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Long Lasting Eyeliner Eye Liner Gel With Brush For Cosmetic Makeup Black


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I dont like it

Its mac product and sadly i really dont like this product. It is so smashy and i dont like it

Goldie Cleveland, MN

Great Eyes

Works well and my grandaughter thinks it is the best. I have not found an eyeliner that was this easy to apply.

Cynthia Itasca, IL

good product

I love the black of this gel liner. Its a good product, I only wish it lasted a bit longer.

Cherie Hooks, TX

best liner i’ve ever used..stays put and glides on so easily, it’s a real MAC product

price is perfect and a genuine MAC liner its the best ive used..doesnt make my eyes water like every other liner ive tried

Patrice Faywood, NM

Diffrent…Not Perfect But Better Than Expected

I do like this product BUT…I did read the reviews first and people said theirs came in a mac packaging mine came in a box with the ANGELA on it. Sooo… I don’t really care. When it comes to quality its a good liner it stays on all day and is smooth but you cannot apply it with the brush they give the brush is too flimsy fortunately I have angle brushes laying around so I used that and the liner went on well a little sheer but a lot goes a long way and if you need it really matte just pat a little matte black shadow on it. it dries quick but if you have oily lids wash up and put some shadow on because oil will make it rub off on. Allaround I like the product not the best but for the pprice better than I expected…

Glenna Newagen, ME

No depth.

I bought this expecting thick and dark color. Honestly, I don’t see the appeal in gel (and I am aware that i may be applying it wrong). when applying it is smears and is not definite and the color is faded and does not slick on thick (if that makes any sense). Also, it was a little expensive for something that is not that great. I have however found some use for it, instead of using it by itself, I use it as a base for my liquid eyeliner.

Danielle Spruce Pine, AL