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Leegoal 20pcs White Professional Cosmetic Makeup Make up Brush Brushes Set Kit With Pink Bag Case

Specifications: 1. Material: Plastic(Handle),Aluminum Ferrules,Synthetic Fibre 2. Bag Color: Pink 3. Handle Color: White 4. Weight: 9.95oz/ 282g 5. Bag Size(after roll up): 8.86 x 5.71inch/ 22.5 x 14.5cm(L x W),br> 6. Bag Size(unfold): 20.66 x 8.86inch/ 52.5 x 22.5cm(L x W) Package Includes: 1 x 20pcs Makeup brushes set

Key features

  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evenin dating
  • Comes with a handy and portable roll up leather case
  • Lightweight and slim, convenient to take and carry
  • With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin
  • Handle made of palstic and aluminum,it is an important beauty essential for you

Honest reviews


dont waste your money!

the product is not good. I use 2 brushes out of the whole thing. I cant use the eye brushes because they are way to hard but the face brushes are okay. they shed like crazy! if you want good cheap brushes stick with elfs studio line and even there 1$ ones. I wouldn’t recommend!

Anastasia Fairfax, CA

Ehhh…not the best

When I fist got these brushes, I was super excited. But it was huge disappointment. All the brush shed like crazy and aren’t very soft. The only good brushes that came with this set was the foundation brush, the stifle brush, the eyebrow tools, and the flat synthetic eye brushes. The rest were a big thumbs down. But the brush case is really nice and I like to use it for traveling, so there’s an upside! But still not the greatest.

Clarice Wind Ridge, PA

Very good brushes

Very good product and my niece loves it. never realised its nicer than it looks from online. the brushes feel like expensive ones according to my niece. Nice goodies for a smart price.

Justina Franklin, WI

Not the best

They shed and get nasty when washed. I only use the eye brushes but they still shed after 5 months. No bueno.

Monique Finger, TN

What A Let Down

I was so excited to get these brushes but it was a total let down. The brushes have a lot of fall out!!! They are also not that soft and they have a weird smell and some even broke. Regret spending my money on these brushes!

Clara Kalaheo, HI


Very nice brushes in a lovely case. They were packaged extremely well. It did take them a little longer than other products usually arrive, but I believe that is only due to the fact of where they were shipped from and it couldn’t be helped. They are a great assortment of brushes. You’ll find one to meet all of your needs. The only problem that I had with the product was, when I opened it, it had a strong chemical smell. I had to let the product air out before I could use it. Other than that, I was delighted with it.

Winifred Paradise, MT

ok but a little rough

these brushes are ok, but i guess you could expect that based off the price. the brush hairs fall off quite a bit, and i don’t find them very soft. you do get a nice variety though which is great. i honestly only use the eye shadow brushes because i hate how the face brushes feel on my face, but good price for what you get i suppose. just thought they’d be a little softer.

Elaine Knob Noster, MO


i was really happy to recieve these brushes. i clean them for next day use. it was really bad! the sheding never stopps!!!!! dont get me wrong it doesent fall apart like other brush sets but the fibers in your makeup and eyeshadow will be enough to change your mind. dont do it!!! in this case you get what you pay for.

Rhea Hanlontown, IA