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Liquid Glass Nail Laminate With Sunscreen 0.5oz

Liquid Glass Nail Laminate With Sunscreen 0.5oz

Key features

  • Nail Laminate

Honest reviews


Its ok

I am not impressed with this product. I was looking for a top coat that is super shiney like gel top coat. This was just not it. I did not use it enough to know how well it works because it was not super shiney, glass like finish I wanted

Mable Thurman, IA

Awesome top coat

This polish dries quickly and really strengthens my nails. I usually put one coat of this on my nails every day or every other day to prolong the life of my manicures.

Joyce Grimesland, NC

Excellent top coat

I use this as a base and top coat with OPI polish and my nail polish lasts at least 5 days…it is very shiny and people notice the finish. You might need to do a tiny touch up in the 5 day period, but generally it really keeps the polish in good shape.

Lourdes New Milford, CT

dries faster, clear, and tough

had to purchase online because local stores stopped carrying. probably because of the “evil” (so I’ve heard) pthalates inside. will dislike having to find a replacement that is pthalate-free, but will do so when this last order runs dry. I actually coat this ON TOP of my seche viteSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat .5 Fl Ozand really helps my homemade manis last.

Heather Graysville, TN

Nice, but I’ve had better…

Compared to the top coats you typically find in the drugstore, this stuff is amazing. However, I bought the “Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat High Shine”, and it’s much better than the Liquid Glass. In my experience, the Seche Vite product really does dry faster, harder, and shinier.This top coat would be the best ever… if only I hadn’t also tried the Seche Vite.

Bettye Ruby Valley, NV

Not worthwhile.

I found this to be a waste of money. This chips off and dries out your nails, especially if they’re already in bad shape.

Lorraine Roseland, NJ