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Leegoal 2 nail art stainless steel pusher remover tool

2 nail art stainless steel pusher remover tool

Key features

  • Stainless Steel Spoon Cuticle Pushers Set
  • Must have Items for Nail Techs
  • Spoon Cuticle Pusher
  • Stainless steel construction, booth end (large and small) pushing edges are curved to prevent slip of the cuticle.
  • You can use as small spoon to applied dip powder on nail wrap.

Honest reviews



I love these tools, works great when I push my cuticles and cutting them. I also scrape any glue or nail polish left on my nails. I use to use similar plastic products but they didn’t work as good. The pointed ends are sharp enough to cut the cuticle, so don’t let your kids play with them. I would keep them well maintained and they will last a very long time. This product exceeded my expectations.

Marian Alstead, NH


love the pusher and use it as a scooper for acrylic nail work. this tool is amazing and wouldnt know what to do without it.

Freida Florence, MA

very good quality and very good price , my friend and I love it so much.

This is very good quality and very good price , my friend and I love it so much.thank you again .

Rena West Union, IA


I can not believe how good these are. They are made so well! And the price for them should cost a whole lot more in my opinion. (Now that I have them haha) I’m very pleased with these as a pair.

Kim Big Lake, AK

Functions as expected.

I purchased these to assist with removal of gel nail polish after soaking. (I do my own gel nails at home.) These tools are just like what my salon uses, and come in 2 sizes.They function exactly as expected and the price can’t be beat. However the shipping speed leaves something to be desired. It took upwards of 3 weeks for these to arrive.

Ruth Enterprise, LA

They’re not pretty but then again they’re not meant to be

These are very heaving and durable. If I don’t lose them, I’m sure I’m going to have these for the rest of my life. They’re not pretty but then again they’re not meant to be. The pointy part of the larger spoon is great for cleaning under toenails. The smaller spoon is a perfect cuticle pusher/cleaner. I like these a lot.

Yvonne Hagerhill, KY

These work great

Wish I had these sooner. They work for so many different things.. Would order these nail art tools a second time.

Myrna Cache, IL

Cuticle Pushers

They are easy to handle and very useful. The two sizes are great along with the cleaning tool for under the nails.

Johanna Pollock, SD

Nice product.

They were nicer than I expected. They have a nice weight, balance and feel to them. I would buy these again.

Iva Barstow, CA

Love it

These are so nice at such a cheap price, they are just like the ones that are used in the salon and they work very well

Elena Hamden, NY

good tools

Good tools for removing nail polish. After soaking nails in the nail polish remover for gel polish, the polish starts to come off in flaky chunks, but still stick to the nails. These tools easily remove the flakes from your nails.

Liliana Corning, CA

Cuticle tools

These items arrived on time. very nice quality and would definitely order from this company again. Very well packaged for shipment. I haven’t use them yet, but they’re very heavy and well made. My husband looked at them and stated how well made they looked, and that he has a similar set in his garage. Great purchase!

Pearlie Mifflintown, PA