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L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour, Fairest Nude, 0.13-Ounce

Indulge in the color of pure luxury. Color riche nurturing and protective lipcolour is now richer, creamier and more moisturizing than ever before. In addition to nourishing ingredients like omega 3 and vitamin E, the formula has been enriched with argan oil.

Key features

  • Lipcolour with intensely rich color and hydration
  • Enriched with nourishing ingredients like Omega 3, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil to condition and soften lips
  • Available in a spectrum of gorgeous shades from bold to nearly nude

Honest reviews


it SMELLS really bad..

First off, I am not one of those girls who really cares about the smell of a makeup product, but this one, could make a corpse cry. Even once it was on my lips the smell did not fade and I had to smell it ALL day. Second off, this color matches my lips COMPLETELY. Like this is my lip color. I think its a LOT of peoples lip color. It’s definitely a nude color, but I expected it to be more pink shaded. Third off, my lips looked dry while using it, I always apply a lip balm before I put on a lipstick but this one killed my lip balm and replaced it with dry looking chapped lips.Not for me, even my old NYC lipstick was better than this and it was only a dollar.

Diana Kelseyville, CA

Fairest Nude: smell nearly killed me and the color made me look like the living dead

I decided to try fairest nude because a lot of reviewers mentioned the color as being subtle and great for them. I am brunette with fair to medium skin tone with a few freckles. I do not like bright lipstick. Unfortunately, for me, fairest nude was exactly the same shade as my skin which made me look like a mummy. Also it had a perfume-y smell that smelled like an old lady’s garage sale to me. I got a headache from the smell within ten minutes. It was worth a try, but I will have to throw this one out.

Violet Nett Lake, MN

Picture is misleading

The lipstick is NOT as light as it seems. It’s actually red. I don’t know why they make it seems so light, but it’s not. But I still recommend it, because I like red lipstick, and the lipstick lasts!

Leila Butte, MT

Perfect Bright Red

This is a great bright red color, I wore it on American Independence Day. Probably would not wear it every day

Rita Nyack, NY

Perfect for my skin tone – Goes on smooth and never cakes!

Sue Washington, NJ

Creamy, lush, rich lipstick with gorgeous color to boot!

I had been spending $25 to $35 on lipstick on department store brands and then moved on to Aveda lipsticks ($16-$18) which were nice and so natural you can eat them … but I can’t always get to an Aveda so the reviews for this product just made me salivate for this lipstick. The color, oh the color, is just beautiful. I am about to go and order a red one. LOVE L’Oreal!

Caroline Mariposa, CA

Bronzine, Fairest Nude, Pure Burgandy (Burgundy), Ginger Spice

Bronzine is a pretty – no orange or pink or gray- shimmery bronzed brown. Very easy to wear, at least on me. I’m light skinned with brown hair and brown eyes. This goes on very natural on me and doesn’t stand out.Fairest Nude is a cool nude, come to find out after I tried it. I need a warmer or neutral color. It is a very light pink nude and it doesn’t do anything for my coloring.Pure Burgundy is a reddish plummy brown that leans toward the bright side of things. A little bright for me as I was hoping for a darker not brighter color. (I top it off with my Iman lip shimmer in Velvet and that little bit of golden brown burgundy helps with the brightness and gives it that darker pop of color and gloss. The Iman line is marketed for people of color but this particular color Velvet is so beautiful on me.)Ginger Spice is a very pretty warm brown. I bought a back up for this particular color as I found a good color for me.Formula is nice and not drying at all. Slight scent that goes away quickly and no taste. I took off one star because the shimmer colors are not long lasting. I think these are made to be more moisturizing than long lasting. Overall, very good.

Sierra Aubrey, AR

L’Oreal Lipstick Fairest Nude

This lipstick in Fairest Nude is thus far my favorite nude lipstick. I struggled to find the right one–not too orange, not too purple, not so pale it makes my lips disappear. I was hoping for a pinkish nude that would complement my skin tone (light, cool) without making my teeth look yellow. I had lots of requirements and this was perfect on all counts. I could see this working for lots of skin tones, from medium to very light. I didn’t notice anything remarkable in either direction about its staying power. With a lipliner underneath, it’ll go a long time; without one, you’ll have to touch it up a lot–pretty standard in that regard. It does have a stronger smell than any other lipstick I’ve tried. I saw one reviewer say it smelled like an old lady’s garage sale. (Ha!) To me it smells like more like a mix of playdough and Dr. Pepper. I’m not terribly sensitive to smells, so it doesn’t bother me. But those with more delicate noses might want to pass this one up. Otherwise it’s a beautiful product.

Edythe Cobalt, ID

Fabulous Lip Stick

I love this lipstick….the color is rich and beautiful, and it glides on smoothly. It lasts a long time and you really get your money’s worth. I know lipsticks are really getting expensive but this one is worth the $$. It has staying power and will make you look great. I recommend! (I bought several of these)

Kristen Hornitos, CA


Love it love it! It goes on smooth and stays that way. Great natural look day or night! I use it with a gloss.

Christian Springboro, OH


This color is great for the price, wears as nice as a high end lip color for half the price.

Ida Staffordsville, VA

good product

good price good product good presentation i recommend the product you can buy it several times excellent bran and you can be confident very good price

Enid Adirondack, NY

Nude Lip Color

I bought this lip color to add variety to my lip colors. I found this lip color to be not moist enough and the color was too light for me.

Bertie Nicholls, GA

good product, hate the smell

It is great lipstick, the color is basic for everyone, however I hate the smell of it. If you can take it, then you will love it!

Bernice Piedmont, OK

Good Go-To Color

I love this color…it has become my go-to daily wear lipstick because it may be applied lightly to give a little added flush to the lips or more intensely for a rich, dramatic look. This shade is especially attractive on those whose color pallet leans more toward the autumn spectrum.

Beulah Speedwell, VA

not the best

Nice colour,feels good on the lips but it must be used with a liner.After a while the colour bleeds and smears easily.

Lelia Fairfield Bay, AR

A favorite for years!

I truly hope L’Oreal never stops making this color as I’ve used it for at least 25 years. It’s the best color for me–not too dark and not too light. I try other colors every so often but always go back to this old standby. Love the color and love the richness of the product itself. Has nice staying power without being like paint as some long-lasting lipsticks can be!

Patrice Rockwood, TX

Very Nice Color

This is a beautiful red/wine/burgundy color that goes great with most reds. It’s a blue red if you’re older like I am and prefer your teeth to look whiter. It goes on smoothly and wears well. It won’t last long but it’s easy enough to tote and reapply. Your basic, nice, lipstick.

Zelma Philadelphia, PA

Gorgeous color!!

I wear fake eyelashes, and eye shadow so I needed something softer looking for my lips. This lip stick is perfect! and it makes my lips feel so moist and soft.

Mina Beallsville, PA


I looooooove this color on me! I have olive colored skin and I just love red and the lipstick is just fantastic! It goes on creamy and smooth, color stays on for long time. Its perfect! I also have the electric pink color in colour riche, which I bought a long time ago and its a very goregous color. Nothing bad to say, also I got it about 3 days after ordering it.

Cassandra Tenafly, NJ

Love Silverstone

This lipcolor is amazing. I was worried that it would be too silverish and harsh but it really turned out to be a frosty nude shade that is actually toned down enough to wear to work. It goes with any other makeup colors and actually looks kind of natural. The color stays on forever and leaves my lips feeling and looking amazing. It is very frosty and shimmery and I just can’t say enough good things about it!

Jayne Tilton, NH

Fairest Nude

This is a makeup staple of mine. The color is long-lasting and does not bleed at all. It does fade after a period of time, but I only need to re-apply twice per day.

Rachel Hamden, OH

Pretty light lipstick! 🙂

Okay I love this color but its REALLY LIGHT on me. It looks more like a light gloss. I think its my lipcolor being darker and I’ve had this issue w other lipstick that were on the fair neutral side. I do think its a lovely lipstick but I need more pigmentation! 🙂

Katie Zanoni, MO

Best lipstick ever.

I like that L’oreal does not feather and it has decent staying power. If you don’t mind the smell I think it is the best of the drug store lipsticks for quality and color.

Theresa Forest Falls, CA

Spiced Cider

Beautiful color — glides on smoothly and doesn’t get patchy. It’s a reddish-brown, but not quite like the swatch shown. I would say it leans more towards the brown side.

Billie Hope, MI

Love the color

This is a very subtle but sexy look on my lips. This lipstick applies nicely and the colors holds well. I would purchase again.

Amy Simms, TX

too orange

Didn’t work for my skin tone but can switch colors. Good value and product consistency is very good and pricing is good.

Gale Union, KY

Great Lipstick, Not As Perfect As I Wanted

This lipstick as a whole brand is really great. It goes on easy and smooth. They are quick and easy to wash off when I am using them with actors and models on set. They have a wide and wonderful selection of colors to choose from and are well price (in stores) compared to brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder.I am not a fan of the cap, it is too easy to put on wrong in a hurry, I’ve had actors do it and then toss it in the makeup box where it dried out and I lost money.I’m also not a fan of the writing on the lipstick itself. Just a personal preference. I’m kind of a perfectionist and that is imperfect because as you use it the words smear and fade.The color Silverstone is not made for me, I use it with actors who have a darker skin and can pull it off. So fair skin, beware!

Concepcion Beersheba Springs, TN

I love the color

I purchased the color Mica and I love it. The lipstick feels great going on and is very moisturizing. It’s a reasonable price too.

Michell Burbank, WA

Worth The Hype! Great Color – Right Color!

The buzz around this lipstick is well deserved mostly because of the color. It’s hard to find that red tint without spending more than five dollars, more like 20 dollars. Good consistency, long wearing without chapping your lips. Bravo!

Lea Arjay, KY