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Life-Flo Progesta-Care Plus Natural Progesterone Body Cream, Menopause Solutions, with Phytoestrogens , 4 oz

Physician developed & scientifically formulated. Each full press of the pump dispenses 20 mg of natural progesterone USP and 25 mg natural phytoestrogens. Progesta-Care Plus is formulated to contain 480 mg of natural progesterone USP and 600 mg of natural phytoestrogens per ounce. (This product and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) No animals were used to test this product. Manufactured in the USA. * Should try pumping the bottle 30 to 40 times. * Remove the cap. * Before using the pump for the first time only, prime the pump by pressing the top of the pump all the way down repeatedly until the cream appears. The cream obtained from priming should be dispensed into a tissue and then discarded. The pump is now primed and is ready to use. You will not have to repeat this priming process during your treatment. * When dispensing the cream, slightly tilt the pump.

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I bought this because I ran out of what I normally use (menopause moisture creme by better health naturally). I bought it at a local health food store, a 2 mths. supply in one bottle.When I put it on, it was very greasy, no matter how much I massaged it in, the film never left my skin. It caused instant hot flashes that lasted the entire time I used this product. To me, it smells awful and I checked the date and it said it was good. It caused me to become very aggitated and even down right angry for no reason. It made me super moody, in a bad way.I got online and placed my order immediatly after 2 weeks of using this product. I will never switch again and I will make sure I don’t run out of my trusted “happy friend”.If it works for others, that’s wonderful, we are all different. However, this just didn’t do it for me.

Juana Freedom, IN

No hot flashes

When I was using this I didn’t have any hot flashes and I am in perimenopause so I need to get some more of this. I also didn’t feel numb fingers. I know that is a symptom of low progesterone. This product is very helpful for menopausal women. It think my eyebrows were thicker but it has been a while since I have used this. I put it on once a day like it said you can. But I think it says twice a day or when you need it. Plus I skipped a week and then used it for three weeks.

Jolene Todd, PA

Works for hot flashes

Works for hot flashes. I have recommended this to many of my friends and some found it did not work. When I asked how they were using it, I learned that they were placing it in bony areas of their bodies, ie. wrists. That is why! You must rub it into fatty areas, ie. inside upper arms, inner thighs, belly or breasts. Don’t suggest buttocks because when you go to the bathroom you would be transferring it to the next person using it. If you think you may have sex that day, use your upper arms instead of inner thighs if you don’t want your man to get man boobs.

Susan Genoa, NE

Cannot recommend

I tried this for several months and did not have any positive results. I went back to the Black Cohosh capsules. They work great to help keep the hotflashes at bay. This —- not so much.

Ruth Pear Valley, TX

Use regularly

This is a big help, learned about by Dr. Northrope book, I can tell a difference by using it, order often.

Leigh Gravelly, AR

Made my life easier.

I’m 45, and menopause comes early in our family. I relied on soy for a while to get my phytoestrogens, until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism – two pharmacists and two doctors told me no more soy because it interferes with the thyroid hormone. Within weeks I was having almost nonstop hot flashes, and waking up in sweat-drenched sheets several times a night. This went on for six months. I started using this stuff 2x day for a week, and then 1x day after that. Within the first week my daily not flashes were gone, and at the end of the 2nd week, my night sweats were, too. As a bonus, my sex drive increased a bit. I’m usually a skeptic, but this stuff works for me.

Marva Clemmons, NC