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Leegoal Foldable Fan Shaped Clear Nail Polish Display Board with Mounting Screw,50 Pieces

100% brand new Leegoal brand items,show as pictures. Suitable for professional studio or practice at home. Can coat 50 different colors nail polish. Used as practice fan board for freshman. Fan shaped design,easy to carry and display the color and nail design With mounting screw,no worry for dropping out. Small and exquisite,it is easy and convenient to use. Ideal for practice,demo and windows display. Quantity:50 pieces Color:show as pictures. Notice:Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting.All pictures are real stock photos. What is in the package: 1 x 50 pcs nail fan board 1 x mounting screw Declaration: * Leegoalis a registered trademark. * Only placing your order from Leegoal Amazon store could get our perfect customer service and product quality warranty.

Key features

  • Material:plastic
  • 50 Pieces clear fan-shaped nail art pop stick with mounting screw
  • Ideal for use with nail polish,gel,acrylic or fibreglass
  • Perfect choice for your nail art
  • Leegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.

Honest reviews



I LOVE these. If you are just starting out with acrylic/gel nails I would recommend these for practicing on. the are easy to use and when you are done you have a wonderful display of your work!

Suzette Mims, FL

Works just as I’d hoped, to reference my gel polishes.

This display is ideal to display and catalog my 26 gel polishes. Amazon is the best place to get them, and there are some that I have not had the chance to see for real, so in order to be able to see their real colors and compare them, this display has been invaluable. If it’s put on binder rings instead of its own holder, enclosed, the nail polish or gel polish colors can be rearranged by color, or brand, for example, so this display chart is a boon to reference librarians whose career ambitions were frustrated. The clear plastic is also superior to white or milky "fingernails" in variations you may see on eBay. On this swatch stick you can see whether the polish is opaque or whether another coat is needed. White or natural swatch sticks make it seem that polish is opaque in very few coats, and give erroneous information.

Amparo Walnut, KS

Love these

I was looking for a way to swatch all of my polishes in a way that I could compare similar colors and easily add in new additions. These are perfect! Shipped fairly fast from what I remember and they look exactly as they do in the picture. I wound up having more than 50 polishes so I had to buy another but I don’t regret it. There’s room to write the name of each polish neatly (something I had issues with when using nail wheels). The only issue I’ve had is that one time while looking through the nails, the nut screwed itself off and all of the nails fell off! I’ve only had that happen once though. Overall I love these and will purchase a third set when the time comes.

Millicent Raymond, IL

Sturdy nails

I have searched all over for quality nails to swatch my large nail collection. I eventually found these and my searching is done. They are sturdy and I did a break test on one of them to see how quickly the nail would snap off the handle. And it took quite a bit of force. I don’t much care for the screw thing they came with, So I just strung a bit of wire through the holes and use that to hang them up. The stick part is great for writing on the names of the colors and the nails are easy to work with. Some did need a bit of filing to get rid of sharp edges. I have ordered more because I found I have WAY more nail polish than I originally thought. I bought the white nails for solid colors and the clear for glitter colors, so that I could layer them on top of each other and see how a glitter and solid would look together without having to put it on my own nails and take it off. Its very easy.

Katelyn Tyrone, NY

Perfect for organizing & for keeping track of nail polish colors, LOVE THESE!

First & for most, let me say that I placed my order on November 7th & the scheduled delivery was between December 5th & December 23rd & I actually received it November 26th, that’s more or less about two weeks +). Not bad at all considering where it’s coming from & you can’t beat the price. I paid $4.00 for 100 sticks. You can’t beat that!I will most definitely order from this seller again. I just make it a point to order BEFORE I run out.The sticks are super sturdy & they offer ample room for labeling.I highly recommend these for nail polish swatches as they help you keep track of your colors & you can see what the actual color is going to look like once applied & dried. Saves you the step of swatching on your own nails & then having to remove if your not feeling that color today. 🙂 Love these.

Rosemary Girvin, TX


I use these to try out different patters and colors to save my nails from the polish remover. It folds up so it doesn’t take up much room.

Geri Archibald, LA

Perfect for swatching your nail polish collection!

Absolutely love these. I have bought several in order to swatch my ever expanding nail polish collection and found that they work fine with both regular polish and gel polish alike.The fact that these swatch sticks are clear is awesome – I have used one entire set just to swatch various topcoats. By doing this, I can easily stack swatches one on top of the other in order to see exactly what a certain top coat will look like over a certain nail polish.One of the best bits of advice that I can offer is to paint the underside of the swatch sticks as opposed to the top. By doing so, you will avoid the polish chipping off after time and also painting the underside makes it easy to tell what matte polishes will look like when topcoated simply by looking either at the bottom or the top of the swatch.I did end up taking the bolt out and replacing it with a large binder ring in order to make it a bit easier for me to arrange them to my liking and add new swatch sticks in when necessary. This worked perfectly, and I am very happy with my newly swatched collection!

Dessie Copalis Crossing, WA

Very Happy!

These are so perfect for organizing your polish collection. They are cheap and I got them way before they were expected to arrive! I love these and I will be buying more!

Blanca Karthaus, PA


Found mixed reviews for this. I painted the actual nail & have no problems so far. The item shipped rather quickly which was great. I actually need to order more soon. I also plan on getting those rings you use for index cards, to better organize my swatch collection.

Darcy Ashton, IL

Nail swatches

These worked great! I’ve ordered 4 packs over the past few months and they have all arrived unbroken (one had a small crack in it, but still useable). They even gave me a few extras. Would recommend, but remember.. they are going to take like a month to get to you!

Esperanza Camargo, IL

Compact size and easy to travel with

I love that you can separate them and do individual nails that fit in any lamp. I like that I can modify how many I carry. They do require a little cleaning up with a nail file. Overall I really like this product.

Claudine Deming, NM

great buy

Love this I us them a lot .. and the price is great will definitely be buying some more… .

Elisabeth Cantua Creek, CA

They do the job

This comes disassembled, which is not a huge deal. I paint the underside of each spoon and the swatches look nice.

Gussie Burden, KS

Love Them!

I love these, I got into nail art a little over a year ago and have really been wanting something to practice on, when I found out about these I ordered them immediately and I have no regrets. I am so happy to have something to practice my nail designs on plus I get to keep them and display them, they’re awesome. I just made another order for the round ones with 20 nails on each plate and theres 10 plates for like $5. Don’t know which I will like best but I will update my review when I get them

Gwendolyn Lillian, AL

Good but assembly required

Good but assembly required and the long bolt is barely large enough to do the job. And when your putting 50 of these things on the bolt it’s a real pain in the butt. If it came on a ring it would get 5 stars.

Ophelia Shorterville, AL

very useful

I had order this to show my nail art designs and I find it really useful because you can display all your work at once and later put it back in a very small space or take it with you without missing any. The nails are not to long so it wouldn’t work if you are looking to show design in really long nails as you can do using just regular tips

Emma Melmore, OH

Took forever and not well made

It took several weeks to get these. They arrived yesterday and I was definitely disappointed. It comes unassembled and you have to put the nail sticks on a long screw and secure them with the nut provided. One problem is the screw isn’t long enough to accommodate all of them (I had 6 that wouldn’t fit), some of the sticks don’t have large enough openings to fit on the screw and you have to force them on and it’s difficult to secure the nut so when you use them, the nut is always in danger of unscrewing. I wouldn’t recommend these

Lena Fort Stanton, NM

they are very cool

i was thinking they were to decorate then to use. they came much quicker than they said they would. now i can show the different ideas i have to family friends or customers to see what they like. wonderful idea. and great for my practicing

Gwen East Galesburg, IL

Perfect for Swatches

These are exactly what I was looking for. I like that I can take them on and off and arrange them as I like. Adding new colors is easy. I use them for gel polish and they work great. Some people said some of theirs were cracked. I don’t recall any of mine being cracked.They however do not all fit on the screw provided. I am still using it with just the polishes I have which is about 30 and those all fit. Also when I had put as many as I could on the nut that screws on to keep them on the screw doesn’t stay secured. As the swatches spin it loosens the nut.

Vicki Decherd, TN