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Life-flo Pure Tamanu Oil, 1-Ounce

Pure tamanu oil – natural care for healthy, smooth, blemish-free skin.

Key features

  • 100% pure organic Tamanu oil for skin rejuvenation
  • Traditionally used by Pacific Islanders for its skin therapeutic properties and ability to promote healthy skin renewal
  • Pure Tamanu Oil, from the South Pacific island Tamanu tree

Honest reviews


This Stuff HEALS!

I’ve been trying out various oils for the skin: manuka oil(great for acne), argan oil (anti-aging and moisturizing), rosehip oil (anti-aging and moisturizing) and now this one, tamanu oil by Life-flo. Whereas the others are a thinner consistency and are excellent for what their respective purposes are, this one is very thick and quite pungent – very strong nutty scent. It does not bother me, but I only use it on my face at night because otherwise I can smell it all through the day! It’s purported use is for anti-aging and moisturizing and it is wonderful for that; I like to mix it with my other oils for a potent elixir. A few drops on the hands beneath my regular hand cream leaves them moisturized for hours. All this is well and good, but there is a bonus benefit that I am very pleased about. Earlier this week, I awoke with the skin beneath one of my eyes very sore, as if I were getting a stye. Both eyes were swollen from allergies and felt miserable all day; gritty and relentlessly itching. I haven’t worn eye makeup all week (and may never again). I read about some of the uses for tamanu oil and found one comment by a person who said that he used it around his eyes to soothe them. So…I tried it under my eyes at night in lieu of the argan and rosehip oils. When I woke the next morning, most of the soreness was gone and my eyes looked brighter than they had in weeks. The oil is so thick that it did not travel up into my eyes, instead soothing and moisturizing the area underneath. Now several days later, the soreness is completely gone, my eyes still look bright and my skin looks great. So I use it as daytime undereye moisturizer as well, scent be damned. It takes so very little of it to be effective that I think this bottle will last a long time. I also had an abrasion on the bridge of my nose from my glasses and in two nights’ applications of this oil, it has completely cleared up. I am a lifetime fan.

Iva Brookings, SD

Tamanu Oil

This product has a pretty strong “nutty” odor to it, but I do like the product. It does make you skin very soft; however, it caused my face to break out, so I had to discontinue using it. I do still use it for dry patchy areas on my legs as I suffer from ezcema and it does help heal those areas. Would still recommend this product even though I am unable to use it on my face. 🙂

Abbie Fairview, KS

Still Testing for scar removal

I got this bottle a couple of days ago. It is a small 30 ml bottle about the size of a finger. Here are a few Tamanu Oil Pointers I have gathered in a week and a half:Tamanu Oil is greasy when applied but gets absorbed nicely in 3-4 hours or over night.Tamanu Oil clears/brightens the skin and kills all pimples and skin bumps. It also gets rid of all allergic skin redness.Tamanu Oil gets rid of the scars by skin-flaking method. Scars exists as hyper-pigmentation on the various layers of skin. Keep brushing the flakes (gently) off your skin to get rid of scars soon.Tamanu Oil should be applied on a clean skin. So wash your skin gently before every application.Tamanu oil is greasy when applied but it doesn’t soften the skin even after it has been fully absorbed into the skin. For softness mix it with your favorite cream (Only one cream at a time: night cream at night time and water based moisturizer in the morning time)Effects of Tamanu oil are not visible during or just after application. They are visible after 3-4 hours or overnight.Full Review:When I saw Tamanu oil, it looked and smelled just like mustard oil. Mustard oil is a very commonly used in Indian (East) household for hair & body massage, cooking, darkening the color-effects of henna designs/tattoos on palms and protecting food from germs. Mustard Oil is a strong oil and I have had a pretty bad reaction on my facial skin. So, I was apprehensive about applying Tamanu oil on my facial skin. But thanks to all the reviews on Amazon as well as on other portals online, I mustered strength to apply it on face. Here is what I think about Tamanu oil:1st time application:It is very neutral on my skin. So far no adverse reaction has happened. However, I don’t agree with the claims that Tamanu oil doesn’t leave any residue on skin after application or that it is a dry oil. It is very much like a thick oil it is supposed to be. I applied a very little amount, 3-4 drops, on my entire face and neck but my skin (facial, neck’s and hands’) still looks and feels greasy even after massaging oil into it. Maybe I need to use less of it so it doesn’t leave any greasy feel or I should apply it at night time. I don’t have any problem with its odor, as I have grown up in a country where everybody loves mustard oil (the similar looking and smelling oil).Update 2nd day of application:Also it is a green oil and when I applied on my brown skin, I got a tone darker skin as a result. Good news is, Tamanu oil didn’t cause any breakage. But, it didn’t prevent the already present ultra small pimples and minute bumps on skin from dying out. I applied it on my lips. It doesn’t cure chapped lips completely but it has made me stop gorging on my lip balm frequently. I will give it 3 stars for not causing breakage even though it is greasy in nature.3rd Day Result:Wow! My skin looks radiant. I applied it last night and slept. The dark oil on my skin vanished and my complexion looks so clear and bright! No redness on my face at all! The small pimples and bumps didn’t grow into full ones!However, the old scars are still present. Hope they will eventually vanish. Also my skin is flaking, hopefully, the flaking of skin is only to get rid of dead-skin-scars. My skin isn’t soft though. I am still clueless how to regain softness of the face.4th/5th/6th Day(s) to 1.5 weeks Review:I am getting used to seeing a brightly lit face in the morning in the white (6500k) light of mine. Well white light unlike the soft white/yellow light tells me the reality of my face.Face is soft and clean (finally discovered how to make the skin soft with tamanu oil. Just mix tamanu oil with some non greasy-cream. Tamanu oil is greasy enough, since it doesn’t cause any breakage, it is trusted greasy. Mixing it with greasy pimple-causing cream may cause skin to break. Anyway, my nivea soft cream goes well with it). The small pimples have an arrested development and the bumps are gone. However, scars are still at large and the skin-flaking is there. I give this great oil 4 stars.I am planning on applying it on my skin regularly for a couple of weeks to see if the light and small scars on my face disappear. Since it is a natural product, it may take its own time to heal the skin properly. You cannot expect magic. Will update this review accordingly. Hopefully this will help everybody.

Petra Lodi, WI

🙁 Disappointed

I didn’t like this tamanu oil at all. I normally purchase the Shea Terra brand and I decided to try this one out as Shea Terra had changed their formula. I will say that I didn’t like this one at all. There was no noticeable difference in my blemishes, like I had seen with the Shea Terra. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone and will not repurchase.

Dorothea Bradley, CA

still getting use to it

use this with baobab oil, olive oil and shea butter, jojoba oil for my face as a moisturizer. SUPER IMPROVEMENT in 2 weeks. I hate the smell but it’s not awful, it smells green. but it works, a little goes a long way

Debora Yucca Valley, CA

Skin Saving Tamanu

I have tried everything to clear up my hormonal acne, from OTC chemical laden things, to raw honey. Nothing seemed to work. I tried oil cleansing but I was using the wrong oil, so I did some more digging and came across this. Tamanu and Sunflower oils are suppose to be amazing for skin.I purchased both this and Life-Flo’s Sunflower Oil and use them to oil cleanse my face. I use the sunflower as the oil cleanser and then I put the tamanu oil on as a moisturizer. A very little bit of this goes a very long way. It absorbs quicker than other oils but if you put it on too thick it will take awhile to absorb into your skin. I have been using this for about two weeks now and I have never seen my face clearer than it has been with this and sunflower oil, except for before hormones took over.This also appears to be plumping up any fine lines I might have around my eyes. I also have noticed that any scars I have on my face seem to be fading or have faded since using this. This oil does have a very weird scent to it, like a nutty, smokey aroma, however it doesn’t take long to get used to and fades rather fast. It is a little astringent, so if you have oily skin like I do it seems to help control the oil. My skin looks dewy now, not oil slick.I will be purchasing this product again, this is a must for my facial regimen.

Lara Oak Bluffs, MA

Scars fade away

I had some chemical burns after doing a glycol peel of 50% which left a long, nasty scar running down the contour of my cheek to the right side of my mouth. I’ve been using this for a little less than a month and my scar is completely gone. Great product.It’s also very rich, and strongly scented. I use it at night to give my skin some deep, deep lovin. Or if my face is really dry I mix a couple drops with some Argan oil so my face won’t be too greasy throughout the day.

Alberta Talpa, TX

Good for skin

I like this product because it does help with the rejuvenation. Not only that it is pure natural or organic it actually works. Lately, I don’t really have to wear makeup. Although, it will make your skin peel for the first time, I think that it might be the rejuvenation process. I actually have to mix this with other essential oils like lavender and argan oil so that it is not so potent or strong for my skin type.

Kaye Veyo, UT

My skin looks more radiant, breakouts heal faster. Doesn’t seem to stop breakouts, though.

I’ve been using this for about a month, at night I use 2 drops all over my face after washing. I have noticed that it helps my pimples heal MUCH more quickly, it’s very noticeable how much faster they heal. But it hasn’t stopped me from getting pimples (yet?), and it hasn’t increased my pimples. They just heal faster, and leave less scarring.I have also noticed that the quality of my skin between the pimples is better, it’s less dull than it used to be. If the pimples would just go away I feel like I would have gorgeous skin, but it seems like Tamanu oil is only a part of that. I need something else in my routine or diet to help stop the pimples from forming in the first place, because it’s not looking like Tamanu oil is going to stop the acne, it just helps make it more tolerable.You don’t want to use a lot of this oil, or it will leave your skin feeling awful & greasy (& smelly). Your skin won’t absorb more than a few drops, that’s all it takes. I’ve also noticed that it makes my skin dryer, so I have to use a little bit more moisturizer than normal around my mouth or I get flakes.

Tammi Cisco, KY