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Leegoal Cotton Soft Nail Polish Arcylic UV Gel Cleanser Remover Removal Wipes Pads

Cotton Soft Nail Polish Arcylic UV Gel Cleanser Remover Removal Wipes Pads. 400pcs in one pack Size of each sheet: Approx. 4.5cm x 6.5cm 400 X Nail Wipes

Key features

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Lint free nail wipes
  • Soft, absorbent and sanitary
  • Great for use Nail Polish Remover finishing wipe, Nail prep and Brush Cleaner without leaving behind any fibres that can spoil your perfect nails

Honest reviews



These are wonderful. They never leave any fuzzies on my nails when I use them, even if they catch on something they leave nothing behind!

Dianna Preston, MD

I think they’ll last me forever

Good lint free wipes for nail art and gel manicures. There are tons of them, make sure you separate them because they’re very thin so you might have 2-4 when you think you only have one.

Gracie Van, WV

Why pay more?

These are just what I needed for doing my gel manicures at home. They are sturdy and could be used more than once if you just let them dry which takes two seconds (it’s not like you’re wiping something gross with them, you’re just removing the tacky layer with some alcohol). I hate wasting things, so I imagine these will last a very long time!

Isabelle Walland, TN

Perfect for at home no chip/gel manicures

I wouldn’t recommend these to be used for nail polish removal. The wipes are VERY thin, this pack of 400 in a stack only measures up to around 4-5 inches! I use these for my no chip manicures. If you are familiar with the no chip process you know that before and after the manicure you have to use a special solution on your nails. Before i purchased these wipes i was using regular cotton circles, which left little fuzzies and strings everywhere, which in the end will make little lumps in your manicure and will get into your polishes and everything! These wipes are great for pre and post wiping, as they won’t leave fuzzies. Tip: before you start your manicure pull apart the wipes you will need, they are so thin and stuck together, you will regret starting your manicure then having to pull them apart, they will stick to your nails!

Toni Roanoke, VA

Great product!

I absolutely recommend this product! I use it to clean the excess of the gel nails, and it does the job perfectly. Some reviews said 2 wipes are too little or it has lint, well, for me 2 wipes at a time are enough and it is lint free. I will order it again!

Julianne Government Camp, OR

Superior to cotton balls or cotton pads

I always had the little fibers and such sticking to my nails when I used cotton balls or the squares. These don’t do that, which is such a relief!

Meredith Calvin, PA

These are ok!

I new it had to be a catch getting so many at a cheap price. They are very thin but they work ok for lint free wipes to clean my gel manicure.

Madge Centre, AL

I didnt like

they dont work ..I didnt like them

Darlene Pippa Passes, KY

Four Stars

Love them will order again….

Lilia Analomink, PA

Lint Free Nail Art Wipes for Acrylic Gels and tips

I’m not particularly found of these wipes. They are very hard to separate and are too flimsy. I much prefer the Hands Down Nail wipes and even gauze squares.

Jewell Brunswick, OH

No Lint

And they mean it. I found them to be extremely thin but when they say no lint that’s exactly what they mean.

Angelia Westover, MD


I have order all of the gel nail item plus this item is the best because this item make my nail look like glass look is like WOW! look.That’s my gel nail tip for the year ….Must have !!!!

Shauna Osteen, FL