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Liquid Basic Starter Kit Acrylic-pulver Acrylic Powder Brush for 3D Nail Art Full Set

Basic Starter Kit for UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Ready to use including: 1 x 15g Clear acrylic powder 1 x 15g Pink acrylic powder 1 x 15g White acrylic powder 1 x 18ml Acrylic primer 1 x 120ml Acrylic liquid 1 x Acrylic Brush 1 x Glass Dappen Dish 20 x Nail forms

Key features

  • Starter Kit
  • Nail Art Full Set
  • Acrylic-pulver Acrylic Powder

Honest reviews


Pretty decent kit

The brush however, sucks. It was too small to work comfortably on your nails and for some reason the beads would get stuck to the brush and wouldn’t drop easily onto the nails. All in all a good set but buy another brush. >.<

Rosie Bergholz, OH

Powder SUCKS

It came it early and the little glass dappen dish is adorable. It looked really nice and I was really excited to use it. When I try to do my nails the powder gets really gummy. As soon as you add the powder to the liquid and place it on the nail it stays put and you can hardly shape it. I tried using more and less liquid and still no change no matter how much liquid I use. The pink white and clear where all impossible to use. With my normal powder I can set a ball of acrylic on my nail and let it sit for a few seconds before shaping. With this you absolutely can’t because it will harden to a gummy texture, and after that it doesn’t become solid very quickly and stays gummy and is very hard to file. I don’t understand all the positive reviews…

Alba Methuen, MA

I like it

Finally I received this. I tried writing a review before but wouldn’t let me post. The first time I ordered this was from another seller and never received it until I had to ask were my stuff is and they didn’t know. Crappy. So I ordered from a different seller and it finally got here. The liquid was a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it is a nice size. Everything was in the box and secure. My brush though, was smashed and bent now it’s trash, I can’t use it. Over all I love it!EDIT: I just opened up my primer to find no brush!!! The brush fell off and is soaking in the primer all over the place! Smh I hope the rest of the product is ok. Its bad enough my brush is useless now I have to find a brush for my primer.

Lauren Middletown, IL

Took a while to arrive, but it is a really nice kit for beginners or at home users

It came well packaged, secured and no leaking. This is good for in home users like me or for beginners. There would be enough acrylic LIQUID for a profession salon, but the powder containers are big enough for a long time use if you’re doing at home. Good product and came with a very small brush, you will need a bigger brush to do better acrylic nails, the brush that came with it is too small for the job. But otherwise, GOOD PRODUCT GREEEEEEAAAAAT PRICE!

Cleo Oran, MO

Check out my link don’t wait three months for this it’s over priced

Please do yourself a favor and save your time and money. I waited three months and I’ve seen other reviews stating the packing was opened.. My item was returned to sender upon arrival in US Post, I’m guessing because it was leaking. After waiting three months, two weeks past the last day of eta, it was returned to china. I had a az claim amazon immediately refunded my money. I found one for five dollars less with much more to the set. Check out olymstore for their acrylic powder set

Eddie Halifax, VA

Challenging but great quality

1. It has a ton of monomer2. A TON of powder3. The little bowl is helpfulThe brush really sucks but I had another one. It’s a brush made for nail art painting. It’s pretty hard to get used to but it didn’t turn out too bad. The quality of the acrylic is great.

Valeria Jolley, IA

Incredibly please with everything in this package!

I got the product out and used it as soon as it got here, The liquid works well, The powders are good, The primer does its job, and i love the little brush and dish! This is a wonderful buy and everything works very well.

Clarice Pullman, WV


The powder is a nice clean color and the little dish is cute! Forms a good strong bond. Use in a well ventilated area!

Jocelyn Lakeview, AR


This here product Ichose it for the price but I tell you it is so mini I couldn’t believe my eyes. I only used the clear it seemed to be ok but a little cloudy. I haven’t used the pink or white yet. So I guess I’ll come back later.

Ginger Rectortown, VA


this is really great for beginners i would suggest to buy a better brush but it is very good kit.

Bonnie Williston, NC

This is a great kit. But I had to get nail brushes

This is a great kit. But I had to get nail brushes, the one that came with the kit is short and the hairs in the brush fell out in the first application. Nail forms work great, product is good. Good practice kit or starter kit.

Staci Rochester, NY

Liquid Basic starter Kit Acrtlic powder Brush for 3D nails

got this for the grand daughter and she is loving it, just learning the art.

Faith Loveland, OH

nail starter kit

works very well did my nails that day I got it and they look great. It got here about a week earlier than said. all products were nice size the brush that comes with it is really to small but for the price it was well worth it

Phyllis Sherwood, OH