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L’Oreal Collagen Filler Eye Illuminator Targeted Eye Treatment, 0.5-Ounce Tube

Fills wrinkles and minimizes dark circles with Collagen Bio-Spheres & Chromatic Micro-Particles Sometimes, a good night’s sleep just isn’t enough to refresh tired eyes and remove the signs of fatigue and aging. For crow’s feet and expression lines, as well as dark circles and shadows caused by hollowed, tired eyes, typical eye treatments are not enough.

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Loreal Collagen Filler Eye Treatment was not good.

Loreal Collagen Filler Eye Treatment was not good as I could not tell that any did any thing at all for the under eyes

Frances Holland Patent, NY

collagen filler for eyes

I have only used the product for 3 weeks. I really haven’t seen much difference yet. I intend to continue using it till I run out and then will decide whether it makes enough of a difference to order more of it. It does make the skin around the eye feel softer, but I have not seen any decrease in the depth of wrinkles. I will write another review after a few more weeks.

Lorie Saint Germain, WI

Not sure I can beat this one, but I’ll try

I got this because collagen is supposed to be key for lines and circles. When I first got this I thought it worked great on my very dark circles. Then after a while I thought it worked better on my fine lines and less on my dark circles. All in all this is great cream I’ve really been happy with. I am 31 and have only started using eye cream in the last couple of years and this is the second one I have tried. This is far better than the other loreal revitalift one I tried. Also not irritating to my sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this.4/5 stars since I don’t know how it really compares to others or how much my circles and lines are able to improve. Also, by applying enough where the eye area didn’t feel dry anymore, I felt the tube disappeared rather quickly. I think it said to use under the eye but of course you want to use all over the eye.

Faye Ogema, WI

It works!

This stuff works. I tried it on the wrinkles on one side of my forehead and not on the other side. There was a noticeable difference, worth the price of the product.The cream is a surface filler so washes off or just wears off during the day. It doesn’t take the wrinkles away like Botox or other cosmetic treatments which must be done by a medical doctor.

Wendi Nemacolin, PA

Good as a gift.

I bought this as a gift and it is good product. Recommend if you want something as a gift or want to use it for yourself.

Germaine Clifton Park, NY


This product doesn’t seem to work for me. I still have some and I guess I will just throw it a way. I did try it for a long time and didn’t see ANY results. Don’t waste your money on this..

Robert Fort Rucker, AL

Exactly What I Wanted

I have always bought these in retail stores and could no longer find them until I looked on Amazon. To my surprise they had them at $5.99 each and free shipping; whereas, I was paying up to $15 each in the retail stores, lucky me.The items arrived undamaged and in new condition.I am very pleased with my order, it is the real deal, new and undamaged.Vidimo Se!

Sheena Smock, PA

L’oreal Wrinkle Reducer

Love this product! I buy it in the larger size (1.0 oz) normally, but, saw it as an add on for only 5 bucks with my Prime account and jumped on it. Will look for it again to add onto another order. It is great for for filling in those fine lines around the mouth and between the eyebrows. Very good stuff!

Lakeisha Holland, NY