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L’Oreal Brow Stylist Professional 3-in-1 Brow Tool, Blonde 351 .02 oz

New Breakthrough Precision Tweezer (Pull-Out Tweezer) Brow Powder Pencil Custom Brow Brush L’ Oreal presents Brow Stylist� Professional, a 3-in-1 eyebrow shaping tool. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers. All day wear. Rich creme formula for smooth application. Smudge-resistant, up to 16-hour wear. Built-in sharpener and smudger. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Made in Germany

Key features

  • L’Oreal Brow Stylist Professional 3-in-1 Brow Tool, Blonde 351 .02 oz (810 mg)
  • Blonde 351

Honest reviews


Great Product

I love this eyebrow pencil. It is great and the tweezer that comes with it really is awesome and keeps ones brows polished looking.

Bernadette Jadwin, MO

Good Product.

I do like the eyebrow pencil and the brush. The tweezers do work but they are very hard to use, you are better off buying a better pair of tweezers, but the eyebrow pencil is fine. I got the Dark Blonde and it looks good on me. I used to use Clinique eye brow pencil in Soft Blonde that i loved but it’s expensive so i bought this instead. The eyebrow pencil is creamy like gel or a liquid eyeliner. It looks very good and fairly natural. It makes your eyebrows look very defined. Over all good product but don’t like the tweezers very much.I will buy this again.(:

Lela Small Point, ME

The company emailed me if I were not satisfied to let them know and they sent me another …

The pencil was greasy, coming off on my eyebrow hairs. The company emailed me if I were not satisfied to let them know and they sent me another pencil, which was slightly less greasy. Its not their fault. The pencil is L’Oreal and its just not that great a product.The price was right.

Terry Hansford, WV

Too rough not smooth and creamy

Mine was broken when it arrived to me and it was broken inside the sealed factory package. I didn’t put up a fuss about it because I could still use it. Problem is that everytime I use it it is rough on my skin it pulls at my eyebrow hairs and skin and it takes a lot just to get a spec of color to show up.Will I buy it again? That would be a BIG no.

Doris Hancock, ME

FINALLY – a GOOD pencil that won’t break!

As far as I am concerned, this is the only brow pencil I will ever buy again. I have wasted money on pencils that break when you sharpen them, or are not even able to be sharpened at all, much to my annoyance (Read my other review about Maybelline’s eyebrow pencil – I boycott them now on principle!). I love the color and it blends beautifully, thanks to the nice brush that is included. I haven’t used the tweezer yet, but that is because I have other tweezers that I like better. With cosmetics, I tend to buy more than one when I find one that I like, so I will definitely be purchasing another one.

Rosetta Hartwell, GA

Don’t BUY waste of money it SUCKS!

I bought this hoping it would be nice and it ended up being the cheapest crap you could buy. As soon as I open it I go to sharpen it and the eyeliner tip fell out of the wooden part so I go to sharpen again and it continued to keep falling out or crumbling. I ended up sharpening a good 2 inches off the pencil and still it just fell apart and was completely unusable.

Aurelia Kevil, KY


I prefer powder based eye brow pencils as they give a more natural look. Lancme has a fabulous one for dark brows color Sable. Pricey buy fabulous.

Tricia Mehama, OR

Works well.

In this brand I bought the 351 Blonde color which is actually sort of light brown so that my eyebrows come out of the invisible category. I first put moisturizer on the area then use the “Brow Powder Pencil” which is actually more a paste or crayon than powder, to color the hairs of my eyebrows as that’s the effect I want, not the artificial-looking, drawn-on-the-skin type of eyebrow. I find this product works very well to do just that, I mean color the individual hairs for a natural look so I don’t look eyebrowless.This product comes with a brush and a tweezer. I might use that tweezer for something else but I like my somewhat bushy eyebrows and don’t have the stomach to tweeze them anyway. Yikes. I used to have a boyfriend who tweezed his until he got quite old, then it looked as though he got new eyebrows – white hair and monstrous dark red eyebrows. (Yeah I know – more information than you wanted.)Anyway, this is a good product.

Janell Coolidge, GA

Perfect Color Brow Pencil For Me

This pencil is the perfect color for me! Usually I get makeup at the store because it is close up and personal! But I was so frustrated with my brow pencils (too dark too light)! So I took a chance and trusted the color and referrals! Well it turned out my homework online was not for nothing! Everyone’s reviews helped me out, so I plan on making this a really good review!!!! The pencil is three in on 1) The brow brush which is crucial when doing a great brow. 2) the tiny tweezer at the end of the pencil has a tiny opening in the end of the pencil which it slides in and out conveniently (Love this feature). 3) The color is a light brownish blond color, my brows are dk. brown, but the color is perfect after the blend with the tiny brow brush! (which is on the top cover for the pencil point of the brow pencil! Three in one….if you don’t feel satisfied with this fabulous three in one pencil you are doing something wrong! Those dark pencils I bought are not fit to do my whole brow but are great to outline my brow after using the three in one! No waste at all in those purchases! Thank you very much for solving my brow issue! Delivery was so fast and the packaging was packaged for protection!

Colette Pleasant Grove, AL