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Leegoal 40pcs U Shape Iron Snap Clips For Feather Hair Extensions Wigs Weft Black Color

100% brand new Leegoal brand items,show as pictures. Style your hair as desired in simple steps: Step 1:Using your fingers or a comb,section your own hair at the nape of your neck. Take the smallest piece and apply – open the clips and place securely onto your own hair then snap shut. Step 2:Release your own hair and then section it further up your headand apply the net piece snapping the clips in securely onto the root of your own hair. For an etra secure hold,apply hair spray to the root of the hair and backcomb gently to create a more secure base. Step 3:Release your own hair and then section it again directly above the for the final piece.Place the final piece into position snapping the clips securely onto root of your own hair. Step 4:Release your own hair ensuring all clip-in pieces are covered. Color:Black. What’s in the package: 4 x sets of clip in hair pieces Declaration: * Leegoalis a registered trademark. * Only placing your order from Leegoal Amazon store could get our perfect customer service and product quality warranty.

Key features

  • Use in Hair styling,hair mess craft projects,and stylish hair making
  • Material:iron
  • Teeth design can greatly handle whatever thick or thin hair
  • Buy in Bulk for Great Wholesale Price,you can attach flower on it as you like
  • Leegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.

Honest reviews


Best clips ever!!!!

I refuse to pay extra money for clip ins so I make my own. Its so easy. And the price is great. There very sturdy and comfortable. I even clips them on wigs and they stay in place and are not harsh on my hair. I just sew them on with weave thread and a needle. I highly recommend this product.

Marta Lake Providence, LA

I like them

I use them to go in my wig and have them secured. so when I put them on, I can secured the wig to my hair.

Arlene South Plymouth, NY

40 Piece U Shape Snap Wig Clips

I started not to order these wig clips, because another reviewer stated that they could not get the needle through the hole on the clip. But ordered anyway, and I had no problem with the holes, they are large enough to get a needle through and attach to ones weft. They are also small enough as to not cause any bulkiness. A great buy! for making one own clip in extensions.

Stacy Diagonal, IA

To Small

It clips but its just to small. I can’t use them. I used one of them in my wig cap that I created and it needs to be bigger. I think it is better to get wig combs and put in the wig cap rather than this product.

Iris Eldridge, CA

40 pcs? You meant 14 pcs!

I was very disapointed with this order and I hate to be the barrer of bad news, but I gave this company many of opportunities to make their wrong, right. They not only sent the wrong amount, I complained to them, and I still didnt recieve the other 26! They need to change the size of the quoted amount, and let the consumers know that they will only recieve 14pcs. I will not order from them again until they do right for the customers… Thank you

Alana Plains, KS

Just what I wanted!

I was worried that they would be flimsy clips and not hold very well but they’re just great! Also the size is probably an inch long.They took a few months so come which was a drag, so if you need them in a jiffy don’t bother I ordered them for a wedding a month ahead of time and got them about a month after the wedding.

Hester Greenford, OH

Not good!

These clips are horrible. They are not durable at all. I used them to sew it on my U part wig and after 3 use it broke and I had to sew on some more until all 40 were done in like a month. You get what you pay for I guess!

Paulette Dorchester, SC

hair extentions clips

would have been better if they came in a dark brown color, but they did the job all the same and I am satisfied the the quantity of then

Alta Bushnell, IL