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Liquid Gold Brush-on Bonding Adhesive for Cold Fusion Hair Extensions and Braids – .5oz

Liquid Gold professional bonding products – Welcome to the next generation of cold fusion! Liquid Gold bonds up to 5 times stronger and lasts up to 5 times longer than other bonding products. With Liquid Gold you can apply wefted installations, seal braids, and highlights and lowlights and apply bonding tips to bulk hair for other extension applications such as fusion. Liquid Gold is removed easily and quickly with Liquid Gold Bonding Remover – which is also a superior remover for other latex bond adhesives. Liquid Gold is a concentrated bonding agent which dries clear, making it perfect for all hair colors! Liquid Gold has no offensive odor which promotes a better salon experience. The bonds can be re-liquefied with heat, so it never needs to be reapplied due to product drying. In fact, the drier Liquid Gold gets after being applied to the weft, the better itwill bond (In contrast, latex glues have to be bonded quickly before they dry).

Key features

  • Professional quality
  • Easier and cleaner applications than latex or hot fusion adhesives
  • Affordable – no expensive equipment required!
  • Longer lasting (up to 5 weeks)
  • Easy removal

Honest reviews


hate it

when i got this i got glue remover instead and i had to pay like 10 dollars for everything to ship it back for a refund of like 6 dollars

Gail Caplinger Mills, MO


OK, this product held the tracks so so, however I did not find it to be any better than the standard black glue that you can buy at any beauty supply store! I recommend these 2 products which I purchased at Amazon (c-22 citrus solvent for removing tracks, glues etc. Salon Pro 30 second glue #02416, excellent glue and is does not clog inside the bottle as the standard beauty supply kind does! It is a synch to pour this glue onto the track.Liquid Gold glue is cool as far as the brush ability however it is extremely messy. As you replace the brush inside the bottle, some of the glue drips stringy strings of the gooey glue onto your hands, sink or perhaps floor if you are not quick to put the cap on. This product is very difficult to remove from surface and hands. The standard black up simply rubs off between your fingers without adding any other product to enhance the removal process and washes out of the hair pretty quickly with little to no remanding residue.I chose this product because I thought it was a better feature as it offers a brush. The sticky drips and mess that it makes is NOT worth the effort. After one application I threw the bottle out. Once I removed my 2 tracks I had to not only use the solvent that I recommend but once my hair dried I found that much of the glue was still in my natural hair! It was difficult removing because I had already wrapped and dried my hair. Needless to say I almost combed chunks of my natural hair out because I did not know the residue of this glue remained! Try the 2 products that I suggested, one will easily remove glue track etc and the other holds tracks nicely and is a breeze removing from counters, skin and hair.

Jo Mount Sidney, VA


these work but it isnt water proof.i used sometime it hold really good.what i dont like is it get very messy @ dry if let alone for a long time.had to bought another one.i still use it

Jan South Egremont, MA

Just Ok

Tricky to use if you aren’t a professional. Product is a bit sticky and requires a steady hand.

Nannie Canovanas, PR

the best

I have been using gold bond adhesive for years to attach my hair wefts. I have tried about every method imaginable, and for me, since I put in my extensions myself, the gold bond adhesive works by far the best. I think gold bond should give more detailed and extensive instructions for proper use. I had to learn the hard way. It is very important to wait about five minutes, until the bead of glue on the weft is setting up, but still tacky. Then apply the weft and keep pressing it onto your head. This not only holds extremely well, but is much less messy than applying them when the glue is wetter. I change out my wefts about every 5 or even 6 weeks and have very little problem with any of them coming loose. I use citrus-22 to remove them which works very well and quickly with little problem with residue. In short, this is good stuff!

Angelina Pebble Beach, CA