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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, 4 Ounce

Perfect hair day (phd) 5-in-1 styling treatment, 4 ounce – style and treat in one genius solution.

Key features

  • Delivers the five benefits for a perfect hair day in one easy step- smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish
  • Styles and treats without compromising one for the other
  • Keeps your style cleaner, longer

Honest reviews


Does what it says, I just need a tad more volume

First, it’s free shipping if you just order direct from Living Proof. I’ve tried a majority of their products and I’m very pleased with this new one. My hair type is very thin, fine, yet wavy/curly hair. This stuff is amazing, within the first week I used, I had about 3 people comment on how “long” my hair was getting. Nope, my hair isn’t any longer, but this stuff is so amazing that it did a great job “relaxing” my normally dry, frizzy waves, so it just appeared smoother and longer. Even in the rain, my hair kept.My only issue is that my hair is so fine, it really needs volume, so I didn’t feel this product by itself gave enough volume (so that 1 out of the 5 pieces) I’d have to rate lower. I still use a “root lifter” on top of the product. With that. Yes, had some of the best consistent/consecutive hair days!It’s worth trying, not only this product, but the Living Proof line. I’ve been very pleased with all their products!

Shari Birmingham, IA

A Perfect Hair Day EVERY Day

I have been using this product for nearly a month and with each application my hair has improved. Now my healthy straight hair holds a curl even on humid days, plus it remains smooth and silky if I skip a day of styling. It only takes a little pearl size of PHD before blow drying so it is a great value too. I highly recommend this product especially to those with long or damaged hair.

Ronda Lost Springs, WY

Works well!

I got a lot of volume and was able to style my hair very easily with this product. It did cut down on the frizz and coarseness of my hair as well. I love this product and feel it will become a part of my everyday routine. My hair is very coarse, dry, and frizzy and this is helping it look healthier and also helping me to style it easier. After putting it in damp hair, I blow dry and pull the hair up from my crown and put some heat on it and that’s all I need to keep volume on top for a couple days. This product helps to hold the style and control the frizz.

Paige Lynnville, KY

Good stuff

I have very fine, stick-straight hair. Using just a dime-sized amount of this product makes my hair look smooth, sleek, shiny, and fabulous. As other reviewers have mentioned, I don’t feel like this product does a whole lot for me in the volume department, so I will try layering it with some other volumizing products to see if I get better results. Still, I really like this cream a lot and will definitely repurchase it.

Sue Zahl, ND


While I was not a fan of the original Living Proof shampoo, conditioner, etc. I LOVE this product. You don’t need to use a lot – just the size of a nickel. I have fine hair so I was hesistant to use something that would weigh it down. This product does not do that. My hair is easy to style, stays put all day, and looks good. I haven’t tried the shampoo/conditioner as my salon didn’t have it the last time I visited. If someone has used the shampoo/conditioner, please let me know what you think.

Chandra Yellow Pine, ID