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Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer by Lipcote

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  • Lipcote Lipstick Sealer by Lipcote

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burns but works

Oh my, this stuff burns when you put it on. I am glad I was prepared for that! It goes away in ten seconds though, and it is well worth it. Really seals your lipstick! No transfer for hours! Washes off easily with face wash though. Will buy again.

Hallie Spinnerstown, PA

I hated lipstick before this product changed my mind!

I’ve always hated lipstick, I can’t stand it smudging everywhere, and having to check every five minutes for smudges on my face and teeth. This product is amazing! It does smell a bit funny, but it doesn’t burn my lips at all, and after it dries completely doesn’t smudge or move at all. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to blot your lipstick, but that’s not a fault of the product itself, it’s actually what makes it work so well. I’ve noticed that it does take a little while to dry, and therefore is a bit tacky during that time, but once it’s completely dry it’s so smooth and not drying to the lips at all. Would definitely recommend, and will re-order when I’m out. Can’t wait for a chance to test it with red lipstick too 😀

Lucile Gardner, CO


I have used many lipstick sealer and this one is just okay. Lipstick still bleeds after application, so what’s the point?

Patricia Rockfield, KY


When you put it on it burns. Smells weird while it dries. But once it does you are left with essentially stained lips the colour of the lipstick which lasts a really long time

Lynne Grand Rapids, OH

For those lipsticks that don’t last

If you have a super creamy lipstick you love but that bleeds all over your coffee cup in the morning, you need to invest in Lipcote. Put your lipstick on and blot it to perfection. Then, coat your lips with Lipcote. There will be a slight burning. Let the coat dry and then your lipstick should last. I was impressed with the wear since my lipstick won’t stay on my lips to save me.

Ines Walcott, IA


I use this for my eyebrows. It causes my eyebrow makeup to stay put all day long. Too much on may cause you to itch, but once you got the right amount adjusted, you will not know you have it on. I only tried on lipstick once, and it works there too, but I need it most for my eyebrows.

Estelle Rockton, PA