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Lioele Auto Eyebrow #2 Dark Brown

Lioele Auto Eyebrow #2 Dark Brown

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  • Lioele Auto Eyebrow #2 Dark Brown

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nice product

the eyebrow pencil makes it easy to do your eyebrows quickly. on one end is the angled pencil that goes on somewhat light-handed and you won’t end up with super dark eyebrows unless you keep on drawing it on. the other end is a brush to clean up unruly eyebrows. my only complaint was that the silver cap doesn’t stay on – perhaps a defective?

Clare Manlius, IL

Great product!!!

I’m so happy with this eyebrow pencil. When I bought it I had my doubts of quality and how well the color would match. I have medium ash brown eye brows, and this matches PERFECTLY!The product goes on amazingly well, and blends so good! It comes with a spoolie on the other end so you can easily blend it. The color is very rich, and applies very smoothly. The really nice thing is that you only need a little bit because when you blend it, it goes a very long way! Product stays on all day but easily washes off with face wash and water.I’m really amazed as well that this product does not smudge or transfer if you accidentally touch your brows. I had an itch and wiped my finger over my brow and then thought "Oh no!" but I looked at my finger, and there was no color there. I checked my brows in the mirror and they were still there!I highly suggest this eyebrow pencil to anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative from the name brands, but also wants something that works very well.

Suzanne Madawaska, ME


Really love this eyebrow pencil. LIke how it doesn’t come out too dark. Ordered the grayish one. It took a little long getting here bc it shipped all the way from Korea!

Liliana Cannonsburg, MI


….NOT disappointing! I was really happy with thish eyebrow pencil.I don’t usually use an eyebrow pencil, I use dolly wink eyebrow cake or a brown eye shadow and wax pencil, all works great but this is even better~The cut angle on the pencil is good since it makes more natural strokes when you gently brush across the brow. I have naturally dark brown hair, so I obviously chose dark brown. In picture it looks odd with a green/yellow brown hue. In actuality it’s a perfect shade of a natural dark brown but a small shade lighter(since your eyebrows are supposed to be coloured in a shade lighter than your hair). So its great! Oh, and the hardness is very nice, you use less product that way and never worry about some sort of eyebrow hairs clumping together from too much soft pencil.It also comes with a spoolie on one end, very handy and durable as long as you take care to put the cap back on!In result, your eyebrows will have that soft look after gently brushing out your brows after the application. Very natural and cute!I will definitely buy this again, I hope they come out with more shades soon, for people who have a red or blonde shades of hair, they’ll make more money, especially if I dye my hair. ):

Sofia Lavaca, AR

I reallly like it for my black eyebrows

Its really good for asians because of the color selection it has. A little goes a long ways and I feel like its not too soft so it doesn’t apply too much. Its gives very natural brows

Jessica New Boston, MO


I have bought all the Anastasia Brow stuff and everything that goes with it. I saw a review on this particular brow pencil and decided to try it. I’m SO glad I did. It is now my favorite. It just works for me. It’s cheaper, too. The cap on the spooly part doesn’t stay on though….

Lillie Oakland, MI

Love the color.

One of the best eyebrow pencils I found. The applicator tip is well designed for drawing thick eyebrows (not good for drawing thin) and the color appears very natural.

Taylor Bunkerville, NV

Great pencil, easy to use..

I bought this pencil and the grey black one later on. The grey black actually works better for me and looks the most natural, but both are good pencils. The grey black one was broken when I got it, but I popped it back into the case and it works fine. The pencil itself is very easy to use because of the shape of the tip that’s great for creating a natural look.

Callie Waikoloa, HI


I have dark chocolate brown hair, and this matches my eyebrows PERFECTLY! The pencil is a dryer consistency which is perfect for eyebrows. When an eyebrow pencil is creamy it looks super unnatural! They look very natural, just fuller. Love this product!

Charlene Gobles, MI

Love it!!!!!

I am so happy to have found this product! I found out about it on youtube where one of the beauty bloggers was raving about this. Yes took a very long time to receive it but the wait is worth it! I have dark brown hair and this shade was perfect for me! The product is very dry so it helps the drawing brows look very natural. The spooly on the other end is very helpful too! I am in love with this pencil. Prior to this I have been using NYX Brow Cake powder. I love the pencil and am going to buy a few more of them to make sure I am never out of stock! 🙂

Latisha Carlsbad, NM

Great for black haired girls

I love this auto eyebrow pencil. It looks very natural, the packaging is very nice as well, it comes with a spooley on one end which comes in handy to blend out. Make sure you do small strokes to get the most natural look. I ordered the Grey/Black color.

Goldie Lakehurst, NJ

Totally worth it!!!

Love how natural this brow pencil looks! It’s definitely worth the price, and it has saved me alot of time in the mornings:)

Esperanza Ashwood, OR


I’m chinese with dark features and this brow pencil is insanely great. It can produce a natural to dramatic brow with ease. The brush at the end is super soft. The shipper also added 2 samples of Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack.

Brittany Neffs, OH

Great Product for Value!

I’d been looking to buy this product from a while now from sites like Pretty and Cute but it was about $20 for the eyebrow pencil and shipping. This is a fraction of the price! The product goes on much more smoothly than I anticipated and has just the right amount of pigment. However, the color is a bit more grey-ish in tone than I expected, but it is still good.I would purchase this again.

Heidi Tomah, WI

Best Eyebrow Pencil Ever (especially for black hair)

I’ve never found a black eyebrow pencil that didn’t make me look like a tranny. I love this one. No more sharpie eyebrows! It’s perfect.

Marla Oceanside, CA

Not just for Asian eyebrows!

What can I say? I love this eyebrow pencil!I’m biracial (black and white) with yellow undertones. I have dark brown hair and have naturally thick, black brows, but with fine hairs (if that makes sense). So, there is a lot of filling in that needs to happen. My eyebrows have always been the one part of my makeup routine that I’ve been the most "scared" of. The most I ventured into eyebrow territory is purchasing a tinted gel from Anastasia (color: granite) and using it occasionally. Finding colors has been difficult and I needed something that was easy to apply and could help me avoid the evil stepmother look considering I’m a newbie to eyebrows.After reading reviews, I was intrigued and ordered this product. It is FANTASTIC! I love the unique shape of the pencil. Allows me to fill in my brows just slightly, but still looks natural. Easy to apply and lasts all day on my oil prone skin. I also love the little spoolie on the other end, although it’s impossible to keep the cap on it.

Mitzi Breeding, KY

Perfect eye pencil for me

I don’t want to have to spend forever on my brows. The unusual angle of the pencil is perfect for quickly filling and shaping brows. I purchased #3 Gray-black which I was scared may be too dark, but it’s actually perfect. It pretty much blends seamlessly into my brows. For reference, I have black hair. A pure black pencil would have made me look severe and a lighter brown tends to look too reddish on my face.

Anita Cherry Valley, AR