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Leegoal 10 Pair Long Black False Eyelashes Eye Lashes Makeup

100% brand new Leegoal brand items ,show as pictures. What’s in the package: 1 x 10 pairs Declaration: * Leegoal is a registered trademark. * Only placing your order from Leegoal Amazon store could get our perfect customer service and product quality warranty.

Key features

  • 100% Brand new.Make your eyes look bright and attractive
  • 10 pairs of eyelashes in natural style, can be used for many times!
  • Specialized made by hand entirely,High quality and low price
  • Volumizing and thickening your eyelashes make them look more curly.
  • Leegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.

Honest reviews


Bold and Fun Lashes!!!!!

Want bold and fun lashes? Then place your order. These lashes are strong and hold up well. If you want a more natural lash then these are not for you. These lashes make a statement for those of us who want that full and bold lash look. Would recommend and buy again. Thanks.

Tisha Kershaw, SC


The price isn’t bad at all for all the lashes you get.. but they’re not long enough in my opinion :/ I really like how thick they are though :)And to the ladies saying they look "too fake"… they’re FAKE eyelashes. There are lashes that are very thin & more realistic, these obviously aren’t them however.

Lana Rocklake, ND


I bought these, because they were cheap and I’m on an eyelash binge. Trying to rebuild my collection, since I have none. I have to say, they do feel a little cheaper than the others I’ve bought so far. I just received these today and the eyelash spine is very stiff. The eyelashes are soft and I don’t know what the hell they’re made of. It isn’t hair, but it doesn’t feel like plastic. At least not the kind that another pair of eyelashes I ordered is made from. I bought 2 pairs one for me and another for my younger sister. She’s an eyelash novice and I’m not sure these are good for someone new to eyelashes. Yes, they’re cheaper, but I think it will give you the wrong idea. She hasn’t seen them yet or tried them, but I’ll let her try. I don’t think I’ll order these again. Basically a 10 pack will last a while with me, but also I can get a better brand for the same price.

Constance Calabasas, CA


I wear fake lashes on daily basis so I know what I’m talking about. They look fake, and they’re just too small.Horrible quality. I expected much more because of the positive reviews…. do not order

Jacqueline Waynesboro, MS


I never wore these eye lashes because they look to fake. They don’t look good. I wear eyelashes all the time but don’t waste a penny on them. They are not good.

Cara Westport Point, MA


I have been ordering these for about 2 years now. I must admit, they are dramatic and very thick, but i find them very bendable and easy to put on still and they dont feel awkward at all to wear:) For someone who doesnt know how to put on eyelashes very well, you may have a little bit of trouble since the lashline is a bit thicker then normal department store lashes, but i like that because they feel more secure:) They give my eyes a very beautiful, dramatic doe eye look:)

Christy Mount Lookout, WV


they are ok, but you get what you pay for ladies. they feel like plastic but I only wear lashes when I go to the club anyway so im not too picky about it

Lakeisha Cyclone, WV

Wonderful buy!

I love these eyelashes! They look great. The price was great. I love them and will buy them again. Great for everyday use.

Lynn Surry, VA

Soo worth the money.

Came very quickly and what can you say about 10 pairs of lashes for under $3.??!!Ordered more sets. Now I have 30 pairs of lashes for less than $10 bucks. Glamorize me!!

Sharron Weslaco, TX

Great gift

I love these and I hope the person receiving these are as satisfied as I am. She is a false lash wearer, and also a make up artist.

Madeline Republic, KS

To wide, hard to glue, pokes your eyes

These are to lavish, and don’t look real. They hurt your eyes, and have to be cut to size. This time it’s better to spend extra and invest in something that will last

Lee La Grange, MO


Went on super clean! Took no time at all! Easy to trim to fit or look how you want! Super thick and gorgeous! Love love love!

Alyson Castorland, NY

nice lashes for a cheap price

like the title says it’s nice lashes for a really affordable cheap price! tho i feel that they are too thick and look too fake compare to the ones that i get from the stores

Ginger Casscoe, AR

like them

finally received these they are ok for night dramatic. may order again if friends and clients like. Waiting for my sisters to see them they were very easy to put on for me.

Simone Munson, PA


I use them over and over again, they look perfect! I’m ordering my second pack, each pack lasts about 2 months for me because I reuse them until they’re stiff and break. Worth the price!

Ellen Moscow, ID


Fantastic! Very natural looking and such good quality for its price. Also, these eyelashes can be used more than once, or twice! Will buy more once I’m done with the package.

Dona Farrar, MO

Not for beginners

The price was too good to pass up. Purchased these about 4 months ago. I cut these into half 3/4 lashes, it makes them alot easier to work with. The band is thick and not very flexible, but cut down they work amazingly. I doubled up these lashes and could still easily wear them. It will take some time and practice w these, but you have plenty of them to try out 🙂 Will be repurchasing.

Katie Mc Grann, PA

Love them

I would totally recommend this eyelashes they look pretty and exactly as they look in the picture. And they are afortable.

Reba Brockton, MT

Lovely but not the dream kit

they were long but not ridiculous. Only reason I wouldn’t give it five stars is because it came with no glue:(

Angie Lamoure, ND

just like the name says

i love these lashes! i call these my porn star lashes lol the thick band makes it look like you already have on eyeliner and it’s so long and just gorgeous when they’re on, but because the band is thick it takes awhile to get them on so it just takes a little patience!i personally love this dramatic look they really stand out, if you’re looking for natural looking lashes, these aren’t for you. if you’re looking for bold lashes buy yourself a box or 2. i recommend 🙂

Bridgette Charlotte Hall, MD

win some lose some

i did not received my item . would have really like a new one but was too afraid to try my luck and it might get lost again.

Aisha Harrisville, NH


I love buying false eyelashes on Amazon. Its a great 1-2 dollars well spent. I ordered these specifically for the style. I wanted the natural spaced look but when I got them they weren’t the ones in the picture. Instead they were thick, short at the beginning of the lash then long at the end. Although I wanted the ones pictured, I don’t mind the ones I got. They are still cute

Marissa Clymer, NY

Great and thick

They were really thick and took some time to get used to but I loved them. All you had to do was looken them and they worked great.

Bridget Santa Ynez, CA

Received wrong lashes 🙁

I received the wrong lashes than the ones in the picture. The ones I received were short at the beginning and grew longer and flared out at the end. They’re still pretty good but some of the lashes got bent.

Bonita Dawson Springs, KY


I’d say these lashes are good for their price. They DON’T look natural AT ALL so they’re not really every day lashes. They’re more for going out. Despite the reviews they are fairly easy to put on and will last about two days or so if you have a strong holding glue!

Jessica Patterson, LA

Cheap, but ok.

These ones are okay. I just wish they had the curve. Without the curve, it makes it hard to apply to my lashes.

Elise Zanoni, MO

good price

theyre cheap and theyre good , i recommend if you wear them every now and then not good for everyday use

Alberta Goodfellow Afb, TX

pretty for cosplay but look a bit fake

well for me when you to cut a bit for each cause the line they attach the eyelash with the box and it really thick

Fay Brothers, OR

You get a lot for your money with this purchase.

A lot longer and more fake looking than I initially thought. I thought it would give me a fuller more natural look.

Letha Kilbourne, OH


very pretty! I like this style of lashes they give u more length in the middle instead of the end!

Wanda Hardyville, KY