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Life-Flo Organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil, 1 Ounce

A rich, amber-colored oil from the ripened fruit of the rose known as hips. Contains natural retinol acid (vitamin a) and is well sought after for helping to replenish and restore mature or sun-exposed skin.

Key features

  • Contains natural retinol acid (vitamin A)
  • Well sought after for helping to replenish and restore mature or sun-exposed skin
  • Organically grown
  • Cold pressed

Honest reviews


A great tip at a cheap price!

Keep a small bottle of rose hips oil next to your shower. As soon as your done showering, rub several drops of rose hips oil over your body. It’s a great moisturizer and doesn’t leave your skin oily. You can continue to layer on your regular boy moisturizer or just use the rose hips oil.Rose hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a rose bush which grows wild in the southern Andes. It is unique among vegetable oils because it contains retinol (Vitamin A), and is also high in vitamin C. Rose hip seed oil is high in the essential fatty acids -linoleic acid oromega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3. It is commonly used in skin care products. It is used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles. Rose hip oil is also frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging.For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles. And be on the lookout for the launch of our new site that will have treatment reviews, spa reviews and product reviews. See you at pimples and wrinkles!

Glenda Plains, MT



Robert Troy, VA

Breaks me out….

I bought this to mix with other oils but I tried to use it on my face due to some good reviews and it was not a match for me. It broke me out, not terribly but it did cause bumps on my face. I will use it on my stretch marks and hope to see results.

Marlene Keenesburg, CO

I love this oil!!!

Just a few drops and my skin toned up, cleared up, and the texture became really smooth. I wish they sold larger sizes for body use.

Alyson Port O Connor, TX

Using with Carrot Oil.

I am using this with carrot oil on my face, after dermarolling and its wonderful.It takes the pain away from the derma rolling and hydrates quickly, also it doesn’t leave a greasy or oil look or feel.Absorbs quickly.

Jessie Wayne, PA

looks ok

I’ve never used this item or any other rosehip oil, so have nothing to compare it to – but looks to be pure – have just started using it

Roseann Talala, OK

5 Star Rose Hip Seed Oil – Excellent Hydration that is NOT Greasy!

Lightweight oil absorbs quickly and I notice a definite improvement in the texture of my skin. Very smooth and not greasy, and because rose hips is a Natural oil and not synthetic (i.e. mineral oil) NO Breakouts. The product is genuine Amber (dark yellow) in color. I love this brand and have already re-ordered more.

Delores Madison, OH

Love this stuff

So far i love it. It makes my face feel so good and hydrated will be ordering more for sure!

Margret Randall, IA

don’t see what the hype is about

I don’t see any difference in my skin since I purchased this item. I stopped putting it on my entire face and now just put it under my eyes for extra moisture

Kristine Wellington, UT

love this stuff

love this stuff. I use it as a moisturizer night and day. I am 21 and I firmly believe in prevention rather than reversing. I keep it in my fridge to make it last longer.

Carolyn Edgar, NE

Best skin care move I’ve ever made – brighter skin, and (unexpected!) reduced scar appearance

I picked this up on a whim at the health food store. BEST MOVE EVER. I didn’t go into it expecting anything; I was really just experimenting. But boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t smell great, and it feels awfully greasy if you overuse – use the dropper to put one drop on your fingertips, rub them together, then lightly apply to face. But the iffy smell is completely worth the results. My skin was brighter after just a few days’ use, and within a few weeks’ time, I was shocked to realize that a chicken pox scar I’ve had over my eyebrow SINCE AGE FIVE was significantly less noticeable. Nothing has even come close to affecting that scar, and I never expected anything to. I swear I looked in the mirror with my jaw wide open for about five minutes, turning my head this way and that to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Ha! Definitely seems to ease the appearance of wrinkles, too. Forget expensive moisturizers; this is all you need!

Dominique Norwood, NJ

Life-Flo Organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil, 1 Ounce

I bought this to put on my face at night in place of a moisturizer. I have a lot of acne scarring and was hoping it would help fade the scars, as many reviews said it would. I’ve been using it 5-7 nights per week for about 4 months now, and I don’t notice much difference. I also didn’t experience the next morning "glow" that many reviewers experienced. It didn’t do anything bad to my skin, but just didn’t do much different than a normal moisturizer would do. Might be worth a try, but I wouldn’t repurchase. It does last quite a while – I’ve been using a generous amount each time as stated above, and still have about 1/2 of the 1 oz bottle left.

Carey Westport, CT

Swear by this

I swear by this stuff. I use it every morning and every night around my eye area and it has worked amazingly well. SO much better than $30+ eye creams!

Ella China, TX

very effective

i use this on my skin at night to fade and prevent acne marks. it works well and it doesnt make my acne worse.

Willa Ozark, AL

Its benefits outweighed the lengthy time sent to me

To be honest i actually completely forgot all about this product! It took over a month to get i. Idk if it was out of stock or what but im not really trippn on it because i did end up getting it and it was packaged really well and i do like this product and this brand ive bought other stuff from them with no complaints with any of them. The color is an amber color and it had a faint smell that made me think of flaxseed oil idky lol. But rose hip seed oil is supposed to have faint unpleasant type smell. I placed a drop of it on the back of my hand and rubbed it in. I noticed the smell disappeared when the oil easily and quickly absorbed into my skin withn seconds. My skin felt so freakn soft and smooth. Im 21 and i have normal skin type not oily or dry and my skin was already soft and smooth and i usually get compliments on my skin but i wanted to enhance my skin. Ive used this everyday since i got it which was acouple days ago. I wash my face, neck and chest with warm to hot water mixed with some apple cider vinegar and sometimes i do clay masks after. I dont HAVE to use a moisturizer after im done with my face but i will. Ive tried shea butter, grapeseed oil, olive oil, mango butter, coconut oil and more but i like this the best so far. I put up to 4-6 drops of it on a finger tip and rub in my face, neck and chest and it doesnt leave me looking oily i glow and have that extra softness i desire. I also put 20 drops in my hair oil i made and idk if it made a dif since my oils by themselves hydrate my hair without making my hair really oily and leave it shiny and very soft. Im going to try with just this oil on my hair and scalp alone to see what it does.

Diana Abingdon, VA

so far so good

If you do some research you will see that the fish smell is normal for this oil I will have to get use to the smell but the benefits outweigh the unpleasant odor so I will def. use it

Juliet Waldwick, NJ

Great for the price…

This is a great product for the price and lasts for months. I store it in the refrigerator once opened to prolong its longevity and keep it from going rancid during the summer months in the heat. Right now my husband is using the latest bottle of the rosehip seed oil. He applies it to his face and neck to help soften his skin and is hoping it will help with fine lines and brown spots. He hasn’t been using it long enough to really see a big difference yet, though. Hoping in another month or two there will be more notable changes, although, his skin does feel much softer after application.-RK

Lauri Saint Michael, ND

Five Stars

Notice a big difference in my skin and decollete area.

Rosalind Edenton, NC