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Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick – Coquette

Pale, blushed nude. Because extra-pale lips are beautiful!

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  • LIME CRIME Opaque Lipstick – Coquette

Honest reviews


dont know..

the actual lipstick is darker then in the picture. i really dont lke the smell. its like kids makeup lol. it ook it off and i keep smeling my lips now its not really good smelling. it goes on very smooth and creamy but ima use it wit gloss. i cnt believe ip ayed like 20 bucks for lipstick LOL but yeah its ok. i wish it had alil bit of pink tint to it but its nude so i guess not

Miriam Bruno, NE

Prettiest Nude Color Ever!

I just received this lipstick and tried it on, it looks amazing! I have big lips with some wrinkles and lipsticks tend to crease a lot, making the color look uneven. But this lipstick doesn’t do that. It looks very smooth on lips very similar to MAC lipsticks, but somehow is lighter, which is a good thing. The color is also a pleasant surprise, it doesn’t make me look like a corps which a lot of MAC’s nude lipsticks do, this one has use the right amount of orange and pink tints. Moreover, the case is really cute, colorful and pretty, makes me happy every time i look at it or using it. I will definitely buy it again!

Graciela Eden, TX

A Bit Darker

The picture does this color no justice. It makes it seem really light, which some may like, but I ordered it after I read it goes on a little darker. It doesn’t look chalky at all and goes on really smooth. It is the perfect nude lipstick. I added a natural colored gloss over it and it looked really great. (NYX lipgloss) If you like Lime Crime lipsticks or want a really opaque nude colored lippy I would recommend this.

Tiffany Woodland, AL

Two Stars

color is not good

Marietta Carter Lake, IA

My first Lime Crime

Great neutral color…can change it to pink with a swipe of gloss. Creamy, but not so much that it disappears in 5 minutes. I prefer my lipsticks on the dryer side and this does the job.

Yolanda Middlefield, OH

another one of my loves

I couldn’t get enough with just one of lime crime lipsticks that I had to purchase three…so opaque and very creamy…love the packaging as well

Judi Goshen, IN

holy wow this is opaque

so i’ve always heard really great reviews about limecrime but wow I was not expecting this lipstick to be so opaque!! and i say that in a good way, its awesome. the color is really nice, It seems a little off in the picture but just google it if you want more swatches. the lipstick smells nice, similar to MAC and not like the old lady lipstick smell. the consistency is really nice, just make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying – as you should with any lipstick anyway.

Penelope Millfield, OH

~The Most Perfect Nude Lipstick I’ve Ever Used!!!~

I just received my lipstick today in the mail and, once I applied it to my lips I immediately fell in love! It went on so smooth and it was so moisturizing! I’ve been debating purchasing Coquette for a while but after buying Countessa Fluoresent I wanted to try more from this company! And once I did finally decide I wanted Coquette it wasn’t even available!! So once it became available again my next purchase was Great Pink Planet and the Coquette. The Great Pink Planet lipstick looks really pretty and very moisturizing just like the Coquette and Countessa. But, the Coquette is defiantly my favorite so far by Lime Crime!!! I love it so much that I just ordered another tube today!!! I have medium brown skin and this lipstick looks AMAZING on my lips!! I knew I had a winner when it looked great on me even without any makeup on!! This really is a very beautiful nude lipstick for every skin tone!

Deidra Milton, IL

My Issue is the Color

I’m very pale, and it’s hard to find a good nude lip color for me. I know that Lime Crime lipsticks can be a much different color than what their pictures show, but since it seemed pretty light I thought it wouldn’t be so bad.I was wrong.This lipstick is more of a caramel/tan color, and significantly darker than what is shown. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I wasn’t altogether surprised with what color it turned out to be. I don’t mind wearing it as a thin layer on my lips when I feel like wearing a cozy caramel color. It will be good for lazy autumn days.This is suited for someone who has more of a midrange tone of skin, maybe someone who is a little more tan.I’m not too surprised or upset over how it turned out. I wish the best of luck to those who buy this!

Judi Whippany, NJ

Great lipstick just not what I was looking for…

Honestly, the lipstick itself is great. Feels great and the color is actually really nice (sort of a pinkish hue). It’s just not what i was looking for, nor did it look like the color in the picture. That may be because the person in the photo has a much lighter complexion than me, I’m not sure. But I’m still on my search for the perfect nude lipstick. I’m probably going to have to continue using concealer even though it dries my lips out :/

Candace Manor, GA

Color of Kate Beckette on Castle

Has a light bronze or light coral undertone, which to me, looks exactly like the actress on Castle, Kate Beckette. the picture appears more of a pink undertone to me. I bought it as people said it was not quite like picture- it is not. But it had the bronze-coral undertone I DID want. Thank you Amazon reviewer!

Shelly Belfast, TN


This color is very sensual, if you are looking for that natural look, this lipstick is just perfect for any sweet gal 🙂

Sophie Destrehan, LA

I love nude lipstick

Perfect color for year around and any occasion . I love nude polishes so this was a great addition to my collection, formula on this lipped are very opaque and creamy. Highly recommend these. Package came quickly and well packaged.

Ericka San Gabriel, CA

Brilliant but with a gloss….

If you wore this without a gloss you will look like did. If you want to have the sexy color on the picture, you will have to use a lip gloss to make it alive.

Vivian Lumberville, PA

Great color!!!!

Very pretty color!!! But you would need a gloss with the product if your lips are dry as mine. Adorable packaging!!!!! Got another color in Babette. Also fast shipping as well.

Pearlie Knightsen, CA

Perfect Nude!!!

this looks fantastic on alot of skin tones & works perfect with my fair skin it’s not too nude & it”s not greasy. My lips are in love 🙂

Sophia Vaughnsville, OH