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Life-Flo Oil, Pure Almond, 16 Ounce

Known for its ability to soften, soothe, and recondition skin.

Key features

  • Cold pressed; touch of vitamin e added (0.5%) to preserve the freshness of the oil
  • Great for all skin types
  • Popular carrier oil

Honest reviews


Great product.

The almond oil is great. It leaves your hair soft and shiny, and does not feel greasy. Great for your skin too. Great product.

Nona Shelby, OH

Cat likes it:)

I am a little disappointed with this. Bought because it is pure & natural but does not moisturize anywhere near as well as good old coconut oil. The only reason I tried it is because in cold weather the coconut oil is solid and hard to rub in. My cat loves licking this almond oil off my legs after my shower.

Edwina Imnaha, OR

It’s ok

This is the 1st oil I’ve tried and I’m using it for my hair to undo some coloring damage. So far I don’t see a difference in my hair and it only feels soft when I’m washing the oil out. I can’t use it everyday because it makes my hair too greasy. I want to try a SWEET almond oil next and see if that will bring different results. A small amount feels great on my face but doesn’t moisturize the skin on my hands. I’m not impressed after regular usage.

Deloris North Bend, OH

unbelievably good

At first I applied the oil on top of my regular moisturizer, it didn’t work for me because my skin feels oily throughout the day. Then I reversed the procedure, almond oil on my bare cleansed face then my moisturizer. It woks wonderfully. My skin doesn’t feel oily but supple. I applied it twice a day around my eyes and for the first time in my life, the dark circles are gone!! I have tried many things to reduce dark circles but only this works! I also added a few drops of almond oil to my home made facial masks with various ingredients (you can get these recepies from web). One of the easiest is to mix with freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey and applied it as facial mask. It gives the same result of expensive masks I can get from salons! I also rub almond oil onto my hand in the morning followed with my hand lotion. It makes my hands looking younger throughout the entire day without having to reapply lotion.

Terra Eagle Bay, NY

Great product

This product actually subdues acne and fades scars. My sister told me that you can wash your face with oil(which sounds weird right) so usually I put some acne medicine on and then some oil over it and it certainly hasn’t made me break out or anything. Definitely recommend giving it a shot

Beverley Broadview, NM

Pretty Good…

I’ll start off saying that the “Now Foods” Almond sweet oil is better. Reason, on the texture seems a bit thicker and more richer onto the skin. It’s a 100%…I Also don’t care for the packaging on the “Life-Flo”, Almond oil…the label hugs the oil outside of the bottle and that will start to peel. I just got the product last week. I still have my “Now foods” bottle ummm…to years old almost. Believe me I compared the two products and I’d rather buy the “Now foods” the next time around. Hey, just to add this is not a terrible product as you see I did give it 4 stars. My bottom-line I prefer the other brand.

Candice Lake Hubert, MN

good choice for almond oil

I purchased this almond oil because it was the most pure one I could find, the only other ingredient is vitamin E oil. I attempted to use it in my hair, but it just made it a greasy mess! So, I don’t recommend that, but it does work well as a skin moisturizer. If you want to get almond oil to make homemade products, this is a good one to get. However, I was very disappointed in the packaging, the oil had soaked through the box when it arrived at my house. I was afraid the whole bottle had dumped out with how much the box was soaked. But, it turned out that I only lost about a half ounce. Aside from the packaging, good purchase.

Eve Towanda, KS

Great Quality

Good quality Almond Oil. Good service and item packaged well for protection against breakage. Wonderful carrier oil for Essential Oils. Recommend product very highly A+.

Elvia White Bluff, TN

non-greasy very nice skin softener.

This almond oil is fast absorbing and is fragrance free. Very good value for the size and I will order again.

Lynn Carrington, ND


This is SWEET almond oil which is supposed to be odorless. If you want an almond scent, look for bitter almond oil. I use both since the sweet almond oil is moisturizing but the bitter almond oil (NOT moisturizing because of the alcohol in it) smells nice. I usually will combine sweet almond, a little bitter almond, and shea butter then whip it up into a body butter. I hear people will cook with this but I never have so I can’t speak to that.

Rosalyn North Waterford, ME

Love the moisturizing properties of this oil!

I bought this pure almond oil to mix with various essential oils. My current favorite is lemongrass essential oil. It moisturizes beautifully!

Juliette Port Angeles, WA

Great for OCM

I threw out all my expensive cleansers, soaps and what nots, this is all I need to get a clear face. I massage this in and leave it on for 20 minutes and wipe it off with a damp washcloth. My face feels clean but hydrated, and no breakouts at all.

Amber Hermanville, MS

I love it!

Works as described. Love the nice clean scent and healthful yumminess…It arrived as promised. Would order again. ++++ Thank you!

Shawn Goose Rock, KY

Wonderful skin moisturizer

This is a thick, practically odorless oil. It works extremely well to moisturize the skin and I find it works best on damp skin. On dry skin, it’s just too thick and doesn’t spread well. This bottle is pretty large and I don’t feel I have to ration it because the cost is reasonable.

Bonita Pacific Grove, CA

Yay for almond oil

I use this every day to take off my makeup and do the oil cleansing method for washing my face. Love this stuff. It’s also great to put on the lids and lashes at night for a eyelash treatment/mask. I also use this as a hair moisturizer/mask a day or a couple hours before I wash my hair. Many different uses, love this oil!

Ericka Oak Park, CA

Carrier oil for oily skin

I bought this as my carrier oil since it’s considered the one to use if you have oily skin. So far, I have been very pleased. I also used it just out of the shower as a moisturizer and am please with using it that way, as well.

Araceli College Park, MD


Love it perfect for massaging men because there is no smell to it! my cat loves it , I love it

Maureen Haleiwa, HI

Life-Flo Almond Oil

Very nice almond oil. I got it to use in a acne sugar scrub that I make for my sister. As far as I can tell, the oil is the real thing. It does not smell like almonds, which my brother tells me is okay. I thought it had to smell like almonds for it to be real almond oil, but apparently not.I have a really bad time with razor burn and sever dry skin on my legs, so when I ran out of the lotion I normally us one night, I decided to try this and see if it helped. Sadly it didn’t help at all, and I had to apply some of my mother’s lotion on top of the oil because my legs were burning so badly from dryness. But for less sever cases of dry skin I’d say this would work fine.

Susanna Brainerd, MN

my fav oil.

this is now my fav oil for my skin. it has my skin glowing. i use this daily (morning and evening) for my entire body. its been great for my under eye dark circles. have seen great improvement. try this oil

Alisha Grovespring, MO

So lovely.

I can’t say enough how much I love this stuff! I was just a tiny bit disappointed that it has no smell of almonds like other almond oils I have used in the past, but honestly, the feel of my skin after I use it makes it all worth it. No greasy feelings at all! Would recommend!

Kimberlee Clinton, AR


I love this product, it is amazing, I use it every day…my skin and I love it. Its crazy what we will buy like mineral oil filled lotions etc. And this is all natural, apply light thin layer and perfect absorption- FAB skin naturally body or face!!!! Can use it to make your own lotions/potions check out u-tube or search online DIY ideas w/ Shea butter, Cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil etc blends Remember our skin is our biggest organ. I am a RN/nurse so if that helps 🙂

Kelli Penrose, CO

Use for hair

I really like how this plus other oils makes my hair feels soo soft and shines and keeps it hydrated. I can use this alone but i like the benefits the other oils give too.

Pearlie Shapleigh, ME

I am on the fence with this specific brand I used for Natural hair 4B…

I bought this specific brand based on reviews against the NOW brand.The natural hair community highly recommends using Sweet Almond Oil for hair growth but everyone has the NOW brand so I thought I would try this since many people say Now is not "pure".The item was packaged nicely & secure so no spills. It is a very fluid product so I guess that is why massage therapist use this. On my 4B hair which is soft & cottony, ala Prince’s afro; this oil seems to sit on top of my hair. Doesn’t absorb in. That is why I took a month before my review to give it a try in various ways. It flows as if its a mineral oil and we all know how that can be. So I will not order this brand again, but I may try the NOW brand since this was a fail and so many people swear that almond oil grows your hair long.I am using the remainder on my skin for old dark spots/sun damage and I have noticed some slight fading. But this oil is too oily for the face. Thumbs down for use on 4B hair, just sat on top of the strands like mineral oil would (rubs off on your hands if you touch your hair). For someone with 3BC I would think this would be too oily. I will look to see if there is an Indian brand, as that culture uses it alot, if you know of a company please drop me a message in the comments section.

Deann Panola, TX

Great multi-purpose oil

Initially bought this to do the oil cleanse but have expanded to use as an all over moisturizer. It so good I’ve retired my Neutrogena sesame oil. Also it’s been great for my oil cleansing. Face has cleared up

Goldie Electra, TX