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Lemon Clarifying Shampoo 11 Ounces

Shampoo – Lemon by Avalon Organics 11 oz Liquid Lemon Clarifying Shampoo With Consciousness in Cosmetics Signature ingredient Certified organic span style overflow hidden onmouseover this.T WIDTH 300 return escape(‘ Citrus limonum Derived from the rind of the lemon refreshing anti-bacterial clarifies and cleanses.’) lemon helps remove dulling residues with its acidic properties. span style overflow hidden onmouseover this.T WIDTH 300 return escape(‘ Butyrospermum parkii Derived from the karite fruit on the African mangifolia tree heals soothes protects and adds shine to hair.’) Shea butter is rich in fatty acid triglycerides which add luxurious shine to hair. Product description This shampoo removes dulling build-up and gently cleanses as shea butter replenishes moisture to restore natural highlights shine and color. Features and benefits Designed to give your hair and scalp the optimum benefits of natural botanicals this shampoo contains our certified organic herbal blend and certifi

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Smells WONDERFUL, cleans very well, doesn’t strip your hair

I have very, very oily (asian) straight hair which I wash every day. When a shampoo is drying I can tell because at shoulder length suddenly I get this litter of one inch broken ends every time I brush. This shampoo is gentle enough for me to use every day. It doesn’t leave any residue so I don’t bother with clarifying shampoos. And the fragrance is wonderful and pretty intense while you are using it but washes clean so you’re not committed to the scent all day. Not that I would mind…The shampoo is also faintly more concentrated than others so you can back off a little when you apply.

Kris Ishpeming, MI

Formula has changed and is drying

The formula is completely different than what is shown on Amazon. The bottle I purchased has “new” on it. The actual second ingredient is aloe, which sounds great. But, they throw in several alcohols in the shampoo and conditioner (alcohol is in the top five ingredients) now. I’m not sure why. In order to get a comb through my hair, I have to now use a Aussie leave in conditioner. Never have to do that when I use Pantene, which had the super drying sulfates in it, but I guess there’s enough conditioners in the shampoo and conditioner to where my hair is virtually tangle free. I think Avalon Organics can do better. A plus for the shampoo is that it has a nice, calming scent of lavender. Sadly, it doesn’t stick around when my hair is dry. It is very cleansing almost to the point of being a clarifying shampoo, so for now, I’m alternating with “Yes To Cucumbers” in order to go ahead and use up the Avalon shampoo. I won’t reordering until they create a more gentle shampoo.

Selena Oceanport, NJ

Used it & loved it until they added Hydrolized Wheat Protein to it 🙁

The scent is absolutely wonderful. I have baby fine hair and it IS a little difficult to lather up into big suds like other shampoos, but it still cleaned well and made my hair nice and soft. I also used the matching Avalon Lavender Conditioner with good success.Problem is… when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, I made HUGE changes to my diet and lifestyle–more organic, nothing with wheat/gluten, less processed & more natural/raw. This shampoo and conditioner was my treat for this total life make-over I had to do. So the other day when I replaced my shampoo, I noticed a different label on the bottle. I double-checked the ingredients and it now contains hydrolyzed wheat protein when it did not before. So *NOT* that I expect to ingest my shampoo, but it is more worrying to me about getting ANY suds in my eyes, nose, or mouth. It is a risk I am not willing to take.I sent a note via their website asking why they changed the ingredients adding wheat, and that I cannot use it now, and this is the response from Sarah,Consumer Relations Representative at The Hain Celestial Group: “In our efforts to make our products the best they can be, there have been reformulations to some of them. Our consumers help us determine which variations they prefer. We are sorry to hear that you can no longer use this product and we appreciate your feedback.” Sooooooo, masses of people requested hydrolyzed wheat protein be added to their shampoo??? I’m a consumer and I prefer they NOT use wheat in their products.New label photos are included in case anyone else has this concern and prefers not to risk their health with this new “variation”.

Janine Bell, FL

It’s Okay

I have used this shampoo for awhile now and I have to say that it’s just okay. I am a wash and air dry girl, I rarely apply styling products. After using it for more than two washes in a row it tends to not do it’s job so much, I’ll still start to get build-up on my scalp along with dry hair and have to switch to another shampoo and conditioner, then come back to this. The smell however I find is very invigorating, and really wakes you up in the morning, it’s also sulfate free which I find also to be a plus because I don’t like to use a lot of chemicals on my hair. The conditioner that goes with this shampoo is very thick, and very moisturizing so much though that I cannot use it on my scalp I can only use it on my ends. When I use it on my scalp I appear to have oil build up by the end of the day. After I finish using what I have I doubt I’ll ever buy the combination again.

Sandy Harrisville, WV

Nice shampoo, smells great but will strip hair! (ylang ylang)

We bought the ylang ylang version which does seem to strip your hair. I only use it about once a week although my hubby likes to use this for every day (he doesn’t have much hair!). My hair is too long and dry on the ends so I have to definitely use conditioner with this. Otherwise it smells fantastic and rinses clean. Good basic shampoo for men or for a super squeaky cleansing day.

Jodi De Witt, AR

Good price and product

I really like this shampoo and brand. The lavendar scent is really nice but it can be drying if used too often so I use it every other day. The matching conditioner is also a great smell and moisturizing. This is a great price compared to my local store.

Fern Oradell, NJ

Fantastic Smell, Almost Like Doing Aromatherapy When You Shampoo!

Although I use Avalon Organic Rosemary volumizing shampoo, I love lavendar so much that I keep a bottle of this around too. I use it as an alternate shampoo because I find that using one shampoo only long term means that some day soon that shampoo will no longer work. This has no volumizing effect but otherwise it is also a lovely shampoo. The odor is out of this world to inhale throughout your shower, almost like aromatherapy. I use it on the rest of my body after shampooing because I like the smell so much. My hair feels wonderful after shampooing with this shampoo.

Elena Granby, CO

Nice smelling shampoo, but a bit dying

I only wash my hair with non sulfate shampoos, so I wanted to give Avalon Organics a try. The shampoo has a strong lavender smell. Not the sweetened watered down type either, but the smell of lavender essential oil. It lathers up very nice. It doesn’t have tons of suds like sulfate shampoos, but suds do not equal clean. I feel that this shampoo suds up perfectly without overdoing it.Overall, my hair feels clean, but not as soft as with other shampoos. I am using the conditioner that goes with this (a little bit goes a long way, too). While I do not dislike this product, it is a bit too drying for my hair. I wash daily and need something a little more moisturizing. I will probably give their other shampoos a try.

Amanda Sugar Grove, IL

don’t clean well

I love the fact that the ingredients are mostly natural.But I have to use a lot to barely get my hair clean

Evangeline Niles, IL

Clarifying Shampoo

Next to the old Pantene, this is the best for removing residue and oil and grease from the scalp. Recommend highly

Elnora Berea, OH

I love this scent!

I love almost all the Avalon Organics products but this smell is wonderful. It reminds me of daffodils… Will purchase again.

Kellie Midway, UT

Great feel, aroma, and results!

I have used this product and the conditioner for 2 years now. I found this in my search for natural, organic shampoo and conditioner. According to my hair consultant, my hair is better than it has ever been. It feels great on the scalp and the longer you keep it on, the better it feels. I need conditioner to keep it easier to comb and more manageable, because I am letting it grow.

Alison Morton, PA

made hair feel soooo dry

Normally, I love Avalon’s products, and their commitment to using lots of organic and sustainable ingredients. But they have to work well, and this just doesn’t.This shampoo smells great, but left my hair incredibly dry. With my fine, oily hair, that is a problem that I’ve never had before. I never use conditioners, because I’ve just never needed them before, but with this shampoo, you’d better have some handy!

Dianne La Palma, CA

Very drying, and left me with an itchy scalp

I recently replaced all of my personal care items with organic versions, and tried this shampoo for my long hair. I do not recommend. It is very drying, and the essential oils in the shampoo left my scalp terribly itchy. Within a couple of days of ceasing use of the product, my scalp returned to normal. Acure Organics are much more moisturizing.

Christina Dickey, ND

Does just what it says!

I needed a clarifying shampoo that didn’t contain sulfates, so after reading reviews on various sites about avalon’s lemon shampoo, I decided to purchase it. I used a bit of this in preparation for my Aphogee Protein Treatment, and it really cleansed my hair without making it feel stripped. I’m guessing what I got was a new formula because the label looks a little different than what I see here. I believe they added in more essential oils. Nothing bad…It smells really good too!

Suzette Ulen, MN

No Kiddie Stuff For Me.

I swear by this shampoo. I’ve been using it for quite a few years and if I switch off to one of those fruity, flowery brands with “mule placenta” or some other nonsense in it, boy do I know it. I love this shampoo and it is very economical because a little goes a long way.

Kristi Arboles, CO

Scent is lovely.

Scent is lovely but it last until you blow dry it or when your hair air dries. Not worth the price I purchased it for the scent.

Elsa Roxbury, CT

Not-so-volumizing shampoo

I didn’t even want to finish the bottle, but I did give this a fair chance. This is an average shampoo, comparable to all other drug store shampoos. It lathers, it cleans. I still need a conditioner because it leaves my hair dry and tangled. There is a great rosemary scent, but I never got any of the ‘volumizing’ effects. I’ve had better and wouldn’t purchase again.

Benita Wingate, NC

YUMMMY smell!

I feel like a giant lemon bar when I use this product. This is a gently clarifying shampoo I use once a week or so, alternating with the Alba Botanicals product line. The smell and lather is great (lathers a LOT more than the usual “natural” hair products). Organic, too!

Darla Santa Monica, CA