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Liquid Push Down Alcohol Dispenser- Clear Bottle- Labeled – 9 Oz Bottle

Perfect for alcohol dispensing on cotton ball, swabs, brushes 9 oz Polyethylene CLEAR bottle with Alcohol imprint Convenient swing lid, reduces odors, maintains purity Large opening for easy filling

Key features

  • Perfect for alcohol dispensing on cotton ball, swabs, brushes
  • 9 oz Polyethylene CLEAR bottle with Alcohol imprint
  • Convenient swing lid, reduces odors, maintains purity
  • Large opening for easy filling

Honest reviews


nice product but…

I have a problem with buying a product, liking it, and then going back to buy more only to find that it has gone up in price a lot. This is very frustrating. If I were to wait a few months, okay, that’s fair…but one week? To go from 7.50 to 10.00? That’s absurd.I bought some more but from another site, at the cheaper price. These merchants should not play games like this…

Francis Tallulah Falls, GA

Great item, but sellers need better descriptions.

I first ordered one of these that says “alcohol” on the side just like the pictured item. After using it and being very satsified with the quality of the product & how professional it looked, I ordered 2 more. The only problem is you never know which seller is going to fulfill your order. So when my 2nd order arrived from seller #2 I got the same bottle only it didn’t say alcohol. In fact they were both blank. Now I could easily write “alcohol” on them with a sharpie but that looks tacky and unprofessional. Don’t get me wrong, the dispenser itself is great but the sellers need to send the product that is described in the listing, not what they feel like sending.

Janine Billings, MO

Replace the disposal alcohol pad

Not all insurance plans cover the disposal alcohol pads or they can be part of your maximum Rx coverage. This is an inexpensive way to replace this item. You see this standard dispenser in a doctor’s office. Cotton balls and a bottle of alcohol are cheap. If someone in your home needs daily shots this is a safe clean efficient inexpensive replacement for disposal alcohol pads.

Alisa Merrifield, VA

Saves my acetone from evaporating!

I love to do my own nail art so when I found this push bottle I thought it was such a great bargain it is the biggest I’ve found so far at 9 ounces is it safe to use since if it’s tipped over it won’t leak

Teresa Ono, PA

1st bottle has ALCOHOL on it and 2nd bottle has nothing on it.

I put my makeup remover in it and it is so great! I enjoy taking off my makeup with this tool!Just 2-3 pumps on my cotton round. I place it on my sink counter but its not too noticeable so I dont mind it.It is so convenient! I had to order another one today so that i can use it for my nail polish remover.Update – my first bottle didn’t have the wording on it which I really like because I use it for makeup remover and it sits on my sink. I bought another one to use for my nail polish remover and this one has the word alcohol on it. I guess I don’t mind it because nail polish remover is kind of like alcohol…. i like the bottle without the wording though. Just be aware that they seem to just randomly send out bottles with and without lettering. Not sure why that is.

Mercedes Salyersville, KY

Great product, great price!

I love this bottle, it’s much bigger than I thought it was going to be but that’s a plus. It will hold an entire bottle of nail polish remover. It pushes down with ease and has a lid that snaps tight so I never have to worry about it spilling.

Catherine Montour, IA

So Convenient – no need to worry about spills

I bought 2 bottles and love how you don’t have to worry about spilling – perfect amount from each pump. I bought another bottle later and it doesn’t come with "Alcohol" written on the bottle like the first order. So I’m guessing it’s not from the same supplier. I’ve only used them for a couple of months so I can’t tell if they will last, but so far so good, looks like a quality product.

Tonia Langston, OK


Works perfectly for me. I’m diabetic and use it for my blood tests everyday. It does take me 3 presses to get a good coating on a cotton ball.

Annabelle Dorsey, IL

Nice little bottle!

I am SO happy I received the bottle with the alcohol lettering on it! Nice bottle and works well. Great purchase at a GREAT price. Thanks. Shipping was a bit slow, but I’m glad it arrived. No damage.

Mindy New Castle, VA

Works well

I use this for prep solution when doing my own gel nails. It works well and eliminates spills. Good value.

Shelly Cora, WV


I have a cat that has diabetes. I use one needle twice a day and needed to make sure it was cleaned before I drew up the afternoon dose of medicine. This product has made the process of getting the alcohol out of the bottle so much easier. I love it. I bought two and plan to use the second one for fingernail polish remover.

Audra Sugar Grove, IL

Push Down Dispense

Perfect, just what I wanted and needed, works just as expected, mine came with the "alcohol" on the side which I read some ppl didn’t get on theirs. But over all, I really love this, its pretty much hands free, just push the cotton ball down and you get the perfect amount of alcohol., and it looks good too. I would love to buy another, but I want it to be blank, with no lettering so I can put other liquid stuff in it.

Charlene Rio Linda, CA

I mean, it’s not super-durable or anything

But it’s a piece of plastic.I use it and it’s nice.It’s no different than any other one on the market, really. It’s cool.

Nina Montpelier, VA

THis is great!

I bought this to help me out with finger nail polish remover. This is the greatest thing I have ever bought as far as tools for my nails. I my 9 year old even can use it and I don’t have to worry about it spilling all over. I would recommend everyone who does their own nails to invest in at least one. I haven’t tried it with cuticle oils or lotions yet (this bottle is a little big for that), but if you did use it in bulk, it’d be great for the after lotion from a mani.

Claire Wye Mills, MD

Exactly what I wanted

Exactly what I expected. It works well and pumps a decent amount of fluid out. Will get again when this one no longer works or I need another.

Rena Atka, AK

Good purchase

I don’t really know where else i would have found something like this, but then again i’m not sure if i ever looked! In any case, good purchase, great product. Ordered one at first just to test it out, and ended up really liking it and got another! So if you need more than one–go ahead and order both at the same time.I use these in my nail polish kits, one for acetone, one for non-acetone remover. Too many times I have tipped over polish remove with the cap off, or the smell fills up my whole house. This is a great solution for both problems. I have had these for a few months now, no problems, no leaking, dispenser works perfectly still.

Mia Sterling, OK

Does the trick

I put my makeup remover in here and it’s way easier to pump onto the round cotton pads. Works excellent – only wish it didn’t say ‘alcohol’ on it – even though it stays in my closet

Christian Bradley Beach, NJ


Im really happy with this.the quality is very good, the pump works great, the plastic is nice and hard.the size is just perfect. not too big or small to grab easily.

Felecia Worthington, KY

Works Well

I use this for Nail Polish Remover and it seems to be spill proof. Works well for what I want it to do.

Cara Esopus, NY

Wish it didn’t say “alcohol” on the side

This is a great product. It works as advertised. I just wish they either had one that said nail polish remover or was just blank on the side.

Cassie Blue Eye, MO

Easy to Use – No Evaporation

This is very easy for one-handed use. I like it so much I plan to buy unlabeled for some of the other liquids I use in the kitchen and bath.

Shannon Salem, WI

Great value

Container is large and well designed. Smooth pump action brings alcohol to the surface better than several similar products.Shipment was quick and well packaged.

Lesa Auburn, MI

Works fine.

This products does what it says. It works fine for me it is plastic but I don’t feel like it is too cheaply made so that’s a plus. I also like that it is clearly labeled alcohol so you don’t mix it up.

Sondra Harvard, MA

Alcohol Dispenser

I purchased this alcohol dispenser at the recommendation of my sister who used for the last step of the nail shellacking application. Very handy to use and makes the process so much easier then having to apply it straight out of the bottle. Very handy!!!

Amie Ware Shoals, SC

5 Stars!

No complaints for this dispenser! Great product…. Hope there’s for travel size too!!! There’s no alcohol wording but I like it since I put acetone in it.

Wilda Green Cove Springs, FL