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Leonie Blackhead Remover – Peel-off Mask for Men and Women – Deep Cleans Better than Pore Strips for Instantly Brighter and Smoother Skin – Works on Face and Body!

Say Goodbye to Blackheads in 15 Minutes! Leonie Blackhead Remover Peel-off Mask is a ground-breaking black mask that instantly removes excess sebum, blackheads and other impurities from your skin. This innovative mask draws out blackheads and cleans your skin for ¼ the cost compared to nose strips. Not only it works perfectly on your nose but you can also use it on any problem area. Order now and get dozens of applications in one huge 100ml tube! Formulated with active charcoal and fruit extracts, it deep cleans your pores to reveal a clean, fresher-looking skin. Made from natural ingredients such as: Activated Charcoal: Absorbs blackheads and other impurities to instantly reveal smooth skin Grapefruit and lemon peel extract: Powerful astringent combination that provides a deep cleanse for clearer skin Rosemary extract: An antioxidant and antimicrobial agent that detoxifies, refreshes and tones skin to help prevent new blackheads BENEFITS: – Instantly clean, fresher looking skin – Enlarged pores are reduced – Eliminate excess oil – Purified skin by elimination of impurities such as blackheads and dead skin cells – Prevent new blackheads – Use it on any problem area! Nose, chin, forehead and even back! HOW TO USE: 1) Wash face or area of the skin you want to use the mask on 2) Apply an even layer of the mask on the skin 3) Wait 15-20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry 4) Gently remove the mask by lifting the outer edge and peel towards the center Buy now and see for yourself how many blackheads the mask will pick up!

Key features

  • Get rid of blackheads & dead skin cells and prevent new blackheads from forming
  • Feel and see instantly brighter and baby smooth skin
  • Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Eliminate excess oil right away
  • Use it on any problem area! Nose, chin, forehead and even back!

Honest reviews


Don’t buy into this

It doesn’t work. I was really hoping it would. I tried a couple of times and neither worked. Not worth the $26.00 I paid. Returned.

Sofia Kanosh, UT

Good product – very strong smell

I had been looking for a pore type strip that was black – they are big in Asia. Which makes sense right – you want to see that the product worked after you peel it off. This is a goop type product that you squeeze out, place where you want (I use it on my nose only) and wait for it to dry, then peel off. It dries pretty quickly and is easy to remove. The only down side is that there is a horrible perfume type smell. So strong that one night my sister asked what that smell was and she was in the room down the hall. But a small price to pay in my opinion as it works fairly well and is not expensive.

Keri Hendersonville, NC

It’s Okay

This is just okay. Not my favorite face treatment. It doesn’t seem to really remove blackheads that well. I won’t buy it again.

Trina Edgard, LA

Did Nothing

If you have sensitive skin this is not for you. It also made no difference for me other than to add a rash to my face. it’s been 5 days and it hasn’t gone away either.

Aida New Richland, MN

Seems to Work but Bit of a Hassle to Remove

I ordered this product after reading a positive review on a beauty blog. First, the product should include clearer instructions – I wasn’t sure whether I can apply this mask on a wet face. Fortunately, the company customer service contacted me asking for a feed back and I learned from the service rep that this product should be applied on a dry face. I do think it does a decent job of clearing the pores. But I don’t reach for this product often because it is rather a hassle getting all the little bits of black off the face, especially closer to the hairline. It’s also a hassle getting it off my fingers, and you do want to get it off your fingers as soon as you are done applying the mask because the wet product stuck to your fingers will transfer to whatever you touch, e.g., towels and clothes. Wish they could make this clear instead of black.

Brandi Harrison, NY

Seems good!

This mask is fun, it looks crazy but feels nice. It doesn’t smell really strongly but smells nice. I don’t know how much it does really, but it feels nice and isn’t drying at all. I enjoy it thoroughly.

Lee Brackney, PA

Decent but not to die for.

I am a die hard biore nose strips kinda gal, and even after using this product two or three times now i am still a hard core biore nose strip fan. Leonie face mask has yet to actually remove any blackheads of mine. HOWEVER, it leaves my face feeling amazingly smooth and really dries up oil quickly on my face. So for what it is intended to do it doesn’t work well for me, i did notice that the website says you don’t have to use a lot "a little goes a long way". For me, the more i used the easier it was to peel off as one whole mask and the better my face felt afterwards. When you are pulling it off it does, like a lot of face peels, hurt a bit.I wouldn’t recommend it if you are really trying to pull out blackheads but if you just want to try a nice face peel this one is pretty nice.

Josephine Brookfield, VT

I Thought It Would Work

It goes on, dries, and peels off — but it doesn’t seem to do much for blackheads. Maybe mine are just really stubborn?

Kimberlee Rincon, NM

This is the hulk of masks

To say I was excited about this mask would almost be an understatement.When i ordered it I was giddy like a school girl. I am so glad it didn’t disappoint.It is by far the best peel off mask I’ve tried, and I’ve tried more than a few.I thought the black color was unique and it’s one of the reasons I was so excited andintrigued by this product(Activated charcoal is awesome for the skin).The best thing is how much stronger of a grip it has than the others.This mask is herculean, it removed peach fuzz I didn’t even know I had.That’s not a compliant everyting it took with it it was more than welcome to.I will be using this regularly, I absolutely love it. Oh and just in caseyou were wondering, it doesn’t stink it has a soap like scent.

Jewel Spencerville, OH

Great product

Great blackhead remover I noticed a difference after the first use left my face felling refreashed has a wonderful scent

Vera Reeder, ND

Great product

works very well. cleans out my pores really good. as per description. gave it 4 stars because sometimes it feels like its too thin or something, its not pulling as much as I would want it to.

Phoebe Addison, TX

Good Stuff

My daughter is using this mask. It does a good job without a nasty smell. She hasn’t used it for long, so I don’t know how it will perform over time. I do know that it leaves her skin feeling very clean and she loves it.

Lenora Greenfield Center, NY