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Leegoal Crystal Pearl Shot In Cat Ears Child Adult Hair Bands,Silver

Material:Alloy+faux pearl

Key features

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  • Condition: Brand new; pearl; Diameter:5.51inch/14 cm
  • Shining boutique style hair styling tool
  • Cat ear headband for women and girl
  • Perfect for evening events, dance recital, proms and costume cosplay
  • Bulk packing with good quality warranty

Honest reviews


Kitty bedazzled

These shipped overseas and I must say i was worried about the gems falling off, I ordered 6 of them and out of all 6 only one gem fell off. its sturdy but We are using them for a bachelorette party so hopefully they will be great for a night out!

Lakeisha Searsmont, ME

classy cat

a little small on my head but i still ear it alot. love it. classy ears lol MEOW MEOW MEOW PURRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bette La Jolla, CA

Good c:

I love them!! The only problem is that they were a little crooked and it hurts to wear them long :p other than that they are very cute c:

Dessie Providence, KY


Its cute, except the fact the headband is SOOOOOO tight! and the ears are not as spread apart. But I like them a lot anyway so meh :33

Priscilla Fisty, KY


Its a must HAVE! cute as pictured and not plastic or cheap looking (: I would Definetly recommend this item (:

Velma Peck, KS

very Cute, broke very fast, too tight

I have a normal head. It was a bit tight and will leave you with a headache. One of the weld broke so the one of the ear was hanging on. Had to solder it back on. It’s very cute. But it was made for smaller heads

Eve Stillwater, NY

cute but tight

Cute headband but the metal is rock, tough, and thought. Kind of gives me a head ache when I wear it. What a shame.

Adele Tarpley, TX

super cute

Very cute. Arrived in purr-fect condition. Looks exactly like the picture. It feels a little tight after several hours of wear as expected. It’s made of an alloy metal so it can be stretched slightly so it doesn’t put so much pressure on your head. Very cute for the price!

Christy Blandford, MA

Broken upon arrival

Got my money back, but was hoping for the product to be in good condition. Do not buy, it is flimsy and will not hold a superglue fix.

Bertha Surry, ME


Well I didn’t pay much for it, so it’s okay. It came with the ears off center, and one of the ears was detached on one side. I’m thinking about just detaching both of the ears and re-gluing them in the right place.It’s cute, just remember that you get what you pay for. Have some super glue handy just in case!

May Tappan, NY

very very small

this is so cute but it’s VERY small… by that, i mean if you have an average sized head, you might be suffering. it’ll dig into your temples and cut off your circulation and after a few hours give you a headache. this is best for young children i think, not adults. still, it’s adorable.

Paige Mc Veigh, KY


I was a little hesitant to order this because of all the negative reviews but it was less than $2 and had free shipping so I just went ahead and got them and I’m so glad I did! It took forever to ship, but once they got here I opened them and put them on. They fit nice and are super cute and feel pretty durable. I even tried picking at the rhinestones a little to see how well they were on and none of them came off. LOVE LOVE LOVE this headband!! I can’t wait to wear it out.

Leticia Glendale, AZ

Really cute

I really like this headband! It’s very adorable and a great price for such a cute thing! My only complaint is that he ears aren’t really spread the same way as the picture, they are more on top, less on the sides to top of your head like real kitty ears, but still so cute, I will probably order in the other color too 🙂

Noelle Pleasant Mills, IN

Love it

I bought these after seeing amy (founder of sugarpill cosmetics) wearing some cute kitty ear headbands and thought they were cute. She gets hers on etsy but I came across these here on amazon for so cheap and I absolutely love them! It took 2 weeks to get to california which isn’t bad in my book.After reading a few reviews about it arriving broken I wasnt expecting anything grand, but something cheaply made w/bendable metal etc. But I was completely surprised at the quality! It is exactly as pictured. And it came well packaged, it was wrapped in a bunch of foam and taped tightly.This headband does have a little bit of weight to it but not too much and it fits perfect on me. As an adult who doesn’t wear headbands often, if at all to be honest, I did find it a little tight but the discomfort was so mild that it went away after 5 minutes. It really could be just the lack of experience I have with headbands. So im thinking if you wear them often it shouldn’t be a bother. Hope I helped!

Francine Jonesville, VT

It’s cheap, duh

This is very cheap so the quality isn’t expected to be extremely high. However, if you take the crookedness and unevenness out of the equation, it is quite pretty. I intend to wear this occasionally because these imperfections are barely noticeable when it’s actually on your head. I would say that I have a normal sized head and this isn’t so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t wear it. However, I wouldn’t wear it for long periods of time since it is metal and it would make sense that it would become uncomfortable. For a cheap hair accessory, this is a pretty good deal!

Millie Harrison, MT

not as nice as it looks

Seems to be very very small and tight. Also when I received it in the mail a few of the pearls had feel off of it. Now I am scared that when I glue it back on the glue will get on the metal and look dull and crappy

Clarice Docena, AL