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Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream (SPF30/PA++) (50ml) Makes your skin moist as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition. It is a low-stimulating product since it doesn’t contain the ingredient of organic ultraviolet screen. The index of SPF30 and PA++ not only controls the generation of skin blemish but makes your skin brighter. Please noted: The date at the bottom of the product which is the manufacture date, and the expiration date which is 3 years from the manufacture date

Key features

  • Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream (SPF30/PA++)
  • Whitening, Wrinkle Care, Sun screen all in one

Honest reviews


LOVE This!

I absolutely LOVE this BB cream! Actually, I love most of Lioele’s products. I have purchased some from Amazon and some from another website. The only thing to remember when considering to but this product is that it only comes on one shade and is meant for very fair skin. If you are not very fair, then this product is not for you. The coverage on it is amazing and I do not need concealer or anything else. I do like to set it with their sebum catching powder because some days I am a bit oily.

Tamera Kattskill Bay, NY


This is one of the best foundations that I’ve ever used. I love BB creams and have had trouble finding pink-undertone foundation that looks light and natural. Makes skin look flawless!

Mona Ireton, IA

For someone who needs a good coverage!

Pro: Really good for someone (like me) with lots of imperfections that needs covering! Even with just one pump, this bb cream really blurs acne scars, dark circles and really evens out the complexion!!! Compared to Skin79 bb creams, the Lioele bb cream does NOT give you the "dead" look (as in a grey skin). AND it does not oxidize and disappear like most bb creams do which is very good for someone who needs coverage. And most important of all, THIS hasn’t broken me out at all!!!! No new acne whatsoever!!! And this bb cream also makes your pores disappear in an instant!!!Con: so far so good!! Except that this bb cream is so thick that I suggest using less than the pump distributes Or using a brush because you’ll still have bb cream on your hands even after you spread it throughout the face!SOOOOO!!!!!! If you’re someone who needs a good but natural coverage, this product is for you! AND USE A GOOD CLEANSER WHEN REMOVING MAKEUP!!! I use the Skin79 bb cleanser!!!!

Ashlee Napoleon, MO

I will never wear foundation again!

This product takes a little long (by Amazon standards) to arrive but it is ABSOLUTELY worth the wait. I have problem skin and have had acne all of my life. I have tried all kinds of foundation from Clinique and Bobbi Brown to MAC and Urban Decay, mineral, and drugstore foundations. None compare to this product.I love that it is a pump to prevent contamination and waste, and when you pump it looks like a creamy foundation. The miracle happens when you put it on. I stipple it on with a stippling brush that I also got from Amazon and it covers like a dream but at the same time is feather light. It can be light to full coverage by layering, when my skin is really bad I do four pumps and my face looks flawless – most of the time two pumps will do the trick.The best thing for me is that it smooths out my acne scars, when I have this on my face just looks smooth (no dented surfaces). I have sensitive skin and so far it hasn’t broken me out. I use a primer when I want it to last (Too Faced Primed and Poreless Sensitive) or on it’s own when I’m just out and about. When I take it off at the end of the day, my face feels soft and smooth – my skin never felt this way with regular foundationI recommend this to anyone that has problem skin and wants a flawless look without feeling like you have a mask on – you can’t go wrong with this product.

Britney Windsor, OH

Not for me

I wanted to love this. I read the reviews and watched the youtube reviews. So I gave it a try. Now I have tried it every which way. From freshly washed face, fully dry face, after moisturizer, without moisturizer. A very small amount, and a bit more than that. It did not go on the way I thought it should. It did not look natural and seemed to accentuate my larger pores and fine lines. On top of all that I found it hard to remove completely with regular face wash and it smelled powdery, like an old lady. The shipping was timely and packaging nice. Good company and probably good product just not for me. Oh well, not the first $30 I’ve ever wasted.

Kristen Ben Lomond, CA

Great natural coverage!

I love this bb! I am fair and neutral and this comes off a bit yellow on me but still a well blendable and wearable bb, makes a great primer/base. I’m so impressed with the coverage you get from this bb without it having a heavy feeling on the skin, it’s light and comfortable but offers up to medium coverage. On a daily basis I will wear this and set it with a powder. It’s light, quick and lasts all day with a little extra help from a setting spray. This is my 2nd favorite bb next to Skin79 hot pink and only because it is not yellow like lioele.

Willa Eagleville, CA

Love this stuff!

I’ve tried the missha BB cream in #23 & it is a great match with SPF 42. I really like it; but it has a bit of a grayish cast. The lioele triple the solution bb cream is awesome b/c it doesn’t have a gray cast & has a fuller coverage than the Missha. The only downfall of this product is the color. When I am my normal pale self it is a perfect match BUT if I have a tan I have to mix it with a darker foundation. I love all of the benefits of BB Creams & this one is no exception. GREAT STUFF!!!

Alice Pulaski, IL

Nothing short of AMAZING!!

For years and years I have struggled to find a makeup that would give my skin a flawless look, not break me out or make my skin oily, match my skintone AND be affordable. Well, after all those years of searching I think I’ve found it!!! After all the hype of BB creams, I really wanted to try one for myself, but had no clue which brand would cover the best and work well with my skin. (I have combination skin, some oily spots, some dry, and prone to breakouts) I have some acne scarring and needed coverage for that as well. Basically, my skin was a mess and you would NEVER guess that with this BB cream. My pores are minimized, my face feels moisturized, but not oily at all. I have a nice matte, slightly dewy glow to my skin. The color matches perfectly, like it was made for my skin (fair skinned, red/pinkish tones). The coverage is amazing! I was a little skeptical if this would cover my blemish marks/scars and it does. It looks like my skin has been airbrushed! Hands down, the best stuff ever – and the best part, I don’t need a moisturizer, concealer or foundation, just this bottle because it does it all. Will DEFINITELY be purchasing again!!!

Dessie Littleton, IL


I absolutely love this BB cream. Other BB creams can be light coverage or too pale to the skin, but this Lioele one is the best. I have a lot of acne scars on my cheek areas and this has helped covered it completely!! It’s so light and non greasy I will so buy it again! Plus its SPF 30 which will help diminish the discoloration. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!Check out my review/swatches on this product![…]

Suzette Harveys Lake, PA

My go to

I love this product because of the excellent coverage it has. This bb cream is medium coverage for me, and can be full if you apply a second layer. This bb cream seems to have more of a dewy finish, when compared to the Holika Holika Pore Clearing, which has a matte finish. I have oily/combination skin and I noticed that it held up pretty well if I applied a primer and set it with powder. On it’s own, I find these bb creams aren’t that longer lasting, but again, it could be because of my skin type. I have some acne scarring, and I noticed that with 3 weeks of consecutive use, they seem to be diminishing a bit. I also liked that the product did not break me out at all.

Monique Mansfield, PA

good BB cream

I’ve used many different brand of BB cream, and after I saw this, i decided to give it a try. It did has a nice smell, and the texture wasn’t very thick either, it’s a bit creamy and the blends my skin very well when I applied it on my face.

Twila Marshall, MO

Really happy with this product

I have sensitive, dry, acne prone skin. I first tried this BB Cream last summer and immediately disliked it. The color was way off and it felt too heavy. I gave it another shot this winter and now I am loving it. The color isn’t perfect, but it’s not as bad as I originally thought. It mixes well with my regular foundation to get a better color for me. I apply it with a foundation brush which I hadn’t before, and this seems to blend it better and make it feel less heavy. It has a strong perfumey scent which is why I gave it 4 stars (that and the color). The coverage is pretty good. I have used up to 2 pumps on days when I’m trying to get full coverage, and 1 pump on days where I just want a medium coverage. I find that even though it is a bit thick, it blends easily and has a nice looking finish. I would say it’s more on the matte side, but not super matte. I haven’t had any problems with it breaking me out or anything so that’s a real plus. It lasts all day and doesn’t sink into my wrinkles unless I really pack it on. Nothing a little Q-tip action can’t handle. Overall I am really happy with this BB Cream and will continue to use it.We will see if the summer weather makes me change my mind again 😉

May Tarawa Terrace, NC

Didn’t work for me….

I wanted to love this product after the youtube video reviews but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. First, I’m light to medium complexion so this is too light on me. I had to use a darker powder and bronzer in order for it to look more natural. If you are fair, you should be fine. The other issue was after a couple of weeks, I started developing bumps and white heads. I have sensitive acne prone skin and it just didn’t agree with this BB Cream. I guess I stick with Missha until I find something better.

Karen Wellington, IL

Great cover!

This is the first BB cream I’ve tried, so I can’t really compare it to others. I really like the coverage it provides, but gave it only 4 stars because it doesn’t appear to come in any other shades, and this one is definitely too light for me–even though I have pretty fair skin. It does provide great sun protection. Be aware that delivery takes several weeks though, as it ships directly from China.

Marlene Middleville, NY

Great BB Cream

The coverage is amazing on this product! You could definitely wear it alone with a setting powder and be good to go. It’s by far the best BB cream I’ve used so far. It’s not too pale for my skin either which is really nice. I’m a light/medium skin tone. The only thing is that it is pretty moisturizing so if you have combo to oily skin like me you may want to try something else. But I gave it 5 stars because that’s with my skin, not the product itself. I didn’t realize it was going to be so moisturizing. So when I wear it I don’t use my regular moisurizer, I just use that and set it with a pressed powder. I will definitely use the rest of it up though. I highly recommend mostly for normal to dry skin types.

Janell Bauxite, AR

Very Good Coverage

I had watched my favorite You Tube Guru’s review on this product and thought I would give it a try. It is one color and it is a bit light so if you are a medium skin tone I it would be much too light. Product blends well and it has very good coverage. I enjoy trying new foundations and I will definately use this one up,however, coverage wise, it doesn’t come close to my favorite foundation Estee Lauder Doublewear and Doublewear Light. Coverage on those are amazing.

Corrine Hampton, IA

great product

This BB cream was easy to use. It has a pump and you can control how much you need. I am an olive medium complexion, and i blend this in using another foundation to achieve the right look. Its long lasting and can tolerate high temperature.

Callie Lockney, TX

Best BB Cream!

I tried a bunch of american BB creams but didn’t like any of them. A friend told me to try an asian one so I did. I absolutely love this BB cream! It makes my skin look flawless and the tube has lasted me a while.

Eddie Audubon, IA

i love the coverage but….

i love how it literally covers my acne and spots but its a little on the greasy side. leaves my face feeling oily and i am not a big fan of that. overall id say if you were wanting just night out cream its fine but not an all day

Lakesha Osterburg, PA

terrible bb cream

I don’t usually have very sensitive skin, but this bb cream made me breakout! always in the same place too! also i don’t think this even has a SPF. Gives me a gray cast; not very flattering.

Nita Cuba City, WI

Nice BB cream

So far, I have used it several times. I like the coverage that a Korean BB cream offers compared to the thinner US ones. I have a pretty light skin tone, but I thought this BB cream was a little too light for me. So i have had to mix it with another BB cream so that it’s not too pale on my skin. I bought this cream for use in the winter, since my normal BB cream is a little too drying in the winer, but perfect in the summer when my naturally oily skin is oilier. This did work better on me in the winter…. I just wish they made this BB cream in other colors. I would def like to go a color up. Otherwise, since I can mix it with a darker shade, I am good with it.

Jennie Adah, PA

It is brightening,

It says that it doesn’t brighten your skin like other Asian BB Creams, but it is brightening. Maybe it’s just lighter in color. I am pretty fair and still.. Pretty bright. I have to layer it with bronze.Regarding the BB benefits — it’s amazing.

Judith Newville, PA

Matte finish

All the other BB I have tried (which I also love) Have left me a bit over moisturized which in the winter is no problem but i get oily fast in the summer. So far this one feels great!

Clara Teton Village, WY

heard so many good things

heard so many good things about this product i had to buy to see for myself and I love it…keeps my skin soft and applies great…great for spring and summer when you want to go light with foundation…don’t really need to use foundation if you don’t want to…I absolutely love bb creams

Maryellen Union City, TN

great coverage

feels light on skin and covers very well. I have oily skin and use this product on my trip to puerto rico. stayed all day even with sweat and outdoor climate .

Melisa Forest, VA

Good color

So first off, I have young skin with some minor acne scarring and the occasional breakout now. This BB cream doesn’t have THAT much coverage unless you build it up to a few coats and buff in it gently. I was a bit scared when I first pumped it out because it looked kind of dark, but when I put it on, it seemed to just adjust to my skin color, so I like it. Kind of a dewy finish.

Francine Cloverdale, CA


I was skeptical at first (like I am about most skin care products), but after seeing so many recommendations for this product I had to give it a try.I have sensitive, combination/oily skin, and so far I have had no luck with any kind of foundation. They always leave me either still shiny or cakey-looking. My skin just hates foundation for some reason, which is annoying because I do have dark circles and some uneven coloring.This BB cream works extremely well for me. It doesn’t sit on top of my pores and look cakey, and it blends in nicely to even out my skin tone without looking like I’m wearing a ton of makeup.I love it and will continue to use it as long as it’s available. The only downside I can see is that if you have tan or darker skin, it won’t work for you because it’s very pale in color.

Evelyn Ripplemead, VA

Great BB cream

I have been experimenting with Korean makeup as of late, and this BB cream has a great finish. I’m NW 25 in MAC foundation, and this matches my skin perfectly. Love it.

Liza Cochise, AZ

i love this bb cream

I really like this bb cream and i will be re-purchasing it when it runs out! Ive had it a few months now and my skin looks healthier than it did using a liquid foundation everyday.

Judy Jarrell, TX

GREAT BB cream for oily/sensitive skin!

This stuff is amazing! I have very fair, sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin, and this is the first BB cream I can wear all day that stays on beautifully and doesn’t make me break out. I am so excited about this product. The price fluctuates a lot (was $22 when I bought it; $14 5 days later), but it was still worth every penny. I would say it has light to medium coverage, but with a couple dabs of concealer I am good to go. 🙂

Julie Black Oak, AR