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Lemisol Plus, Gentle Daily Cleanser, Original Refreshing Formula – 16 oz

Lemisol Plus delivers the invigorating feeling woman have enjoyed for over 30 years. Our refreshing external feminine wash will leave you clean, fresh and confident all day.

Key features

  • Leaves you feeling clean, fresh and confident all day
  • Ph Balanced and Hypoallergenic
  • Formulated for daily use
  • 16 Ounce

Honest reviews


Tingles, Burns, Hurts!

This was by far the worst body wash I have ever used. Read the ingredients…it has menthol and citric acid in it…it’s basically like mouthwash for your vagina, it burns and tingles. I poured the bottle out.If you are looking for a fresh, cleansing feminine wash…..I would recommendVagisil Feminine Wash with Odor Block Protection Light and Clean Scent — 12 fl oz

Elva Perkins, WV

Happy customer

I enjoy this very much! The cool and refreshing feeling is all of that! Lemisol is a definitely a “have to have” for women. The burning feeling that some ladies experience with this product doesn’t last very long…just make sure that you use a little extra water to dilute it and you will be just fine! Lemisol is definitely a blessing on those hot, sticky days. I will be ordering this from now on!

Crystal Blairstown, NJ

Clean and fresh

Great product I feel clean fresh and balanced from ph use everyday yes I highly recommend this product to all females

Lourdes Attica, KS

cool minty feeling

i put this in a squirt bottle with half water and rinse with it twice a day. It has a minty afterfeeling which i love the tingy sensation

Anita Fairmount, ND

It’s okay

I wasn’t crazy about the smell, but oh well. I tried this product because I have a few friends that swear by it. To be honest, I’m a fan of Dr.Bonner peppermint soap, which I love.

Saundra Easton, MN


Absolutely amazing absolutely refreshing. It does have that minty refreshing to it you feel it right away. believe me you fall in love with this product right away

Nona Leon, KS