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Leegoal Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool

Package include: 2 x pcs Hair Braid Ponytail Maker Styling Tool

Key features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 1 pc approx. 195 x 54 mm**1 pc approx. 150 x 34 mm
  • Color:BLACK

Honest reviews


Easier to just use fingers

I pull my ponytail up through the back of my hair all the time. It’s my go to style for getting my hair up and out of the way. I had been just separating the hair above the elastic and pushing the tail through with my fingers, but I thought the topsy tail thing might be easier. I tried it, it’s not easier. It’s actually worse. The tail does not want to flip over the elastic when I pull with this thing. It gets kind of stuck and I have to yank on my hair pretty hard to get it to pull through.

Sondra Greenwood, IN

Five Stars

very nice

Miriam Hillsboro, TN

Topsy Tail!

I had this when I was a kid and made my mom do fancy ponytails in my hair. Now I can do them in my 6 year olds hair! I love that such a simple tool can make you look a little different!

Althea Ridgetop, TN

wish they were stronger, but they work

these came pretty quick considering they come from out of country, came before est. arrival date, so that is faster than I thought.I got these to use on my daughter’s hair, she is 5, and they do work, I wish they were stonger, but I don’t see them breaking for a while, since its not like I use them every day, but if I did, I would say they would only last 2/3 months, but that’s okay for the price you pay for these, there is a bigger and a smaller one, and they are just like any other of its kind, just cheaper, they are as pictured, black and plastic, but like I said, they work! it comes with a little picture instruction sheet, but you can always look on youtube or wherever else online if you want more info on how to use these or for more ways to use them, since there is a few more tricks that can be done with them… just check youtube, there is plenty of how to videos, and the howto website has plenty of videos as well I do recommend this to everybody, you cant beat the price, and they are just as good as the expensive ones, and I don’t see any need in needing to spend that much money for a little loop tool!

Arline Atkins, IA

Hair flipper

My daughter loves this item she says it is much better than the bread tie I was using to do this with. So glad I found this item on Amazon.

Carolina Indian Rocks Beach, FL


This product is very easy to use and very resistant to pulling. I like that it comes with different sizes for more flexibility.

Michelle Bayard, WV


just added these on since they were very cheap and i needed to bump up my balance 2 buck and i have long hair so these do help pull my hair through without getting tangled and all messy at the end. no one likes to have to do it all over again many times. plus no one has the time lol.

Minnie Chireno, TX


SO inexpensive and exactly what I was looking for. These are very flexible and work perfectly with my daughters’ hair. I love them.

Gloria Fish Creek, WI

Hair tools

Great item! I love it and used to use them before when I was younger and I love to use themNow!

Eve Sedona, AZ

Styling Tool

Turns and ordinary pony tail into a nice hair do for work. Quick and easy to use with many styles.

Teresa Clallam Bay, WA

Feels pretty flimsy, but does the job

These feel pretty cheap and like they will break any second, I have really thick hair, and they haven’t broke yet. But i am really careful when have used it.

Augusta Las Vegas, NM

they hurt

They hurt when you try to pull it through you’r hair. they are larger so be aware might work better with a lot of hair.

Margo Esopus, NY

it’s ok

It does the job. It’s really flimsy so I’m worried it will brake on me. However it was so cheep that if it did I wouldn’t cry over it. It does the job for now.

Denice Crosby, ND

for the price – yes it works right

Target had one of these for a LOT more money – lets be honest what is the point of spending much more for an item that does exactly the same thing? There is no point in that at all. The small one is a bit difficult to use on ones own head – but the bigger one can be used just as well. For the price and some research of videos on what you can do for hairstyles, its worth it!

Germaine Still Pond, MD

Works Very Well

This makes it so much easier to make a braid ponytail. I know I have a hard time doing it myself without messing everything up and it looking bad but this eliminates it and helps you create a nice neat looking braid ponytail.

Virginia Davidson, NC

Cheap and Easy

Easy to use and durable. Great results achieved.

Maude Fontana, CA


Make cute hair designs for a fraction of the cost of a topsy turvy thing!Shipping was only like a week or two, not bad for coming from over seas!

Reba Jamestown, TN

not meant for thick hair!!

this is a very flimsy plastic. it does not work on thick hair unless you plan on using it only for a partial pony tail. it is not durable.

Eloise Tar Heel, NC

Gave away

I gave it as a present and she was really excited to get it. She has not said anything about it to me yet.

Lillie Mc Carr, KY


So easy to use and gives my ponytails a bit of flair!! I mainly use the small one because I have shorter hair, but my mom has long long hair and she loves using the big one! I get so many compliments.

Jerry Star, TX

i will never buy this again

I thought this was an actual topsy tail tool, i apparently didnt read the description clearly. When i got it, i was disappointed but tried to use it anyways. The surface is not very smooth, it was hard to get to slide through my daughters hair and my hair, even when wet or with conditioner. The small one is very flimsy and will not easily go through a collection of hair or under the scrunchies. The big one gets caught and tangled, and it actually broke before the 10th time using it…i was trying to pull a half-up pony through the scrunchy, and when it was about halfway through it snapped at the top of the loop! I am going to look for an actual topsy tail now.

Valerie Huntly, VA

Nifty Accessory!

This is a OK! product, for the money.. It’s cheaply made but will do the trick. I would recommend this..It’s easy to use. Will last!!! Recommend!!

Marva Slatersville, RI

Kind of flimsy

I have used this product several times. The large tool is ok for my hair, but the small one does nothing. It is like using a wet noodle. I recommend for the price, but be aware that they are not for thick hair.

Sofia Grady, NM

Simple but very useful

Works well. Great value for the price. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a simple way to create new hair styles.

Jodie Skyland, NC


My daughter had one of these some years ago and loved using it. She moved and lost it. She and I looked every where for years then I ran arcoss this on Amazon. She was so happy and shocked that I found one again for her. I should have thought of looking on Amazon for it along time ago and saved us alot of time. Amazon has everything.

Melinda Hopedale, IL


I received this 2 pcs hair ponytail tool ,made my hair looked so nice it came in with a brochure with different hair designs that I can make the only downfall is in Asian language which I don’t read,but the photos do help what other designs I can make with my hair with these tools .I went to the mall and they were filming a movie inside someone in that crue asked if I had done my hair in a hair salon and I said no I did it,

Kimberly Laddonia, MO

hair style tool

I really enjoy this product, it arrived on time & this makes a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time. A great way to wear your hair when letting it grow out.

Dessie New Derry, PA

not got

I ordered your stuff and paid for it in full,now all I’ve got from you is the hair piece. Send the rest of my stuff or refund my money. I buy a lot on line,but I won’t buy from you anymore,bank on that.

Shelia Rochester, PA

retro flashback

I got the topsy tail like 2 weeks after ordering, I gave it to my friend as a gift filler she loved it. I just ordered one for myself I can wait to start using it.

Mandy Royalty, TX

The bigger one is sturdy, smaller one is best for extremely fine hair

I really only use the big one because my hair is thick and I’m afraid it’ll break the smaller tool. But the larger one works well.

Shelly Alfred Station, NY