hope they don’t stop makling it!

Kristen Havana, KS


I already knew what I wanted before I came to I have tried many hair colors trying to get the one that most matches my natural hair color. I thought I had it made when I found this color. I have used this particular hair color for quite some time. When the stores where I normally shop, started discontinuing this particular color, I knew right where to go. Thanks, you have come through again.

Alexis Liberty Center, IN

love it!

this was my first time coloring my hair and it was so easy. i used the black hair dye and it looks very natural. definitely will use again

Bernadette Quinault, WA

My Wife Loves this Product

My wife first purchased this color at CVS. Since then, she had me order a whole bunch of them from Amazon for a better price. She likes the way it works and look. Will buy more when she runs out. Recommended.

Thelma Keldron, SD

Good stuff but Amazon’s title and the picture don’t match

Amazon: what are you selling here? The box picture is what I want to buy but the title you show doesn’t match. Amazon – can you fix this and make it clear waht people would be buying? Thank you.

Rachel Sanderson, TX

It’s red

I bought this seeking ash brown. It was everything I expected, except all I could see after toweling it off was… red.My hair seems soft and healthy, so that’s good, but it’s red. I’ve gotten compliments, but it’s red.I hate red.

Lenora Fredericksburg, IA

Easy to use!

L’Oreal is the only hair dye I will use. I love all sorts of shades. I have permed hair and like to keep the same shade so I do not over process my hair. However, I wanted to go back brown after I was using a reddish tint. I did so last week and it looks great!It is easy to use, does not take a lot of time. My only negatives would be it only covers gray for about a week or two. Also, it stains your hair towel for a few days as it sets in. Other than that I love it!

Sheri Daisy, GA

Incredible brown hair color

I’ve tried different haircolors and have always felt that my great stylist does the best color job on my hair but wants too much money.I had avoided gold toned hair colors due to fears of them fading out to brassiness, but really it’s what I need to use considering my pale warm skin tone and blue eyes.I was hoping for a rich dark gold but what I got from this shade was a light brown with tons of gold shimmer. This is by far the most flattering hair color for my complexion I’ve ever had. It’s brown sugar, a super warm shade which is actually a golden bronze color. It sets off my ghostly white skin and dark blue eyes perfectly.This comes with a tiny packet of conditioner you put on your dry ends before coloring and a big tube of conditioner that is the best I’ve ever used. Both of the conditioners would be my pick of best all time conditioners if I could buy them separately. L’Oreal is missing a great marketing opportunity by not selling these separately.My hair is in much better condition now than before I colored. The formula is thick and doesn’t drip, although the opening in the squeeze bottle was too big and it went all over as I applied it.I love how my hair looks and feels. This is a gorgeous shade. But be aware, it’s definitely not blond. It’s a shade and a half darker than the picture on the package, and I had light hair to being with. If you are like me, you won’t care, because it’s better than blond for some of us.

Alejandra East Livermore, ME

Fun Color, Soft Hair

I have very blonde hair and we hit the beach alot so it faded pretty quickly. But, it was fun while it lasted.

Claire Tea, SD

doesn’t spill all over

I like the Excellence Cream because it is thicker and easier to apply without getting a mess everywhere. It covers grey though I don’t have much so far. I use this color whenever I have been using red for awhile and my hair is getting lighter. This won’t cover the red, it makes a nice auburn color and then when I am ready to use red again it lasts longer over the brown.

Margret Saint Bernice, IN

The outcome was not as expected

If you are darkening your light blonde hair to the color in picture, you should go a shade or two darker, especially since it fades after the first wash. However, it did not look horrible and the conditioner works well.

Sheree Alton, IA

Awesome color

Love the color and I love the comb applicator for the bottle. Totally worth the purchase. The color lasts a while before it needs to be refreshed.

Leola Rome, NY

I’m a die hard L’Oreal customer

Excellence Creme has always given me good color, effective gray coverage and soft hair. I can’t say enough about this wonderful product.

Laverne Toa Alta, PR

Love this color

This strawberry blonde color is hard to find, so I love that I have such success with the Excellence line. I always receive compliments on the color and it looks so natural people are surprised it isn’t my own color.

Margie Howes, SD

Nice color

This is a sophisticated salon-like color. It lasts reasonably well and covers grey well. I gave it a three star rating because it dries my hair out. I have to do a lot more deep conditioning to keep my hair silky.

Katina Spokane, WA

8RB Medium Reddish Blonde

I have been using this color for the last year with great results. I no longer have to go to the salon every other month, and can keep my roots in check every three-weeks or so! The range of colors are natural enough so that applying the dye isn’t too daunting for newcomers. I have ashy blonde hair, and the Reddish Blonde color I’ve been using stays true for quite a while; it does eventually fade with time, but it’s not so sudden that it all washes out in the shower like other color products can.The quality of the product is also fantastic. After coloring, my hair feels silky and strong. Overall, this is a great brand of color. I’m so glad I decided to try coloring at home; the results are much more natural, and it’s easier on my wallet.

Agnes Frenchburg, KY

Great hair color

I have colored my hair for many years, both professionally and at home, and wish I had found this before. It gives a great, subtle color, with no brassiness at all. The coverage is excellent including of greys. Highly recommend.

Eugenia Goodyears Bar, CA