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Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil & Avocado 12 Oz

Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free Conditioner & Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil & Avocado for Damaged Hair contains no sulfates or harsh ingredients that can strip hair of natural oils leaves hair cleansed with fabulous sheen and manageability.

Key features

  • No Sulfates
  • No Harsh Ingredients
  • Leaves Hair Cleansed & Conditioned with Fabulous Sheen & Manageability
  • For damaged hair

Honest reviews


Works great for transitioning 3c hair

At first I was apprehensive to try this product because Wen didn’t ‘wow’ me. But this product is a staple! It cleanses while moisturizing. It softened me hair and made my scalp tingle. Give this a try, if shampoo is too harsh for your hair!

Stephanie Allegany, OR

Took a few tries to figure it all out…now I use it daily!

A friend told me about Wen, so during my research I found this product. I gave it a try and found that it left a film on my hair and it dulled the color. As I researched more I learned that your hair (natural oils) have to adjust. I use this product consistently, although, I use it as a “shampoo” and still follow up with a light conditioner. When I rinse the conditioning cleanser out of my hair, it feels tangled and matted (but clean). I find just a tad of conditioner from another brand smooths and gives me what I’m looking for. I can tell you, I’ve never ever had a coloring treatment last so long! And I contribute that to this product. I overall feel that my hair is healthier. I would recommend this product!

Tanisha Portales, NM

Recieved Hair One Instead

I’d ordered Lisa Rachel but was sent Hair One. Hair One is pretty great though, I have long thick hair that tends to get oily on top and dry on the ends. My hair is naturally curly/wavy and it gets so tangled. This product is amazing, I combine it with As I Am Co-Wash and CHI Silk Treatment; my hair is so much betten than with using shampoo/conditioner. I no longer have frizzy fly aways, my hair is manageable, my hair is silky and lightweight. This is my first time using a cleansing wash and I no longer have the desire to use shampoo/ conditioner.

Mallory Cave City, AR

As good as Wen for SURE!!

This is the best non Wen I have tried and I have tried at least a half dozen. I am ordering in volume next time for sure!

Bernice Lakeview, OR

Just okay

This product is just ok. Doesn’t have the greatest smell, and I don’t see that it works better than any of the lower-priced cleansing conditioners.

Joanna Kent, OR

Worth your time!

I really like this product.I have AA hair, and this does a great job of actually conditioning the strands and combating dryness.It gives you instructions on how to apply & massage various sections of your hair, but whatever…just slap it on.:)My hair is actually soft afterward too, which is a challenging accomplishment!It says you can use this as a leave-in conditioner while wet. I use it as such on dry hair, and I find my curls come out better.I purchase mine at Ross.Best of luck!

Tania Burrel, CA

You don’t have to pay more for the same thing, unless you want to

From my own personal experience and also my daughter’s, this product has the same qualities which have made other similar conditioning hair cleansers very famous… but with an excessive price tag. Our choice is to pay less without sacrificing quality, and we found the answer with this product. Beware, however, not all conditioning hair cleansers are what they claim to be. This one is the alternative that has worked for both of us. We have nice hair… soft, shiny, manageable and healthy.

Mariana Francesville, IN


I recently purchased this product because I wanted something natural and good for my hair. I already am familiar with the amazing benefits of tea tree oil and thought I would give this a try since it’s supposedly similar to Wen. I’ve used Wen in the past and honestly Wen is slightly better but too overpriced. I’ve used this product for about 3 weeks and honestly it’s not that great at all. I can’t go more than 1 day without washing my hair with this product otherwise my scalp becomes insanely itchy and oily, which is abnormal for me. I usually can go 2-3 days without washing with no problem other than slight oiliness. The first day I used the product, my hair seemed ok. The smell was fine, my hair felt somewhat soft, appeared shiny and sleeker but results only lasted 1 day. The next day my hair was oily, scalp itchy, and very dirty looking. I would not purchase this product again. Instead I’ve found Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special which works loads better.

Vilma Huntingdon, PA


I have been using the Wen conditioner and thought I would try this in its place due to price – I have found that this is much thinner than what I am use to but not a bad product – just not the same.

Lauren Stockbridge, GA

Just didn’t work for me

Tried this sulfate-free hair cleanser in the hopes that it would work the same way as my current favorite version. This product was just more easily available, my favorite requires a trip to specialty beauty store or online purchase.Just didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the smell, and my hair just didn’t feel as smooth as it does when I use my other product. My hair was almost tangled up and started to frizz up.Just didn’t work the best for me.

Ofelia Bolivar, MO


I love this shampoo and conditioner combo. It makes my hair feels so soft. It took two bottles before I really noticed the damage repaired. But it was worth the wait. This is the only shampoo I use now.

Lesa Rocky Point, NY

Worked better than Wen

I wanted to try Wen for years but did not want to spend that much money. I found this at Ross around 10/2011 for $5.00 and have used it until 10/2012. The first time I washed my hair with this it was amazing the difference. I have very dry red hair and this made my hair shiny and bouncy. Even more amazing was how fast my hair grew in a year (pixie cut to touching my shoulders) and this when I am 49 years old and spent five months on 500 – 1000 calorie diet. I wanted to try Wen so I ordered it about a year later and my hair did appear a little shiner but after about three weeks of use my hair started falling out in hand fulls. Stopped Wen and now back to this cheaper version.

Marva Cortez, CO

Great shampoo cleans a bit

I like the smell and how my hair feels after, it cleans better than wen and feels lighter but you have to leave it enough on your hair, it makes it easy to style

Jamie Earp, CA

Not as good as I had hoped

I bought this product after reading all the rave reviews, but I’m not impressed. Maybe it’s just not formulated for baby-fine, long hair, because even following the directions to the letter, it left my hair oily, limp, and tangled. I’ve tried other conditioning cleansers that cost a lot less and worked much better. I won’t purchase this again.

Tonia Danville, ME